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Who doesn’t dream of a bathroom with a full set of comfortable plumbing fixtures? Another thing is that not always beautiful and necessary for our hygiene items are placed in it. In European average apartments with small bathrooms, a shower cabin without a bath is a common phenomenon. In terms of hygiene and comfort, this is perhaps a more civilized solution than a bath and shower “in one bottle”. And life shows that the shower is used by the user much more often than the bath. And yet, most Russians cannot live without a bath. In addition, not everyone can boast of large bathroom spaces….

And then alternative solutions are selected in the form of the old proven “two-in-one” means, for example, the “bath-shower” tandem. Designers are trying to solve the problem with these two rather bulky objects in a complex and optimal way. There are several such solutions.

Combi systems

The idea of ​​creating combi-systems (they appeared several years ago) was simply ingenious, and the solution was ingeniously simple. Among them there are both compact models and prestigious toys that combine all possible and impossible water pleasures and are intended for spacious rooms..

By placing the shower cabin on the whirlpool bath, JACUZZI offered not just a mechanical combination, but something fundamentally new – an interconnected supersystem that is durable and elementary in operation, maintenance and installation. The Twin series was followed by new models, the idea was adopted by manufacturers of luxury sanitary equipment. Of course, combi systems are an expensive pleasure, but on the area occupied by one bathroom, you can concentrate all the advantages of shower cabins and the advantages of hydromassage baths – in a word, create a multifunctional complex. In the blink of an eye, the whirlpool tub can be transformed into a state-of-the-art shower cubicle with two groups of vertical jets and a multi-function shower. Separate models allow you to take water procedures together.

Combo boxes can have minimum and maximum functions. Minimum – a hot tub without any special “bells and whistles” of standard sizes plus a regular shower with an elementary set of functions, fenced with curtains and a back wall with shelves for toiletries, as well as a mirror with a conventional or hydromassage shower head.

If the user needs the most economical model, he can choose a complex without any hydromassage at all or with hydromassage in the shower panel or only in the bathtub. One of the leaders in the development of complexes that combine the advantages of both systems is ALBATROS. Due to the ease of installation and the possibility of choosing a right- or left-sided model, bath and shower complexes of this manufacturer allow the best use of any area, even the most “difficult” and inconvenient.

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In search of the ideal solution, various forms have been developed for their combined systems, both in terms of health functions and in terms of convenience and the best use of space. The shower cubicle can be designed as a panel with various functions, with a door, a tempered glass sliding partition or with a classic curtain made in a modern fashion. The specially equipped panel allows you to keep everything you need close at hand, making the best use of the available space.


The unique combi system Alvea (JACUZZI) combines a spacious whirlpool bath and a multifunctional shower cabin in a rather original way – they represent a single whole and at the same time can work autonomously. The model is called “water paradise”. And it is no coincidence. In the interweaving of bends, a glittering white sculpture comes alive and bifurcates, offering the pleasures that JACUZZI technology can guarantee. State-of-the-art whirlpool bath, multifunctional shower cabin, manual, cascade and circulating shower, Turkish bath. All that remains is to touch the desired button with your finger!


Today JACUZZI offers a new generation of combi-systems, in which, on the one hand, innovative technological solutions of the company’s previous projects have been embodied, and on the other, the models demonstrate new volumes and are distinguished by a streamlined compact design. The shower system of these models is complemented by an elegant stationary shower head and vertical hydromassage. Thanks to this, their functionality has expanded significantly..

The interior of the Freelance bathroom by JACOB DELAFON can look so light, stylish and original, in which the functions of a bath and a shower are combined in one convenient curly design. Left-hand or right-hand models can be installed anywhere in the room. Curved shower curtain follows the smooth shape of the bathtub and keeps water out.

The combined model Kellia Combi (designed by Claudio Papa) is the result of technological, ergonomic and stylistic developments of the company. The spacious shower cubicle with wide transparent surfaces creates a feeling of lightness and special illumination. A specially equipped panel allows vertical Filjet massage. All this is complemented by the signature ALBATROS hydromassage, carried out using powerful Whirlpool jets, ozonized air from the Airpooi system and the exclusive Turbopool system, which combines hydromassage with air ozonation..

