Complex flooring joint

Today, many designers advise against combining two floor coverings in one room. What for? On the contrary, one floor in all rooms unites the space. But still, some homeowners choose coatings with a joint, and a complex shape. Our tips site will show you how to do it..

Complex flooring joint

The portal wrote in detail how to arrange the joint between tiles and laminate. However, all kinds of sills are good for smooth, straight joints. And if the joint is complex, curvilinear? It is a little more difficult to make it, but you can still.

Option one – polymer grout

Yes, if we are talking about the junction of tiles or porcelain stoneware with another floor covering, for example, an engineered board. Experts advise choosing a two-component grout especially for wide joints. It should have a crumb of one of the materials that fit together so that everything looks harmonious.

It is necessary to plan to make a joint of two floor coverings without a sill even at the screed stage! The topcoat must be purchased in advance in order to know exactly its thickness. It will be different, therefore, the screed must be done accordingly. Differences in thickness can be compensated for with a topcoat adhesive. But this is not always possible and also expensive. It is advisable to immediately plan the screed at different levels so that the joint is clear and even.

Complex flooring joint

Option two – cork expansion joint

The most budgetary option – cork expansion joints are easy to find, they cost little, they are used to form joints between laminate and tiles, as well as other coatings.

Important! Not everyone likes the look of the cork expansion joint. It can be covered with a steel strip, which is made to order according to patterns and painted in different RAL colors, so that the joint looks harmonious, as invisible as possible. But this is a much more expensive option..

Complex flooring joint

Option three – metal

Renowned flooring manufacturers Kahrs and Tarkett now offer flexible joining and transition pieces that allow joining with round cut edges. Such sills are heated before installation, which allows them to give the desired shape and set the direction.

Important! Designers do not recommend combining wood and wood-like tiles in the same room. It is impossible to select the exact texture and shade, the imitation will be immediately noticeable.

Complex flooring joint

Option four – flexible threshold made of thermoplastic

Such sills can take any shape, bend easily. The color of thermoplastics can also vary. And yet, such joints do not look as aesthetically pleasing as the complete absence of a nut. According to designers, thermoplastic sills make interior cheaper.

Complex flooring joint

Option five – sealants

Acrylic and silicone sealants are considered by many designers to be the ideal choice for joining different complex floor coverings. Even if the building shrinks, the sealants will remain in their original form. Acrylic can be tinted and laminated after drying, silicone cannot.

Designers call the non-linear, uneven joining of two different floor coverings a tricky trick. Sometimes it is justified, but you need to do everything right, avoiding differences in the height of the floor finish. A joint without a sill looks more aesthetically pleasing, no one will stumble here for sure, and the choice of design, as you have seen, is great.

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