Answers to questions about hot tubs

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Everyone has heard of hot tubs and jacuzzis, but in reality they are not used very often. Therefore, this type of plumbing continues to raise a number of questions. Our advice site has decided to answer the most common questions about whirlpool baths.

Answers to questions about hot tubs

What sizes can hot tubs be??

They can be very different – from tiny ones designed only for foot massage, to roomy ones for two or even three people. The most common lengths are from 140 to 190 centimeters, which is the standard for typical bathrooms. Everything else is already exclusive, like round, oval, angular models. There is a choice of such options, of course, but the price will be higher.

Answers to questions about hot tubs

What accessories complement the whirlpool baths?

For maximum comfort, these bathtubs have handrails for easy entry and exit, headrests, shelves for shampoos and other hygiene products. You can even pick up magazine and newspaper holders if you want to read while you massage. Some models have spectacular lighting for a romantic setting.

Answers to questions about hot tubs

Which shape of the hot tub is best?

According to experts, it is not so important what kind of bath you have – round, rectangular, oval, square, angular … Much more important is the internal outline of the bath, which should be as close as possible to the shape of the human body. In this case, massage will have the greatest effect. It is important that it is comfortable to sit and lie in the bathroom, so that the cervical region, the lower back, and the legs are massaged. Whirlpool baths are slightly deeper than usual.

Answers to questions about hot tubs

Important! The location and number of nozzles may vary. There are baths in which they are turned on both simultaneously and in turn, in groups. Such models are most convenient.

Which faucet and shower is best for a whirlpool bath?

Such baths are most often sold already in a complete set. The mixer is usually installed on a wide side, and the hand shower simply hides in it, stretching out when necessary. Modern manufacturers like to equip whirlpool baths with spectacular waterfall mixers. In a very spacious room, it is advisable to install a floor mixer with a shower head next to the bathroom – it will turn out conveniently and beautifully.

Answers to questions about hot tubs

Or you can just wash in the hot tub?

Of course, but not including the nozzles. That is, at first you use the bath as usual, washing with shampoo, gel, soap … Then you drain the soapy water, fill in a new one and only then get a massage session. Otherwise, detergents will penetrate into the nozzles and negatively affect their operation. Therefore, in order to save water, owners often install a separate shower in which they wash, and use the bath only for relaxation under running water..

Important! On some whirlpool bathtubs, the jets close automatically when massage mode is turned off. This protects them from the ingress of detergents and extends their service life..

How long can you take a whirlpool bath?

It must be remembered that hydromassage is a therapeutic procedure aimed at relieving stress and improving well-being. Experts advise to stay in the bath with the jets turned on for no more than 20 minutes. You shouldn’t lie for hours!

Answers to questions about hot tubs

Is it possible to combine a hydromassage bath with a shower?

Yes, there are such combined models. Most often, the shower stall takes up only part of the bath. Convenient and compact enough – two in one. In addition, you can always simply install a shower head on the wall and hang a curtain to take a shower while standing in the bathroom..

Answers to questions about hot tubs

What additional difficulties may arise when installing a whirlpool bath?

Experts advise to install filters in advance on pipes supplying hot and cold water. The hydromassage system requires treated water, if it is hard, the nozzles will clog in a month.

Answers to questions about hot tubs

How to care for your hot tub?

Such models are most often made of polymer, which is covered with a layer of acrylic on top. So the care is the same as for a regular acrylic bath. Do not use abrasive products, wash with a soft sponge. Do not be lazy to rinse the nozzles thoroughly after each use to prevent clogging..

Answers to questions about hot tubs

If the size of the room does not allow for a jacuzzi or if it is too expensive for you, do not be discouraged! There are compact hydromassage shower panels, about which the portal wrote in detail.

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