Eurobeam for Euro windows and doors

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Eurobeam windows and doors are a kind of revolution in the modern market. They are natural and environmentally friendly, do not emit harmful substances and create a normal air exchange in the room. Wood always remains a natural material, and natural material, above all, pleases the eye. Wooden windows and doors are always perfectly combined with other objects in the premises, while creating a special interior and style.

Eurobeam for Euro windows and doors

Production technology

Eurobeams are wooden bars glued together. The fibers of the glued bars are all directed in different directions. As a result, the strength of the material increases significantly, the timber will not lead, i.e. it will not deform when exposed to changes in humidity and temperature. Eurobeam is also impregnated with various special protective compounds. This allows the bar to breathe and also provides protection from the external environment.

Properties of products from eurobeam

Products from Eurobeam have the following properties: excellent structural strength; good sound insulation properties; there is a possibility for renovation; good resistance to moisture; resistance to large temperature drops; there are no drafts; folding and sliding mechanisms can be installed.

Eurobeam for Euro windows and doors

Eurobeam doors

Wooden doors are the most demanded in the modern market. Eurobeam doors will be considered an excellent choice for both an apartment and a cottage. They have an excellent appearance, great environmental friendliness and practicality. They also have an inexpensive cost, as a result of which everyone can purchase them..

Eurobeam for Euro windows and doors

All interior doors are subjected to heavy loads during their operation, therefore these doors must have special criteria (good strength and practicality). All modern Eurobeam doors on the market fit these criteria.

Eurobeam for Euro windows and doors

Consider the advantages of Eurobeam doors. Perhaps the most important advantage of these doors is that over time, due to their structure, they do not deform and do not lose their original shape. These doors have excellent performance properties; good sound insulation, they can keep warm. Doors from eurobeam can be made at the customer’s choice, i.e. for any size and shape. The desired shade can be obtained depending on the type of wood. Eurobeam doors will become a decoration of your home and interior. With their natural appearance, they will always delight the eyes.

Wooden windows from eurobeam

Wooden windows made of eurobeam are an excellent purchase. After all, wooden windows, in addition to their natural natural appearance, have a number of advantages: aesthetic appearance, natural environmental friendliness, the strength of wooden windows made of eurobeam is much higher than the strength of ordinary wooden windows, they have increased fire resistance, the thermal insulation of windows from eurobeam is much higher than that of windows made of PVC, also have excellent sound insulation, no need for constant painting. Eurobeam windows breathe and do not seal the room, maintaining comfortable conditions in the room. The material used for the manufacture of such windows is a three-layer glued beam. The wood is mainly pine from the northern and Siberian regions. Because they have a dense texture. More expensive windows are made of oak and larch. The strength of such products is increased by 90% and the rigidity by 50% compared to valuable wood.

Eurobeam for Euro windows and doors

In the manufacture of wooden windows from eurobeam, only the most selected and best wood is used. Due to their design, such windows have greater durability in their operation, they will not be warped, they will not crack, thanks to special impregnations of eurobeams, windows are not afraid of high humidity, large temperature changes, fungi and various insects. Since the material is natural, they have high frost resistance, low thermal conductivity, and the possibility of repair. Eurobeam was widely used in the manufacture of windows and profiles for wooden windows. In the manufacture of eurobeams, only high-quality wood without knots and cracks is used.

Pine is a coniferous species, it has its own advantages: it does not crack when dried, it is well processed and painted. Such windows are not expensive and retain all their excellent characteristics well..

Larch wood is denser than pine and resistant to moisture and fungi. The strength of such windows is 30% higher than that of pine.

Eurobeam for Euro windows and doors

Oak windows are resistant to moisture, and oak wood is the most beautiful. Very strong and durable.

Choosing windows and doors from eurobeam, you get high quality for a low price.

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