Choosing between wood and plastic windows

Initially, this architectural detail of the house was introduced exclusively to illuminate the room and air it, but nowadays the functions of the window have gone far beyond this framework. Now windows have become a real decoration of the building, an opportunity to contemplate the outside world and the main source of natural lighting.

Choosing between wood and plastic windows

Today, there are many companies that provide their services in the field of glazing of apartments and houses, but the owners are faced with a rather urgent question, which windows are better – traditional wooden or modern metal-plastic ones. To answer it, it is necessary to consider in detail all the advantages and disadvantages of both types of windows..

Advantages and disadvantages of wooden windows

Today, more and more natural materials and wood are becoming fashionable. Most people, especially post-Soviet times, have a very bad impression of wooden windows, as the image of uncomfortable bulky windows with hard-to-close latches and tiny vents immediately pops up before their eyes. It is worth noting that this image has long been in the past. Modern wooden windows have a very elegant appearance, and their profile in terms of convenience is in no way inferior to PVC windows.

Choosing between wood and plastic windows

Solid wood is also a thing of the past for modern windows. It was replaced by a more durable and moisture-resistant material – glued timber. Double-glazed windows are used for glazing such a window. Double-glazed windows consist of at least three parallel glasses, the space between which is filled with air.

Thanks to the latest materials and manufacturing technologies, modern wooden windows can boast of such advantages as:

  • low heat transfer coefficient
  • aesthetically pleasing appearance
  • excellent natural ventilation (even without supply ventilation valves)
  • environmental friendliness
  • heat and sound insulation
  • ease of partial repair

Choosing between wood and plastic windows

But, despite all the advantages available, wooden windows also have certain disadvantages. Firstly, wooden windows are quite expensive. And, secondly, without proper care, they age quickly enough and become unusable. Unfortunately, even modern technologies are not able to fully protect wood from the harmful effects of moisture, and without proper care, rot and mold become constant companions of wooden windows..

Advantages and disadvantages of plastic windows

For the first time plastic windows appeared in the late 60s in Western European countries. They came to us much later, but quickly took the leading place. Indeed, nowadays an increasing number of consumers give their preference to plastic windows..

Choosing between wood and plastic windows

They make such a choice for a reason, it is due to a number of indisputable advantages of plastic windows over wooden ones:

  • heat and sound insulation. Due to the high tightness of plastic windows, they not only reliably retain heat inside the room, but also prevent street noise from entering;
  • frost resistance. Thanks to the multi-chamber glazing system and protective linings, plastic windows can safely withstand the effects of low temperatures;
  • moisture resistance. Unlike their wooden counterparts, plastic windows can tolerate even prolonged exposure to moisture and precipitation. Under the influence of these factors, they are not susceptible to decay or swelling;
  • long service life. Even without special care, plastic windows can serve for a fairly long time, practically without losing their marketable appearance;
  • ease of care. The smooth surface of the frame practically does not retain various kinds of contamination, and windows can be washed using household chemicals, except for those containing abrasive substances.

It is worth noting that plastic windows, along with their advantages, are not devoid of disadvantages, the main of which is the problem of tightness. Yes, it is precisely the tightness that allows you to maintain silence and warmth in the house, which is the main disadvantage of plastic windows. The thing is that tightness is the main reason for poor ventilation in the room. If, during installation, you do not equip a plastic window with such a detail as a ventilation valve, then dampness and mold will become the main problems of a room with plastic windows. Otherwise, plastic windows are unlikely to disappoint their owners..

Choosing between wood and plastic windows

If you are faced with a choice between wooden and plastic windows, then before you decide on a specific option, it is better to consider all the pros and cons of both options, so as not to be disappointed in your choice in the future..

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