Expensive cheap plastic windows

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The paradox of our life is that the obvious truths lie on the surface, and we do not notice them. In an effort to save money, we grab onto the first opportunity without thinking about the future..

Expensive cheap plastic windows

The desire to save the money we have earned often leads us into a labyrinth, where we endlessly rush between the walls, finding no way out. There is only one reliable way to stop running in circles: ask questions and get answers to them..

What are cheap metal-plastic windows

Inexpensive models of reinforced-plastic windows consist of a plastic profile with a metal insert, single or double glazing, a mosquito net, which is sold separately, although you have already paid for it. Such windows will be installed for you free of charge, which means that it is bad, because the end result for the wizard does not matter, he installs 5 windows a day. After a poor-quality installation, gaps will appear between the wall and the window profile, you can notice them only in winter. In summer, condensation streams flow over the glass, the wallpaper on the wall deteriorates under the influence of the fungus. The mosquito net will fly out at the slightest load on it, which creates a potential danger for pets who like to walk on the windowsill.

Expensive cheap plastic windows

“Linden” assistant

Unfortunately, the goal of most sellers is to get the cheap product out of the way faster. They will happily describe the advantages of a low-cost purchase, forgetting to mention minor defects and disadvantages. A cheap item sold at a mind-boggling discount cannot be good. How to find a way out of this situation? At first glance, everything is simple: buy an expensive branded product.

Brand, but not the same

Branded items are expensive, high quality and beautiful. But! Not every branded item is worth the money given for it. Brands don’t come out of thin air, they go a long way, marketers and designers work on them. Promotion of a brand to the Olympus of sales costs a lot of money, and all costs are borne by the buyer. Popular brands are overpriced. You should not rush to the embrasure in search of quality items. Choose wisely, pay attention to the ratio of quality and price. Often, under the guise of brands, they sell low-quality goods, a fake with a sonorous name, pay attention to the country of the manufacturer and the store’s warranty. If the supply to the store comes from the manufacturer, this is a great option, since the store, having gotten rid of intermediaries, can offer a lower price than competitors.

Expensive cheap plastic windows

And now you will discover one of the secrets of successful savings. The essence of success lies in the correct formulation of the question! There is nothing easier, ask yourself a question, and frankly give a clear answer to it yourself. What’s better? Make a quality repair or save money? You already have an answer to the question?

Well, you can do both

A clear understanding of your desires helps to save money. Do what all successful businessmen do: pay for quality! When purchasing fiberglass windows, choose the highest quality ones. Triple glazing will keep the heat in the house much better, here’s your first savings! The straight profile with reinforced insert guarantees the durability of the entire structure. Special purge holes will help to avoid condensation, and streams will not pour along your walls. A high-quality window still has a lot of advantages that help to save money..

Expensive cheap plastic windows

As a result, by purchasing quality products, over time we save our money for future purchases. Everything that is not spent, as you know, is considered earned! It is better to buy a high-quality window once, which helps to save money, than to purchase an inexpensive structure of dubious quality that brings constant losses.

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