Castle for your castle

How to choose a lock for a metal door

Do you want to feel safe? And keep your property safe and sound?
If you answered “yes” to these questions, then it’s time to think about the reliability of the lock on the front door of your “castle”. Some of the readers will say: “I already have one lock, and the door is metal.” But you can’t spoil the porridge with butter, so it’s better to prevent hacking, and spend money on reliability, safety and your priceless peace of mind.

Electronic lock

The lever lock is the first product that deserves attention. The appearance of this castle is associated with 1818, this “guarantor of security” was created by the master from England J. Chubb. This is a three-pivot lock with a little secret, which is that there are plates inside. The door will open only when the key “forces” all the plates to turn into the desired position. It’s hard enough to do it.

You can opt for a cylinder mechanism with three rows of pins, but a professional “bugbear” will easily drill a cylinder, unless the pins are made of hardened steel. Lock keys are serrated, so it is difficult to match keys with the same serrated profile.

Experts advise against installing locks with transverse plates; it is very easy to distinguish them. The key looks unusual, like a circle cut in half, a master key is a tool that will open a lock of this type.

But the most unreliable is the rack and pinion lock. It can even be opened with an ordinary kitchen knife. The teeth of the key coincide with the “grooves” on the crossbars, you just need to slightly push the crossbars and the burglar in your home.

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If the cost of the lock is not so important to you as the integrity of your nervous system, then it is better to opt for the electronic version. The keys to such a “miracle” are not needed. You can open it either with a control panel or knowing the code. In the event of a power outage, there is a battery that is sufficient, depending on the model, for a long time.

When choosing a lock, pay attention to the packaging or instructions, which indicate the manufacturer and compliance with the state standard. It is worth warning you, Turkish and Chinese manufacturers are in last place for the quality of material and assembly of locks.

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