Double-leaf doors: pros, cons, photo examples

Among all types of interior and entrance doors, double doors stand out especially. This is no longer just a delimiter of space, but a real portal, beautiful and noticeable. Our tips site will tell you about the advantages and disadvantages of double-leaf doors, give examples of their use in the interior.

Double-leaf doors in the interior

Double-leaf doors consist of two leaves, which are united by one door frame, framed by a common casing – if we are talking about swing structures. Often there are sliding double doors, which the portal has already written about. When there are two doors, the question arises where they will open. That is why sliding options are in demand, allowing you to save space in the room..

Sliding double door

The leafs of double-leaf doors are always independent from each other, but when joined together, they completely block the doorway.

Important! In double-leaf swing doors, the second leaf often serves as a spare one, it has a decorative function. It is fixed with latch bolts at the top and bottom and opens only if necessary. For example, owners need to bring something voluminous into the room that does not go through a standard doorway..

In terms of the material of manufacture, double-leaf doors are no different from ordinary ones. They can be metal (most often they are entrance), plastic, wood, glass, MDF veneered and combined.

Double-leaf entrance wooden door

Double-leaf doors are installed in cases where the opening is wider than 1 meter. In standard doorways 90 centimeters wide, they are simply not needed, one leaf is enough. But a wide doorway always requires a special approach and is closed with non-standard canvases, which can be arched.

Important! The dimensions of the two valves are far from always the same. Often, one valve is wider than the second, their sizes can be 1: 2 or 1: 3. Such doors are called one and a half.

Double-leaf doors in the interior

Double-leaf doors in the interior

The advantages of double-leaf doors are many:

  • Luxurious, very respectable appearance. The entrance door with two leaves will decorate the exterior of the house, the interior door will be a noticeable detail of the interior decor.
  • The choice of models is great, there are internal doors with stained-glass windows, glass inserts, arched. Some options look like a work of art.
  • The doorway is wide, two people can pass at the same time, you can safely carry, for example, a piano and a bulky refrigerator.
  • In practice, it has been proven that swing doors last longer than conventional doors. This is due to the fact that the load is distributed over two sets of hinges.

Double-leaf doors in the interior

Among the disadvantages of doors with two leaves, their high price comes out on top, due to the complexity of the design and the increased width. It can be difficult to find a ready-made version suitable in size and the door has to be ordered, which further raises the cost. Otherwise, the owners of the double and one-and-a-half doors do not cause any complaints.

Entrance metal double-leaf door

When choosing double-leaf entrance doors, of course, you need to pay attention to the protection class, because this is a matter of home security. When choosing interior double-leaf doors, their beauty and convenience come first. In any case, the fittings must be of high quality, because they will undergo major tests during operation. The choice between swing and sliding doors depends on the availability of free space in the room and the wishes of the owners.

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