7 fashion trends in the world of flooring

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In this article, we will tell you what trends in flooring designers consider the most relevant in 2014. Consider the most unusual and fashionable floor design options, the possibilities of using different materials and, of course, illustrate all this with photographs of interiors!

There are fashion trends in every market. Specialized exhibitions are held annually, where manufacturers present new products, and designers highlight the most relevant interior styles, patterns, shades, and so on. Floor coverings have their own fashion trends..

Indeed, why not? The floor is a very important part of the design; the final picture of the interior largely depends on how well it is decorated. Of course, when choosing a floor covering, homeowners are more likely to pay attention to its cost and functionality. But nothing prevents you from listening to the opinion of designers and choosing not just a reliable, but also a fashionable floor! Let’s take a look at the trends in flooring today.

7 fashion trends in the world of flooring Tiles from one manufacturer, but from different series. This floor undoubtedly became the highlight of the interior, literally transforming this room.

1. New is well forgotten old

We are talking, of course, about the good old wooden floor. Even such novelties as flotex and bamboo flooring could not oust the floorboard from the flooring market. Indeed, why look for something else if a tree is both beautiful and comfortable, and sufficiently durable!

Main trends: in 2014, preference is given to a wide solid board with a pronounced texture, rough and seemingly untreated. The most fashionable wood floor, according to the designers, is rustic, which looks very colorful with its knots of different sizes, sapwood (young, lighter wood cuts) and tangential sawing with a wavy pattern of rings.

7 fashion trends in the world of flooring These uneven, wavy boards with a pronounced texture are at the height of fashion today. They will perfectly fit into a cozy home interior and meet the general trend of using natural materials.

7 fashion trends in the world of flooring Rustic is one of the varieties of wood flooring, it has a rough texture and looks somewhat rustic

7 fashion trends in the world of flooring A vivid example of how aristocratic a wooden floor can look. Especially in combination with such laconic furniture and restrained, poorly colored interior

7 fashion trends in the world of flooring In this case, light wood was chosen for the floor, but the texture itself remained just as pronounced.

2. We paint the floor fashionably

Although painted floors have started to give way to more durable laminate and budget linoleum, the designers are confident that their capabilities are simply underestimated. Indeed, the choice of shades and patterns is simply huge, and you can easily and quickly renew such a floor, with minimal paint costs..

Key trends: shabby, aged flooring, combining bright floors like dark greens or yellows with neutral walls, and Moroccan and Greek patterns that are perfect for ethnic interiors.

7 fashion trends in the world of flooring Snow-white room. The most striking element was the sofa. But it was decided to paint the floor to match the walls, but highlight it with a pale blue pattern. Not a bad option for a northern room, and also a great way to brighten the room and visually expand the space

7 fashion trends in the world of flooring A bright yellow floor is of course not an option for everyone. But if you like this shade, don’t be afraid to experiment. In the end, if you don’t like it, you can always repaint

7 fashion trends in the world of flooring The artificially aged floor, as if worn by generations of owners, is one of the most fashionable trends. Well, vintage and retro are back on the wave of popularity, as well as the same “shabby” shabby chic

7 fashion trends in the world of flooring Such large geometric patterns on the floor remain very relevant. You can combine them with a small pattern on the walls, and with a fairly variegated wallpaper, as in this bedroom, and with plain surfaces.

3. Glass block inserts

Previously, the glass floor could only be seen in a shopping center or other public building. Now inserts from glass blocks are actively used in the design of the flooring of residential buildings and even apartments..

Main trends: the use of glass inserts between the floors of the house, as well as a way to highlight one area in the room, glass blocks of different shades, often with patterns and designs. The floor between the floors remains transparent, otherwise you need to take care of the presence of backlighting, otherwise the glass block will not look as bright as we would like.

7 fashion trends in the world of flooring Glass block floor in the attic. Of course, glass floors are more often used in private houses, but as a separate insert they are quite appropriate in an apartment.

7 fashion trends in the world of flooring Isn’t it lovely? The nautical theme of these glass floor inserts is immediately apparent. With the help of such an original technique, the owners decided to highlight the dining area

7 fashion trends in the world of flooring Again the nautical theme – pebbles under a transparent glass floor. There is again a tendency to use natural materials to the maximum.

