Bath curb: varieties, pros and cons

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To ensure that there is no gap at all between the bathroom and the wall tiled with ceramic tiles is unrealistic in practice. That is why a special border is used to hide this joint. Our tips site will tell you what bath curbs are, the pros and cons of each type.

Bathtub with white ceramic skirting board

The bath curb has two main functions:

  1. Protect the wall and floor from moisture while swimming.
  2. To make the finish finished, serve as a finishing element of the decor.

Before installing the curb, the joint between the wall and the bathroom will have to be initially filled with a sealant – if the gap is not more than 3 millimeters, if more – with mounting foam, and if more than 2.5 centimeters – with concrete mortar with formwork from below. Only after that it will be possible to proceed to the installation of the border.

Sealing the joint between the bathtub and the tile with a sealant

Important! The length of the bath curb can be any length. Plastic parts are chosen according to the length of the bath rim, ceramic – according to the width of the tiles to match. But the width of the curb will directly depend on how noticeable gap it should cover.

Ceramic bath curb

The most durable, beautiful, reliable. It is not necessary to choose this detail clearly in the color of the tiles on the wall. It is quite possible to choose a white ceramic border that will merge with the bathroom itself (unless, of course, you have it colored). It is easy to care for ceramic borders, mold rarely appears on them. A very good option for any bathroom.

Ceramic bath corner for tiles

Among the disadvantages, only a fairly high price can be noted, because borders are usually sold individually. In addition, a tiler may be required. The portal has already written about the choice of such a specialist..

Ceramic bath corner

Important! There are luxury granite and marble bathtubs. But this is definitely not an option for everyone, the rest of the finish should correspond to such details..

Plastic bath curbs

A very inexpensive alternative to ceramic curbs. They may be:

  • Two-piece, similar to a conventional skirting board. They remind him.
  • Outside. Corners that are attached to sealants after finishing the walls and installing the bath.
  • Internal. They fit under the tiles and are almost invisible.

Plastic bath curb

Pvc bath curb

In addition to the variety of types, plastic bathroom borders have another advantage – they can be installed independently, without the involvement of specialists, when it comes to outdoor options.

Plastic bath curb

However, the plastic border does not last long, it can darken, turn yellow, it is more difficult to wash it than the ceramic one. Yes, and this finish looks at its price.

Important! For plastic skirting boards for the bath, you need to buy plugs and corners to hide the edges and joints. There are such corners for ceramic borders, but they do not require edge caps..

Self-adhesive elastic border tape

The most budgetary and simplest option. It is a LDPE material with a thickness of 150 to 200 microns, a flexible polymer that is not afraid of water. This tape is attached to the bathtub and the wall thanks to butyl glue applied to the back. LDPE curbs are sold in rolls up to 3.35 meters long, the width can vary from 3 to 6 centimeters – you can hide any gap.

Bath Tape

The advantages of the curb tape are the affordable price and ease of installation, which any homeowner can handle. End and corner pieces are not required, thanks to its flexibility, the tape will adhere tightly even to uneven walls. However, it does not last long, over time it can begin to peel off, loses its appearance under the influence of chemicals and water, looks cheap.

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