8 bathroom tile ideas

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Ceramic tiles today confidently hold the leading position among finishing materials for bathroom decoration. Its undoubted operational merits deserve a separate article. offers a selection of photographs that we hope will help you choose your bathroom interior design.

1. Dark bottom – white top

8 bathroom tile ideas Classic. The two tile shades are traditionally separated by a matching frieze. Such ready-made kits can be found in every hardware store or on the market.

8 bathroom tile ideas The difference between the two shades can be quite small, kept in the same range. But no one bothers you to play in contrast and use, for example, black and white tiles, dark blue and light yellow – there are many options

8 bathroom tile ideas The delicate frieze was used not only as a divider for tiles of two colors, but also to decorate the upper half of a wall that would otherwise look too simple

2. Monochrome option

8 bathroom tile ideas The monochromatic version is most suitable for fans of minimalism or hi-tech. Modern tiles look attractive on their own, without decor or panels

8 bathroom tile ideas Such a monochromatic bathroom design does not look too simple or boring at all.

8 bathroom tile ideas Designers are confident that light-colored plain tiles are ideal for small rooms, as they can visually expand the bathroom space

3. Mosaic as a way to highlight a bath or a place for a shower

8 bathroom tile ideas A good way to combine the space of a large bathroom is to use the same mosaic to highlight different areas.

8 bathroom tile ideas The oval bath itself looks unusual, and in such a frame made of blue-green mosaic it has become the main element of the room’s design.

8 bathroom tile ideas Due to its characteristics, mosaic is often used to highlight uneven surfaces, such as columns, countertops, semicircular corner baths and shower trays.

4. Vertical stripes of tiles of a different shade or size

8 bathroom tile ideas The fashionable trend of recent years is the arrangement of the decor in the form of vertical stripes. A good replacement for the traditional horizontal frieze. Although, in this bathroom, both options are harmoniously combined with each other.

8 bathroom tile ideas This bathroom combines two design tricks – a mosaic on the wall behind the bathtub and a thin decorative strip between the bathtub and sink.

8 bathroom tile ideas It is not at all necessary to make inserts from decorative tiles with a pattern, you can simply choose an option in a different color. Or, as in this case, combine mosaics and tiles

5. Separate inserts of patterned tiles

8 bathroom tile ideas It’s no secret that decor is much more expensive than ordinary tiles. But after all, it is not at all necessary to purchase a large number of tiles with a pattern, sometimes three or four pieces are enough for the entire bathroom to make the interior more interesting

8 bathroom tile ideas Two options for using decorative tiles at once – both a vertical panel and separate inserts on a snow-white wall

8 bathroom tile ideas Again, two fashionable design techniques – tiles imitating wood, and separate decorative inserts above the bathroom. Two of these tiles turned out to be quite enough to create a harmonious picture.

6. Panel

8 bathroom tile ideas Sailboat. What could be more romantic and appropriate in the bathroom interior?!

8 bathroom tile ideas Series “Damasco”, a ready-made version for a bathroom with a panel depicting an ancient city

8 bathroom tile ideas Tile series “Fiori” with a panel of four tiles in the form of a luxurious chrysanthemum

7. Imitation tile

8 bathroom tile ideas If you want your bathroom to look expensive, choose stone-like tiles

8 bathroom tile ideas Striving for naturalness makes wood-like tiles one of the fashion trends of 2014

8 bathroom tile ideas Bathroom in the English style. For the cladding of the lower part of the wall, a tile was chosen that imitates brickwork

8 bathroom tile ideas Extravagant option. Tile “under the skin” cannot fail to attract attention

8. Tile-penny (penny) as a decorative accent or for the floor

8 bathroom tile ideas Penny tiles, that is, “kopeck”, can be used both for finishing the floor, and for highlighting the bath or shower itself

8 bathroom tile ideas Walking barefoot on such tiles will be more pleasant, and slipping is almost impossible.

8 bathroom tile ideas Such bright “pennies” will become an original decoration of any bathroom

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