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High-quality beautiful windows always give the room a complete look. However, the window is not only a decorative part of the interior, but also carries a huge functional load. Opening the window in the heat, closing the window in the cold – everyone performs these actions, completely without thinking about applying any force. The possibility of such an easy handling of the window is given by high-quality fittings. If, when choosing accessories, you decide to save money, then purchasing an expensive window will become meaningless. The reliability and functionality of your windows depends on each fixing.

High-quality fittings must meet the following criteria: firstly, high durability. How many times a day will you have to open, close and close a window? This is a difficult question, but one thing is clear – problems with this should not arise for at least five years. If you prefer exact numbers, then when buying accessories, ask the seller for how many cycles it is designed for. A cycle is one window opening and closing. Good fittings are designed for at least ten thousand cycles. However, the leading European manufacturers of accessories, such as G-U, AUBI, Winkhaus, Roto, Siegenia, Maco (Germany), call the limit sixty thousand cycles. The wear resistance of the fittings also includes such a parameter as corrosion resistance. Secondly, for high-quality fittings, it is not permissible to use plastic parts as load-bearing elements. The bulk of the fixing screws must be screwed into the part of the window frame that is equipped with a steel reinforcement. However, plastic elements may well perform a decorative function (nowadays, various decorative overlays are very popular, which can always be replaced if desired). It is also better not to choose fittings with elements that are easily edged and peeled off (for example, with enamel handles). Thirdly, reliable fittings are characterized by a smooth ride, that is, no difficulties should arise that cause a forced application of force. Otherwise, with various “push more” and “turn harder” you will only bring closer the complete destruction of the mechanism. And finally, high-quality fittings should be safe and aesthetic..

As mentioned above, the following German companies are the main manufacturers of high quality fittings: G-U, AUBI, Winkhaus, Roto, Siegenia, Maco. Each of them has its own “specialty” in the production of accessories, while maintaining all the standard options. Whom to give preference to is a purely individual matter, depending on personal preferences and on the thickness of the wallet. Usually, when buying windows, sellers themselves advise which fittings to give preference in each specific case separately.

A standard set of fittings includes: hinges (upper, lower for the casement and frame parts), compensator, arbitrary self-closing safety device, flap lifting device, clamps for the hardware groove and automatic installation, scissor bracket, reinforced hinges, swing-out mechanisms. Additional equipment is also possible with the following elements: rotation limiter (fixes the window in the position you have chosen), slot ventilator, latch (prevents the sash from slamming). You can also install anti-burglary fittings. For lovers of everything original, special accessories are provided for windows of non-standard shapes (arched, round, etc.).

High-quality fittings are the key to the reliability and convenience of your windows. It is easy to use and requires little maintenance. If you notice any obvious deterioration in its work, then it is better to contact the company where it was acquired. Let professionals solve all problems. To avoid minor troubles, you can simply wipe all the running gears with machine oil once a year..

Fittings G-U


The G-U company was founded in 1907 and specialized in the sale of hardware and accessories. Only in 1948 its own production was opened. The company has developed well. In 1977 a new plant was founded at FERCO in France. In 1983, G-U bought BKS, a successful manufacturer of entrance security systems. The Italian factory STORO was acquired in 1996 and specialized in the production of window and door handles. The next leap in the company’s development was the purchase of the KIMA plant in Germany in 1999, a manufacturer of locking systems, and in 2001, G-U bought the manufacturer of automation for sliding structures ATS GmbH.

In 1995 Gretsch-Unitas GmbH (G-U) received the DIN ISO 9001 quality certificate.

During the development of the G-U EURO_JET hardware, great importance was attached to the tightness of the sash rebate to the window frame. On the inner plane of the upper loop of the designer G-U, a groove was provided for a rubber seal, which is evenly pressed by the loop, and does not bend at the edges. On the lower hinge, in addition to the usual sash adjustments, a screw sleeve is installed, which, if necessary, makes it possible to increase the sash clamping to 1.5 mm. Tilt-and-turn fittings of this company make it possible to produce PVC sashes weighing up to 130 kg. and arched sashes – up to 60 kg. The bottom hinge is adjustable in three directions. Symmetrical drilling is used for the upper and lower supports. Hardware parts are made of high quality steel by injection molding, the surface is galvanized and bichrominated.

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In our market, this brand is known as a manufacturer of hardware for parallel-sliding windows and doors. Sliding-folding hardware G-U is installed on external and internal doors and windows made of wood, PVC and aluminum.

The company produces door locks, door closers. Develops control mechanisms for folding transoms with horizontal scissors for one or several transoms. Control can be carried out by a handle, cardan transmission or electric drive by one or several transoms at the same time. The mechanism is suitable for opening rectangular, arched and trapezoidal sashes. There is a mechanism for opening the transom outward.

Fittings for center-hung horizontal and vertical windows with all-round sealing can handle sash weights up to 175 kg.

