5 reasons to buy a rimless toilet

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Not so long ago, a bright novelty appeared in the design of plumbing equipment – toilets without rims. Experts are confident that this type of plumbing will actively gain popularity. Our tips site has selected the main reasons why you should buy a rimless toilet.

5 reasons to buy a rimless toilet

The first reason is the latest design

Such, without exaggeration, innovative plumbing will not go unnoticed by guests. And the bathroom will take on a modern, attractive look. The absence of a rim allows designers to experiment with the shape of the bowl, according to experts – everything is just beginning and more and more interesting models await us. Already, as the portal wrote, rimless toilets are becoming a trend in the arrangement of bathrooms..

5 reasons to buy a rimless toilet

The second reason is ease of care and cleaning

There is no rim – there is nowhere for bacteria to settle, there is nowhere to accumulate limescale and other dirt. It is easy to wash a rimless toilet, you do not need to furiously scrub hard-to-reach places with a brush and pour out liters of vigorous chemistry. This is perhaps the main reason why all housewives, without exception, will prefer just such a model of plumbing..

5 reasons to buy a rimless toilet

The third reason – the installation process remains the same

That is, you will not have to change anything drastically. Yes, rimless toilets are often made hanging, because this is also a fashionable trend and facilitates the cleaning process. However, you can also choose regular models, only without a rim. And do it yourself, in the traditional way.

5 reasons to buy a rimless toilet

Fourth reason – more efficient flushing

The absence of a rim led to the fact that it became possible to implement a new approach to the movement of water along the walls of the toilet bowl. There will be no splashing, the designers continue to work on innovative designs of diffusers and nozzles. According to manufacturers, rimless toilets wash perfectly over the entire surface of the bowl, even if an economical water consumption is selected..

5 reasons to buy a rimless toilet

Reason five – the price remained affordable

Actually, how is a rimless toilet different from the one we are used to? Only in that its bowl is either completely flat, without grooves, or has a minimum depression in the upper part, where the water flush boundary passes. All other production technology remained the same. As a result, the rimless models cost almost the same as their traditional counterparts. It is clear that a lot depends on the popularity, title of the manufacturer, but we managed to find on the network toilets without a rim at a very reasonable price of 4-5 thousand rubles.

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