Choosing a door lock

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The main protective part of the door is the lock, it is good when it is already installed upon purchase, but it also happens in another way, in this case it is necessary to choose the optimal lock.

Choosing a door lock

To begin with, let’s consider what locks are, and what level of reliability they have..

By the type of locking mechanism, locks are divided into:

Lever locks (Shubba locks)

It is considered to be one of the most reliable types of locks. Usually they are installed on the doors of bank cash registers, warehouses and vaults. It is important to note that the reliability of such a lock is determined by the number of “levers” (metal part, plate), if there are six or eight parts, then this lock is invulnerable to master keys. But there is a drawback of such locks, if there are a large number of “levers”, then the lock is so wide and may not correspond to the width of the door.

Lever locks

The key to such a lock is also inconvenient, due to its size and the presence of grooves of different sizes, which are the cause of the pocket torn from the inside. Although, given the fact that they are reliable, the problem of key size disappears. Note one more plus – such a lock cannot be spoiled with a match and chewing gum. In such locks, additional armored plates are installed, and it is resistant to critical temperature changes.

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Cylinder locks

This is a common type, which consists of a mortise lock and a cylinder mounted in it. In such locks, as a rule, there are at least six levers and therefore they are resistant to pick picking. Please note that the cylinder must be protected by a steel plate or not protrude beyond the sheet surface by 3 mm.

Cylinder locks

To prevent the cylinder from knocking out, special linings are installed on the other side. To avoid drilling – made of durable metals. The keys to them are small and comfortable enough to carry in your pocket. Note the small size of the well, into which it is very difficult to peep when picking up the picks, but not resistant to chewing gum, a match and other things that can be shoved there for various reasons.

Smartlocks (“smart” locks)


We also note such locks as smartlocks, or “smart” locks. They can be digital, fingerprint, retinal, or combined. In the event of a power outage, a battery is provided that works for 48 hours. The downside is that these locks are expensive. It all depends on the availability of the required amount and the desire to secure the contents outside the door.

Let’s move on to the type of fastening locks on the door.

Mortise locks

The first type is a mortise, not the most reliable method, since it weakens the mechanical strength of the door at the place of the cut. It is necessary to pay attention to the width of the lock, relative to the door leaf and to the length, since if the lock goes far into the leaf (a metal door, or some wooden ones), then, accordingly, it falls into the void, and this by itself is no longer reliable.

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Overhead locks

The second type is invoices. They are also called box-shaped or flat locks. They are superimposed on the door leaf, or cut into a special compartment. They are well suited for extra protection and to be paired with Shubba locks. It is difficult to fix such a lock on a steel door if there are no special fastening sleeves.

We can say with a great deal of confidence that it is almost impossible to open modern locks with a master key. When choosing a lock, you need to pay attention to such things: it should outwardly be powerful with thick bolts of the deadbolt, and a key with numerous protrusions and depressions in the grooves.

Pay attention to the working surface of the key, if there are no traces of a file on it, this indicates its good workmanship. Take into account the fact on which door the lock will be installed, right or left, this is indicated on the lock box.

And do not forget that a poorly installed door can also cause it to be opened..

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