Debunking the myths about plastic windows

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Nowadays, there are many myths about plastic windows. Now we will consider the most common ones..

Myth number 1. Plastic windows are not environmentally friendly

Many people are alarmed by the name of the material itself – polyvinyl chloride (PVC), as well as the fact that lead is added to plastic during production.

It should be borne in mind that naturalness and environmental friendliness of materials are two different things. PVC is a product of a complex chemical synthesis, but it is completely safe for human health. Nowadays, plastic is one of the most popular materials. Even the kettle in the kitchen is made of plastic, but no one worries about it..

Research proves that lead in the finished product does not pose a health hazard. There is lead in crystal too, but no one considers it dangerous.

Myth number 2. Europeans make the best windows

European manufacturers have extensive experience in the manufacture of plastic windows, but the development of the Ukrainian market must also be taken into account. The world’s largest manufacturers open factories in Ukraine and adapt technologies to local weather conditions. It is known that Italian and German windows do not always withstand the Ukrainian climate.

Myth number 3. All plastic windows have standard colors and shapes

This is not true! Most consumers are accustomed to standard white designs. But at present, the profile is laminated with colored film. There are about 17 shades on the Ukrainian market.

Debunking the myths about plastic windows

The window profile has good elasticity and flexibility. This allows you not to limit your imagination when choosing a window shape. A plastic window can be rectangular, square, trapezoidal, arch-shaped and even round.

Myth number 4. Better six cameras than three

The heat-shielding properties of a window are affected by the number of cavities (chambers). The more cavities, the higher the thermal protection. But for ordinary urban conditions, three-chamber windows are also quite suitable. In terms of the degree of thermal protection, they can be compared with a wall thickness of two bricks. Sales statistics show that three-chamber windows are the most popular in Ukraine.

Windows that have more than three chambers are suitable for colder regions (for example, for Russia). They have increased thermal protection. Therefore, if you do not live in the Far North, then a three-chamber profile will be enough for you.

Debunking the myths about plastic windows

Myth number 5. Plastic windows are inferior to wooden ones

Buyers’ preferences suggest otherwise. In the West, at present, half of the population has installed plastic windows, a third – wooden or aluminum.

Please note that PVC windows practically do not need maintenance, which cannot be said about wooden ones. Wooden windows absorb moisture, and therefore they need to be painted periodically.

Myth number 6. Installation of a plastic window is mountains of dirt and debris

Any construction work leaves trash behind. The installation of windows (any!) Is no different. Before installing, remove everything from the windowsill, cover the furniture with plastic foil, prepare garbage bags and clear the passage to the window. Garbage removal and cleaning are not included in the duties of the installers, unless this clause is provided for by the contract.

Myth number 7. Plastic windows are too expensive

All good things are expensive! But the price of PVC windows is no longer as high as in the 90s, when these windows first appeared on the market. If we compare the price of PVC windows with wooden ones of similar quality criteria, then the former are much cheaper than the latter..

Plastic windows can significantly reduce your utility costs. They are well sealed to reduce energy loss in your home. But they very often account for half of all expenses!

Myth number 8. Plastic windows do not “breathe”

Most people believe that plastic structures do not “breathe” and condensation appears on them. But the laws of physics say that fogging is observed on glass in a frame made of any material: plastic, wood or aluminum. The material itself does not cause it.

Debunking the myths about plastic windows

In Soviet times, windows “breathed” due to loose joints between the windows and the wall, but constant drafts cause chronic colds. Hermetically sealed plastic windows guarantee the absence of this phenomenon. To prevent moisture from condensing on the glass, it is enough to ventilate the room only a few times a day. It is also possible to install a stepped slot ventilation system..

Myth number 9. PVC profile turns yellow over time

Don’t believe the rumors! Consider all the facts. The properties of each product depend on the additives used in its manufacture. High-quality additives guarantee the windows a snow-white color for the entire service life. Austrian companies are the leader among additive manufacturers. Domestic manufacturers use the Austrian recipe for the raw mix, which was developed specifically for Ukraine.

Myth number 10. Matte profile gets dirty quickly

The matt profile must be kept clean. There is no difference between caring for a glossy and matte profile (you can use ordinary soap solutions). Do not use solvents, acids, gasoline and nitro compounds. These substances can damage plastic and change the color of the profile..

The matte profile is distinguished by the fact that minor scratches and fingerprints are invisible.

If you are still in doubt about buying a PVC window, then it is better to install it at home and make sure that these are just myths.

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