Automatic sliding doors offer versatile solutions in the design of transparent, “welcoming” and energy-efficient entrances – these are sliding doors, telescopic sliding doors, exclusive cylindrical sliding doors, prismatic sliding doors, etc..

Winkhaus fittings


So far, this is the only fittings that are produced in Russia. And in Germany, WINKHAUS is one of the oldest companies in the production of window fittings..

Today WINKHAUS is an industrial group with headquarters in Telgte (Germany). WINKHAUS production and commercial facilities are located in Austria and England, Germany and Hong Kong, Spain and Malaysia, the Netherlands and Poland, Russia and Singapore. The company has more than 3000 employees working almost all over the world.

In order to increase the efficiency of work, as well as the completeness and mobility of supplies, the company “Vinkhaus ROS” in May 1996 began to complete with fittings and the whole range of goods necessary for the production and installation of windows and doors made of PVC and wood, in the branch of the company “WINKHAUS” in Poland, in Leszno.

The AutoPilot series is a real innovation because we are talking here about new hardware components that make possible both manual and partially automatic installation of window hardware.

Flex series fittings are on average 20% cheaper than AutoPilot fittings.

Flex is a very simple fittings, it is intended primarily for large manufacturers of windows and doors, participating in municipal construction, in tenders for glazing. It will not replace the AutoPilot hardware in the case of trapezoidal and arched windows, tilt-sliding doors, or windows where certain additional functions must be applied..

A patented feature of WINKHAUS is an eccentric roller that allows adjustment of the sash pressure around the perimeter without using a special tool (manually). This greatly facilitates this adjustment and does not require a service crew to visit the site..

The pride of the WINKHAUS company is the element that allows for a multi-stage tilt of the sash during ventilation. It allows you to change the tilt angle of the window and provide a metered air intake, i.e. the mechanism plays the role of an ordinary “comb”, but when the window is closed it is not visible.

There is an element that allows you to depressurize the window by pressing the upper part of the sash by 2-3 mm to ventilate the room.

There is also an element that allows you to raise the sagging sash when closing and two types of limiters for swinging the sash at large angles.

WINKHAUS fittings provide products in a wide range of colors.
WINKHAUS manufactures anti-burglar fittings that prevent the sash from being pushed out..

WINKHAUS fittings are certified by the Gosstroy of Russia for compliance with GOST 30777-2001, GOST 538-88, which makes it possible to use this fittings in mass housing construction.

Maco fittings


Offers tilt-and-slide and tilt fittings, door locks, swing window fittings, shutters and wooden blinds.

The main feature of this brand is the production of hidden fittings, the details of which are not visible from the outside, which improves the appearance of the window..
All corner hinges, with the exception of fully hidden corner hinges, have three degrees of freedom – vertical, horizontal and sash clamp.
The Artek Multi 2000 system provides maximum functions with a minimum of parts, which simplifies the assembly of fittings devices.

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The springs of the corner pieces are made of three to four layers of stainless steel, which increases the service life of the mechanisms.

The latest innovation is a wax treatment of all fittings, which guarantees one hundred percent protection of parts from corrosion, reduces friction between tires and gives the surface an attractive appearance..
The outer tire of mechanisms has a rib, which gives the structure rigidity and helps to reduce friction between the outer and inner tires.

The presence of a “multi” form-fit connecting element for a fixed connection of two contacting external tires, for example, corner gears with scissors or mechanisms, eliminates the need to use special cutting shears and contributes to an even distribution of the load on all parts of the fittings.

Corner hinges and supports – identical for left- and right-sided opening of swing, swing-out and tilt-and-turn doors, thus reducing the number of hardware items in stock.

MACO fittings are technologically advanced and rational, thanks to a universal drilling pattern for hinge groups and scissors, a built-in blocker for erroneous opening, a long travel of the trunnions, the compatibility of the scissors for arched and trapezoidal windows with upper hinges with the upper hinges of standard scissors, etc..
The clamping of the sash to the frame is regulated by means of locking pins with an oval shape. Long travel of the trunnions increases the tolerance range when installing locking parts.

Anti-burglary hardware MACO provides protection against burglary using special anti-burglar pins.
Artek Multi 2000 mechanisms have been tested by the RF Gosstroy for compliance with Russian standards and received a certificate of conformity for mechanisms and a certificate of conformity for production.

Actually, all the pluses (at least, the clear majority) relate to the convenience of the manufacturer, and not to the convenience of the end user, i.e. Yours. But, one way or another, the hardware is considered reliable, although not very widespread in Moscow.

Aubi fittings


The company has been manufacturing accessories, it’s hard to believe, since 1873. For a long time, AUBI was part of the famous KRUPP concern. In the 20s of the last century, in the wake of the active development of the automotive industry, the company expanded its field of activity and began to produce parts and accessories for cars. In subsequent years, both of these areas were further developed, but already as two independent enterprises: AUBI and BILSTEIN. Today BILSTEIN, along with MERCEDES, BMW and PORSCHE, is a symbol of the German automotive industry. And AUBI fittings are the guarantor of quality and reliability in window production.

