Choosing a way to glaze the loggia

The trend of the modern world leads to the fact that more and more people are wondering about the glazing of loggias and balconies in their homes. The main reason is that people want to expand the living space of their houses, and with the help of glazing, they partially achieve this. Glazing keeps the room warm and visually enlarges the living space. There may be other motives that lead to the desire to glaze loggias and balconies.

Choosing a way to glaze the loggia

Before the construction of a residential building, it is currently envisaged to glaze balconies and loggias already at the design stage. The glazing of loggias and balconies can be done in different ways. Sometimes it happens that the balcony or loggia is already glazed at the stage of building a house, so it is recommended to think over the type and method of glazing. When glazing, it is necessary to avoid contrast against the background of neighboring glazed loggias and balconies.

Very often the frameless glazing method is used, both for balconies and loggias. This method is used in cases where your neighbors’ balconies or loggias are not glazed. And in order not to spoil the overall facade of an apartment building, it is the frameless glazing method that is used. The main disadvantage of this method is poor heat preservation and tightness, but unlike the aluminum or metal-plastic glazing method, it perfectly protects against rain, snow or wind. The main advantage of this method is still its stealth. In the process of glazing in a frameless way, the safest glasses are used and do not resort to installing already prepared double-glazed windows.

Choosing a way to glaze the loggia

Several ways of glazing

Cold glazing method.This approach is widespread due to its cost effectiveness. The main advantage of this method is good weather protection. Usually, in the process of implementing this method, profiles with single-chamber double-glazed windows are used, which have several sashes. This approach is the best way to prepare a balcony or loggia for bad weather conditions. The result of this method is a veranda. This method uses frames. They can be made from a variety of materials, ranging from wood to metal. Glasses installed in such frames are either tinted or stained glass. The increase in temperature on the balcony or loggia with this method is, as a rule, from 1 to 3 degrees.

Choosing a way to glaze the loggia

In most cases, in order to save money, wooden frames are used, rather than industrial window blocks. And usually you come across cheap and low-quality wood. As a result of such savings, large gaps are formed in the frames, the sashes sag and, as a result, do not close, or close poorly.

Warm glazing method.This type is used when it is necessary to create an additional room from a loggia or balcony. This method is based on high quality plastic windows. We also insulate floors, ceilings and walls. For this, various materials are used, including expanded polystyrene. Usually, when choosing this method of glazing, they do not think about saving, and resort to using plastic profiles, which consist of energy-saving double-glazed windows. Moreover, these double-glazed windows are double-chamber with a high level of thermal insulation.

The main advantages of warm glazing are lightness of construction, excellent protection against temperature extremes, wind and dust, increased wear resistance. Environmentally friendly and clean materials are used. With this method, glazing can be produced regardless of the shape and size of the balcony. It also provides for the option of installing mosquito nets, which help to protect the premises from mosquitoes, flies and fluff. The cost of this glazing method is quite affordable. And after you have made the glazing of the balcony or loggia in this way, you can think about further interior decoration.

Choosing a way to glaze the loggia

Sometimes there is a need for even warmer glazing, and this is where aluminum glazing systems come to the rescue. In such methods, special balcony sliding systems are used. This method is also different in that double-glazed windows can be used, and this allows you to achieve an increased level of noise insulation.

In order to achieve the greatest thermal and noise insulation, metal-plastic systems are used. In metal-plastic systems, a steel or reinforcing aluminum profile is used to strengthen the structure.

Multifunctional glazing method.The method is used to make a balcony or loggia livable, but not fully. In winter, you can go to such a balcony without outerwear, but not for a long time. As a rule, glazing by this method implies two types of structures – swing, sliding and sliding.

The most expensive, but at the same time the highest quality, is, namely, the swing glazing system. Its high cost depends on the fact that expensive components are used..

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