Choosing a tool for washing glass

Let’s talk about what tools will help you cope with glass washing quickly and effortlessly. We will select the most popular options – from the most budgetary to the most expensive ones, find out their features and methods of application.

Choosing a tool for washing glass

Traditional glass washing is one of the most time consuming processes, without which no general cleaning can do. First, the glass is carefully cleaned with a cloth or sponge moistened with water and detergent. This removes the main dirt. Then it is wiped dry, to a shine, so that there are no streaks. Old newspapers are often used for this. However, now there are much more modern ways to wash the glass, so that the owners spend much less time and effort..

Scraper for cleaning windows

Mop for cleaning windows

Glass scraper and washer head

Telescopic window squeegee

Let’s start with the simplest tools. These include scrapers, slipways, brushes, fur coats, telescopic handles, squeegees, special mops. The cost of the simplest scraper, which allows you to remove moisture from the window without streaks, is 50 rubles. The most expensive of this set will cost a mop with a spray, interchangeable nozzles and a telescopic handle, which will allow you to safely clean windows outside on the upper floors – up to 2 thousand rubles.

A convenient and budget option – a scraper plus a sponge on the handle – 400-900 rubles. By the way, some housewives use special mops in everyday life for washing car windshields and mirrors. Such a set with a set of microfiber nozzles costs about 350 rubles. The mop turns out to be quite convenient, it allows you to quickly wash the mirrors in the house and windows, but on the outside it can only be used on the ground floor and in the case of fully opening sashes.

The disadvantages of all the above tools – you still have to work with your hands, pre-wetting the glass with water or a special tool.

Steam generator for cleaning windows

Washing a window with a steam generator

An assistant such as a steam generator turns out to be more effective. Many housewives appreciated this device, which allows you to wash out greasy stains on the kitchen backsplash, and tiles in the bathroom, and plumbing, and the floor … And also to steam the laundry during ironing. A special nozzle for washing windows on a steam cleaner costs a little – 300-400 rubles. But the steam generator itself will cost about 20 thousand rubles, or even more, depending on the number of functions, power and number of nozzles. Therefore, it is impractical to purchase a steam cleaner exclusively for washing glass, it has much more functions and capabilities.

Vacuum glass cleaner

Vacuum battery wiper

The vacuum glass cleaner can significantly speed up the process of cleaning windows in comparison with traditional technology and hand tools. The device is electric, we recommend choosing models with a battery to work without being tied to a power source. Such wipers have two nozzles – a sponge with a spray bottle for cleaning the window with a detergent, as well as a vacuum scraper directly, which collects moisture and foam in a special reservoir. There will be no dripping on the floor and windowsill, the glass cleaner is also convenient for cleaning mirrors and kitchen cabinet surfaces. The device costs about 3-4 thousand rubles.

Magnetic brushes for cleaning windows

Magnetic brush

Magnetic brushes. This is also a manual device, the main advantage of which is that you can wash the window from both sides at once. It’s simple – one part of the brush is attached from the outside, the other from the inside. With a glass unit thickness of up to 30 millimeters, they are perfectly held by magnets – the owner drives with one brush inside, the second washes the window outside. There are ordinary rectangular magnetic brushes, there are triangular ones – so that it is convenient to wash in the corners. Such tools cost about 400-2000 rubles.

IRobot Hobot 188 Window Cleaning Robot

Smart Robot Window Washer Cop Rose X6


Glass washing robots. The most high-tech tool that saves a person from worries and efforts. There are many models of such robotic glass washers today. For example, Winbot W850 costs almost 30 thousand rubles. A more budgetary option is Hobot 188, which costs up to 18 thousand rubles. Washing robots are also able to wash a double-glazed window simultaneously from the inside and outside, focusing on their sensors while driving. At the same time, a person only needs to fill the tank of the robot with water and detergent, and after finishing cleaning, drain the solution and wash the container..

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