In 1967, the company launched the first tilt-and-turn hardware system for plastic windows on the market, and since then, for over 35 years, AUBI has been manufacturing the entire range of hardware for plastic, wood and aluminum windows..

High quality workmanship is guaranteed by the use of modern automatic lines for assembling components and accessories. The merits of the company include a large number of patented elements and fittings, due to the high level of engineering base and design potential of AUBI.

Independent certification institutes have awarded AUBI a certificate of excellent product quality in several test classes. AUBI has been awarded the RAL quality mark – a symbol of objectively conducted tests, high-level quality, excellent metal surface coating. AUBI is certified according to DIN EN ISO 9001, the most recognized quality assurance for construction, design, development and production. For successful work on the Russian market, AUBI fittings were certified by the Ministry of Construction of the Russian Federation and received a certificate of conformity GOST R DE.9006.1.0070.

In Germany in 2000, AUBI won the Ludwig Erhard Prize for Quality Management, was nominated for the Best Series Manufacturer in Germany in 2000 and was awarded the Best International Company of the Year 2000 (for excellence in business). In addition, in the same year, AUBI took 2nd place in the “Entrepreneurship Award”.

AUBI is among the 100 best companies in Germany (for its commitment to innovation policy).

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In 1998, AUBI merged with another well-known German manufacturer of fittings – SIEGENIA, which expanded the production capabilities of the enterprise. Now this concern controls about 30% of the European market of fittings for plastic, wooden and aluminum windows, and is a recognized leader in the implementation of anti-burglary systems and room ventilation systems.

The main feature of the AUBI 300 fittings, currently offered by SIEGENIA-AUBI, is that they are supplied only from the Hermeskaile plant, which guarantees the end user strict adherence to all technology, without adding cheaper materials and components. Continuously improving technologies, new electronically controlled production lines, periodic inspections during the production phase ensure the impeccable quality and reliability of AUBI products.

One of the latest developments of the company is special window and door devices of the AUBI 300 series for swing, tilt, sliding and swing-out sashes..
AUBI manufactures fittings for all types of opening, including fittings for arched windows, trapezoidal, parallel-sliding windows and doors.

Roto fittings


The company was founded in 1935. The industrial production of swing-out devices led to the formation of a large concern ROTO FRANK AG, whose headquarters are located in Germany in Leinfelden, near Stuttgart.

The concern includes 12 factories: three in Germany, two each in the USA and Hungary, as well as in Austria, France, Slovenia, Poland and China..

The ROTO company in Russia sells its products through an extensive network of dealer firms, which are supported by the ROTO service department in Russia, and recently, on August 14, 2004, the ROTO company held a presentation of the opening of an assembly and installation production of fittings in Moscow. Today, there are several critical positions in the production of the new plant (assembly locks, scissors on the frame and sash), but the product range will constantly expand. ROTO plans to have a full-cycle production in Moscow.

The ROTO fittings differ from the fittings of other companies by the flat locking tab. ROTO is the only manufacturer of devices in the world with such a locking tab. Manufacturers claim that the force acting when locking the window on the locking parts is not concentrated at one point, but is distributed over the entire touching surface, and when locking the window, less force is required, since the angle of entry of the locking tab into the counter bar is constant and is 45o. Due to the reduced friction, the force required for locking is reduced to a minimum.

On the main lock, scissors, latch of the main lock, a lock is installed, which greatly facilitates installation and allows you to accurately fix the fittings in the groove.
Adjustment of hinges in three planes allows you to accurately align the sash and adjust the pressure.

ROTO fittings help to solve design problems of varying complexity: from the presence of hidden hinges to a wide range of colors of decorative overlays on the hinges.
The blocking pad not only facilitates the closing and support of the sash, but also prevents improper use of the hardware.

The hinges for sash weights up to 100 kg, shown in the figure, do not protrude beyond the upper and lower edges of the sash, which improves the appearance of the window (Centro 101-K Series).
Maximum sash weight 130kg.
There is a series of fittings where the upper and lower hinges are practically invisible from the outside..

In the Centro 101-R series, the hinges are completely hidden, when opened, the sash extends forward from the pivot point. The maximum sash weight in this series is 100 kg. The maximum swing angle of the sash – 90 degrees.

In the Centro 101-A series, the hinges do not extend beyond the sash top and bottom, which improves the appearance of the window (as in the Centro 101-K).
ROTO hardware devices have been tested by the Ministry of Construction of the Russian Federation for compliance with Russian standards and received all the necessary certificates.

10 year warranty for hardware accessories.
The company also manufactures accessories for roof windows and shutters..

The company was one of the first to enter the Russian market and managed to take a very strong position, which it successfully maintains with the correct pricing policy..
Almost half of all ROTO products are exported to Eastern Europe. Russia is one of the leading importers of ROTO products.

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