Do-it-yourself metal front door

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Self-made metal entrance door saves a lot of money. How to make it yourself? It is not very difficult for those who know how to work with their own hands. The nuances of manufacturing, installation and cladding described in this article will help you.

Do-it-yourself metal front door

The entrance metal door has long ceased to be something supernatural. Comparatively affordable prices, a wide range of models, the possibility of additional equipment allow every home or office owner to install it at home. Those who know how to handle tools may come up with the idea of ​​making a reliable metal door on their own. This issue will be especially acute if the doorway is of a non-standard size.

Preparatory stage

Basically, this stage consists in providing the workshop with the necessary materials and tools, as well as carefully measuring the doorway. Based on the results of measurements, a drawing of the door is drawn up, according to which the required amount of materials is determined.

The standard dimensions of the door frame are 2000×900 or 2000×800 mm. If the dimensions of your doorway do not match them, do not be upset, because you can make the doors you need. If the box height is more than 2000 mm, one more additional frame should be provided at the top, or at the side, if the opening width is more than 900 mm.

Do-it-yourself metal front door

It is also necessary to leave a gap of a few centimeters on each side to seal the joints with construction foam..

Materials and tools

To make a metal door, you need to stock up on the following materials and tools:

  1. Metal corners for the box and the door itself.
  2. Steel sheet 1.5–2 mm thick.
  3. A set of loops. The number is determined by their strength, the weight of the door and its dimensions..
  4. Fittings (lock, handle).
  5. Construction foam.
  6. Fasteners such as anchor bolts.
  7. Welding machine.
  8. Welding table.
  9. Grinder for cutting metal.
  10. Drill.
  11. Door cladding material (veneer, boards, plywood).

Do-it-yourself metal front door

This list is approximate and is subject to adjustment depending on the complexity of the structure of the door being made and the use of insulation – foam or mineral wool.

Door making process

We cut a metal corner 50×25 or 40×20 mm in accordance with the dimensions of the door frame and the door itself. The corner is laid out on the welding table, the corners and diagonals of the future box are checked. If the distances between the parallel corners and the diagonals are the same, you can start the welding process.

Do-it-yourself metal front door

The dimensions are removed from the finished box and, taking into account a gap of 5-10 mm, a corner of 40×25 mm is cut on each side of the perimeter, which will become the basis of the door leaf. Immediately, a grinder makes a cut in the profile at the level of the future castle. Wooden slats can be inserted into the profile for future insulation and to facilitate the door trimming process.

In order to make further welding work more convenient, at this stage a loop profile is welded to the box and hinges. To do this, you need to absolutely accurately measure the distance between the hinges on the frame and the box. In this case, it will be much easier to hang the doors..

We check the parallelism of the frame profile and the door leaf, after which the rest of the profiles are inserted into the door frame and welded.

Do-it-yourself metal front door

Next, we weld on a sheet of metal. The canvas should be 1.5 cm larger on the side of the locks and 1 cm larger on the other sides. The sheet must be cut to the specified dimensions and installed on top of the structure of already welded profiles. On the reverse side of the sheet, the loop side is welded, after which welding takes place along its entire perimeter. A fake strip is welded on the inside of the sheet. A few more stiffeners can be welded to strengthen the entire door structure. After all welding work, weld seams should be cleaned.

Installing the lock

To install the lock, you need to make a cutout in the corner of the door frame. Its size must be such that the lock fits into it without a gap. After installing the lock, the locations are marked and the fastening holes and holes for the handle and key are drilled. Cutouts for latches and latches should be done only after installing the doors.

Door installation

In order to install the door frame in the opening, you need a strong assistant. In this case, you need to pay special attention to the exact position of the box vertically and horizontally, for which a level is used, it is also important to securely fix the box and carefully foam the gaps between the box and the wall.

Do-it-yourself metal front door

After mounting the frame, the door leaf is hung. It is important to double-check how reliably the locking mechanisms work..

External door trim

The tastes of homeowners are different and everyone has the right to choose the option of external decor that he likes, corresponds to the financial situation or operational characteristics of the door structure.

Do-it-yourself metal front door

Different materials may be suitable for external decor: MDF board, veneer, leather or leatherette trim, polymer paint or a special anti-vandal film. Alternatively, you can weld on the elements of artistic forging.

Finishing work

After installing the door, it is necessary to carry out finishing work. The final stage includes sealing the slopes inside the room and refining the opening outside. High-quality finishing work is needed not only for beauty, they provide noise insulation, thermal insulation and stability of the door frame.

Before refining the slopes, it is necessary to carefully seal all the gaps between the door frame and the wall. This will protect the house from external noise and possible drafts. Slopes can be repaired with drywall, plaster and subsequent painting, sheathed with decorative panels.

Outside, the casing of painted doors can be made using steel strips of the same color welded to the frame. If the outer part of the door is decorated with wood or MDF, it is reasonable to use platbands from the same material..

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