Blinds and PVC windows – a harmonious union

The combination of PVC windows with blinds is a winning and practical solution for both office and home interiors. When choosing this type of curtain, they are guided by the area and functional purpose of the room, the shape of the window, the size of the window sill, and, of course, by their own taste.

Blinds and PVC windows - a harmonious union

Options and opportunities

Blinds can be made of plastic, metal, fabric, thick paper, wood or bamboo. Products are distinguished by design (vertical, horizontal, roll), by the place of attachment (on the wall, on the ceiling or on the frame). Clamps, self-tapping screws, self-adhesive tape can be used for fastening..

As for color, standard white is no longer the ultimate dream. Now it is easy to find models of almost any shade, laconic monochromatic or rainbow-colored. There are photo blinds. You can purchase a finished product or order the application of the desired image. It turns out a kind of tapestry: refined aesthetics and usefulness in the household in one bottle!

Blinds and PVC windows - a harmonious union

The vertical type with wall or ceiling mounting is well suited for offices and other public spaces. Such installation methods are appropriate for imperfect geometry of window openings, as they make it easy to hide this drawback. It should be borne in mind that for wall or ceiling mounting, the frame when opening should not extend beyond the edge of the window sill.

Fastening to the frame, when only the glass is closed, is used when installing horizontal (traditional for residential premises) and roller blinds. In addition to the general positive aspects, such as dimming and unimpeded ventilation, there is another plus: the ability to complement the window design with a decorative curtain.

Blinds and PVC windows - a harmonious union

Roller blinds made of denser materials are a suitable option for a bedroom. Decorated with various patterns or designs, they will not only provide the necessary darkening, but also make the room more comfortable..

Installation features

A product that provides for wall or ceiling mounting is not difficult to install with your own hands. It is necessary to mark the places where the brackets will be located, and drill holes for the dowels according to the marking. Next, using dowels and self-tapping screws, fix the brackets and position the blinds.

Blinds and PVC windows - a harmonious union

It is better to invite a specialist for installation on a window frame. However, a skillful owner who has the necessary tools and an idea of ​​\ u200b \ u200bthe design of PVC windows, and this task can easily cope independently.

Holes for self-tapping screws are made directly in the frame after preliminary marking. The tightness of the plastic, contrary to common fears, will not be violated, since there will be no cracks around the tightly inserted self-tapping screw. Care will be required not to damage the glass unit. If the brackets are fastened with special clips or self-adhesive tape is used, this greatly simplifies the matter: you do not have to drill the frame.

Blinds and PVC windows - a harmonious union

Installing blinds will not take much time and will give the windows a more stylish and modern look.

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