5 myths about plastic windows

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Plastic windows, like any technical innovation, gave rise to many rumors immediately after their appearance on the Russian market. Despite the fact that PVC windows have long been a familiar part in our homes, many consumers still continue to believe far-fetched gossip about the quality of such structures..

5 myths about plastic windows

Myth 1: plastic windows are too expensive

In those early days, when PVC windows appeared in our country, they cost crazy money, and therefore were considered an attribute of luxury. But now the pricing policy of companies producing windows has changed dramatically due to the rapid demand for products. Plastic windows can be classified as such products that are produced in a huge range and can be available for all categories of the population..

Regardless of the income level, you can choose such a model of plastic windows that will satisfy your requirements and will not make a hole in the family budget. For example, you can save on accessories and not purchase windows with additional options. Many manufacturers reduce the cost of windows depending on the season, so there is an opportunity to make a purchase at the most favorable moment. In recent years, there has been a significant decrease in the cost of glazing balconies, which also plays into the hands of the buyer.

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5 myths about plastic windows

Myth 2: plastic windows contain dangerous impurities

This is a popular misconception among ordinary people, which makes many refuse to buy PVC windows. It is necessary to explain to potential buyers that modern technologies and materials used for the production of windows are significantly superior to their predecessors in terms of environmental safety. Poisonous compounds of nickel, cadmium, toxic polymer additives are in the past. They are quite successfully replaced by substances safe for health. Now we can firmly insist that plastic windows are completely safe structures..

Myth 3: warm windows should be with thick glass units

This statement cannot be considered true. In order to provide the windows with maximum thermal insulation, it is not necessary to install multiple panes. It is enough to use two-chamber windows, since the size of the air gap between the glasses plays the main role in heat saving. In regions with severe winters, double-glazed windows with three or more chambers are required.

5 myths about plastic windows

Myth 4: the guarantee for plastic windows must be at least 15 years.

This opinion does not quite accurately reflect reality. It should be borne in mind that, in addition to the guarantee for the window profile, there is a separate guarantee for fittings (more than 10 years), for installation work and directly for the window as a whole (up to 5 years). The same figures must be taken into account when glazing balconies. If in your case the installation warranty is only one year, then this is too little, and more than 5 years is too much.

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Myth 5: plastic windows are installed only in summer.

A common misconception. Modern firms are engaged in the installation of plastic windows throughout the year. The exception is very cold or rainy days. Also, balconies are glazed at any time of the year, but the summer season is more preferable for this type of work..

5 myths about plastic windows

The owners of the apartments are afraid that during the installation of windows in winter, the premises will become cold. To avoid this, it is recommended to close the doors tightly during installation. The disadvantage of winter installation is the long curing time of the polyurethane foam used to seal the window frame.

So, the most common myths about PVC windows, upon closer examination, turn out to be unreliable or include only a small fraction of the truth. Possession of complete information about the characteristics and structure of plastic window structures will allow you as a consumer to rely not on fictional stories, but on real facts..

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