7 fashion trends in the world of flooring To some, this option will seem too cold and inappropriate in a living room. But the interior of the room looks very original, the light from the roof window is transmitted to the first floor, and the owners tried to soften the glitter of the glass on the floor with the help of a homespun rug

4. Actual tile

The undisputed leader in bathroom, kitchen, hallway, hallway and hallway flooring. Ceramic tiles, with their undeniable functional advantages, also offer a very wide range of shapes and shades, which allows designers to experiment with interior decoration.

Main trends: tiles that mimic wood, stone or leather floors. In addition, geometric patterns are in fashion, laid out from bright tiles of two or three basic colors..

7 fashion trends in the world of flooring Large patterns on tiles are one of the fashion trends. You can choose ready-made options, or you can create a pattern yourself, using tiles of two or three different colors

7 fashion trends in the world of flooring For living rooms, for example, bedrooms, designers advise choosing tiles that imitate wood. This will make the interior look more comfortable. The only drawback of this floor is coldness, so, most likely, you will have to take care of the presence of heating or a fluffy rug.

7 fashion trends in the world of flooring A very simple technique is used in this interior: tiles of the same size, but different shades, are selected. There are an infinite number of combinations

5. Parquet – a trendy classic

Parquet is rightfully considered the most expensive and aristocratic flooring option. There are several ways of laying parquet, it all depends on the preferences of the owners and the general design idea..

Main trends: classic French and traditional herringbones, proven over centuries of use. This option can be called an attempt to reproduce the palace interiors of Versailles and Trianon. By the way, the French herringbone, which the British often call the “fish skeleton”, differs from the usual one widely used in the USSR in that the end part of each parquet is cut at an angle of 45 degrees, and does not remain rectangular.

7 fashion trends in the world of flooring Classic herringbone made of parquet in different shades. Such a floor will look rich, unusual and very respectable.

7 fashion trends in the world of flooring Another version of the classic herringbone from parquet. One shade this time. The best choice for classic interiors

7 fashion trends in the world of flooring French herringbone. Indeed, somewhat resembles the skeleton of a fish, isn’t it?

7 fashion trends in the world of flooring If you are already tired of the classic herringbone, how about this option – asymmetric parquet. Very unusual and modern, agree

6. Combining two different materials

In multifunctional rooms, using different floor coverings, separate areas are usually distinguished, for example, a living room and a dining room. In this case, usually part of the floor is tiled, and the rest of the surface is plank or parquet. Such combinations always look unusual, but the installation of the combined floor is associated with additional difficulties..

Main trends: combination of natural stone and wood, ceramic tiles and parquet.

7 fashion trends in the world of flooring In the kitchen-dining room, two types of flooring make it possible to highlight the main functional areas. In this case, for the place where the dining set is located, a dark shade of wood is chosen, and the tiles near the kitchen set, on the contrary, are very light

7 fashion trends in the world of flooring Combining parquet and ceramic tiles is a great idea. The main thing is that the styling is done with high quality

7 fashion trends in the world of flooring To make the area around the operating fireplace safer, it was decided to lay this piece of floor with tiles, while the rest of the floor is laminated.

7. Digital printing on the floor

A very trendy b modern style of floor decoration – using digital printing. With its help, you can imitate wood, natural stone or tiles so successfully that you cannot immediately understand what exactly lies on the floor. Digital printing can be applied to tiles, wood, vinyl, carpet and cork.

Main trends: imitation of aged wood, for example, oak, green lawn, mountain scenery.

7 fashion trends in the world of flooring Thanks to digital printing, floor coverings can simulate a wide variety of surfaces. For example, as in this case – exotic wood

7 fashion trends in the world of flooring A bright option for the living room. The main thing is that the base on which the patterns and drawings are applied is environmentally friendly and safe for the child. Cork will work fine

7 fashion trends in the world of flooring The rather variegated texture of this floor, which appeared thanks to the printing on the laminate, has become one of the bright accents of the interior. Moreover, such an unusual flooring goes well with classic wallpaper and frescoes on the walls.

7 fashion trends in the world of flooring Look what a bright, unusual floor! It literally glows in the sun from large French windows. Such an interior will definitely amaze guests and become the pride of the hosts.

To sum up all of the above, the main fashion trends in floor coverings are aimed at the use of environmentally friendly materials, original accents, a combination of natural shades and brighter details, manual processing, focused on maximum comfort and minimalism..

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