Door for a wooden house. Selection and installation

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The choice of a door must be taken seriously, since it is one of the most important components of the interior. Most often, doors of all kinds of designs and designs are made of wood.

Door for a wooden house

This material has an ancient history of use for the manufacture of any doors. A door made of wood will look especially harmonious in a wooden house, but you can choose other options. For example, a door design using art glass is currently quite popular. The original steel door could be a good version too..

Entrance door

When choosing an entrance door, it is necessary, first of all, to take into account the characteristic features of the construction of the house. The front door should be harmoniously combined with the design and interior of the house. A correctly chosen and beautiful front door is a sign of good taste and, in a way, a business card of any building. A wooden door in a cobbled house gives the interior a certain completeness and additional comfort. It is especially important that the door is made of high quality wood and correctly installed.

Entrance door

In a wooden house, it is best to install an entrance door that is made of oak or ash, since these are the most durable types of wood. The metal door with wood paneling also goes well with the interior. The best option would be a steel front door. A door made of metal is not only more durable and reliable, but also more durable, since steel is less exposed to all kinds of mechanical and temperature influences than other materials.

Interior doors for a block house

A wooden house is a great object to use for a variety of design ideas, as wood goes very well with most other materials. Thus, interior doors in a cobbled house can become a good part of a home interior. Doors made of box-shaped beams fit into the interior quite elegantly. Thanks to a variety of design findings, such doors are able to give the interior decoration of the house an elite charm..

Interior doors for a block house

When installing doors between rooms, you should, first of all, build on their design. You can supply veneered, mezzanite, laminated doors, or doors made using combined materials. They can be smooth or paneled. Additional elegance of the door can be given by inserts made of aluminum, plastic and other materials. A distinctive feature of a laminated door can be considered a coating with a film similar to natural wood.

In block houses, it is better to install interior doors made of wood, since wooden doors are less prone to distortions than others. In addition, wooden doors are more environmentally friendly and preserve natural energy. For those who are especially careful about their own health, the choice of a wooden door will be the most correct decision..

Wooden doors are made from softwood, produced from hardwood, and also combined, combining hardwood and softwood. The most expensive, but at the same time, of course, and of higher quality, are doors made of such valuable wood species as ash, oak, wenge, meranti, beech and others..

How to install the door correctly

The basic rules for installing doors are pretty similar for any type of room. But, placing them in a wooden house, it is necessary to take into account the specific features of wooden structures.

The first step is to treat the installation openings and ends with a moisture-proof and antiseptic composition. Then the door frame must be securely attached to the lower rim, the side openings must be tightly fixed with moss, and the upper gap must not be very tightly filled with insulation. It should be noted that the door frame in a wooden house is not attached to the wall, but only to the lower rim, and the door block will be tightly attached to the door frame.

All seams are sealed with polyurethane foam or a special sealant. During the first few years after the commissioning of a wooden house, it shrinks due to the fact that the wood loses moisture. Therefore, it is better to avoid any tight fastenings, and use a casing door frame.

When choosing doors for your home, remember that a high-quality and correctly selected door will last longer than others. It is better to buy doors from a manufacturer with a good reputation, capable of guaranteeing the high quality of its products. Therefore, when choosing, it is best to focus on those brands that have positively proven themselves for a long time. Before buying, it makes sense to ask the seller for documents confirming the high quality of the goods.

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