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Box Combine 2000 (Marc Sadler). The elegant cabin envelops the entire bath in a transparent wave, creating an atmosphere of spaciousness and allowing you to enjoy the revitalizing effect of a massage performed with the self-cleaning Filjet nozzles. The removable wall, on which the vertical massage equipment is installed, facilitates maintenance. The double bottom of the bath enhances the effect of the Turbopool system. All this is complemented by a direct jet aimed at the inner thigh and the Professional system, which ensures absolute hygiene of the equipment..


For You Box Evolution (design by Marc Sadler) – a shower cabin improved in form and function – combines ergonomics of shapes and beauty of lines, the possibility of various installations and a set of wellness procedures.

Bath screens and shower panel

For many consumers, a vertical massage is a prerequisite for a shower cabin today, so if there is only a bathtub in the bathroom, and there is not enough space for a free-standing shower cabin, then in addition to the combi system, there is another opportunity to add all the advantages of a shower to the bathtub.


To do this, you can choose a shower system or a shower panel with any set of functions and surround it with sliding or folding glass curtains that can be installed on any bath model, both with and without hydromassage. Curtains for corner and rectangular baths can consist of three or more sections and can be conveniently folded onto the wall. As for the panel or shower system, then, unlike a ready-made complex solution, you can adjust the choice yourself in accordance not only with material capabilities, but also with stylistic preferences..

Take the new shower panel from HANSGROHE as an example. Rounded, soft, almost feminine lines highlight the Hells Pharo shower panel, which is a pleasure to touch, as its shell looks almost silky. The panel appears to be glass, but the strength of this “glass” is amazing. The surface of the panel is easy to clean, it is not afraid of chemical influences, and nevertheless looks warm, even delicate and soft. Behind the light translucent façade, there is a refreshing wonder of water treatments. Illuminated overhead shower with four jet types (regular, massage, aerated and mono) and five movable side jets for full body massage. The hand shower head with four spray patterns and integrated anti-limescale functions is mounted on a special shelf in the middle of the panel. A thermostat with integrated anti-scald protection is available to maintain a constant temperature.

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TITAN. Kendo Design. Shower system and curtains added shower dignity.

If the user does not intend to be content with a minimum of functions, then it is worth paying attention to a lightweight hydromassage panel (stand). Its beauty lies in the fact that it can be hung in any convenient place. And including above the bath, surrounded by graceful glass curtains with elegant metal profiles. For those who, in addition to the whirlpool tub, prefer a good shower without hydromassage, there are excellent solutions in the form of a large-diameter stationary top shower head that provides a real rain effect.


Combinett by HUPPE. The company, which specializes exclusively in the design and manufacture of shower enclosures, has included so-called jumpsuits in its range, ideal for small bathrooms – the most economical way to transform a bathtub into a shower. Frameless shower screens that swivel 180 ° and hinged folding doors made of shatterproof or styrene glass will not interfere with your bath. And caring for them is simple! Converting a bathtub to a shower takes no time at all, and the minimum width profiles or frameless screens give the impression of greater transparency and are very attractive.


How to realize the dream of a shower and a bath in a confined space, so that it does not become cramped? .. Thanks to the triple folding screen XXL (SPRINZ) without a metal frame, the entire bath space turns into a shower cabin, and the cabin is so transparent and airy that the bathroom even seems spacious…


Not together, but close

When the plumbing has to be “squeezed”, experts recommend in certain situations to replace the recumbent bath with a sitting one, and equip a shower next to it. Or choose a bathtub of irregular shape, with a bevel, cut corners (bathtubs made of acrylic and quarila offer a wide variety of shapes and sizes).


One of the interesting solutions for small bathrooms is a special unit that includes a shower and a bathtub as two independently functioning objects. It is possible to place them in a confined space due to the fact that a fragment is cut out in the bathtub, and its place (tube in tube) is occupied by a pallet surrounded by light transparent curtains.


Beryll (SPRINZ) is a refined embodiment of taste, the ideal solution for back-to-wall and corner options when the shower is located next to the bathtub or in a niche. Next to the bathroom, an independent, comfortable shower stall takes on a new level of quality, and the optical lightness of the glass makes the space open.

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