Combined windows

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The latest innovation in the production of steel windows, combining several materials at once. These are mainly plastic, wood and metal, which are combined in different variations. Manufacturers have tried to combine these materials in such a way as to combine all their advantages, and negate the disadvantages..

Combined windows

Types of combined windows

Of all the possible combinations of materials, most often buyers choose windows with a wooden interior, and a metal or plastic exterior. This can be explained by the fact that people strive to create a comfortable environment in the house by surrounding themselves with natural materials. But wood is not always present in the construction of combined windows – sometimes it is replaced with plastic, and the outer part is made of aluminum. The use of three materials at once is also not uncommon, for example, wood, plastic and aluminum. Sometimes copper or brass is used instead of aluminum, but their presence significantly increases the cost of the product. In addition to these combinations, there are others, but as an exception.

Advantages of combined windows

Although there is wood in the windows, this does not mean that it will have to be repainted annually. Manufacturers used modern anodized and varnished coatings that do not fade for a long time and retain the external beauty of the window. In addition, at the customer’s choice, any color scheme is used. The tree is not exposed to moisture, since it is provided for its removal through a metal profile.

Combined windows

There are many variations in the use of different materials, therefore, combined windows suggest a fairly wide range of design solutions..

Combined window construction

There are several combinations of wood with metal or plastic.

The window can be completely made of a metal profile, but on the inside it is decorated with decorative wood strips. The linings are made of different types of wood and varnished. They cover the profile, so from the inside the window looks like a wooden one, and from the outside it looks like a plastic one..

A completely wooden window is protected by an outer metal shell, which is attached to the wooden window profile with special clips. Since the fastening of the metal plate to the wooden profile cannot create a snug fit, a void forms between them, in which condensation appears. This can damage the wooden parts, therefore there must always be a special insulating layer between the wood and the metal sheathing to prevent condensation..

Combined windows

Combined wood and plastic windows. They are no different from windows made of wood and metal, just plastic is used instead of metal – wooden bags are protected from the outside by a plastic sheath, and plastic windows are decorated from the inside with an inner wooden plate. Sometimes, instead of a wooden lining, a metal one is used, though not aluminum, but copper or brass.

If the window structure uses not double-glazed windows, but two frames, then they are made of two different materials. A wooden frame is always used as an internal one, and an external one is metal or plastic. Both frames are fastened together with brackets, and, if necessary, can be disconnected.

Combined windows

The combination of three materials in the window makes them even more practical – the metal outer shell protects from atmospheric influences, the plastic inner part serves as a heat insulator, and the inner wooden linings provide decorative appearance of the window inside the room.

Naturally, such a window will cost a little more than an ordinary plastic or wooden one, but it will become a real exclusive, and its cost is compensated by practicality and convenience..

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