How to change the interior with a plastic window

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In this article we will show you how you can transform your apartment with a plastic window. Moreover, here you will find tips and advice not only for those who are thinking of changing old wooden frames, but also for those who already have PVC windows installed..

Window as an element of the interior

Windows occupy a large part of the walls of our houses, but often people neglect this element of an apartment when developing an interior design. We buy curtains, hang intricate curtain rods, do not forget about various accessories, such as brushes, hooks and others, but the window structure itself remains standard, dull white.

Choosing a profile color

The first thing we will touch on in this topic is the color of the structure itself. Now you can often find windows of various shades. It should be noted right away that the windows are not covered with paint, this is a long and high-tech process. For PVC profile lamination, decorative films are used, which are applied under pressure to its surface using special glue. In addition to color, they also differ in texture: you can choose from a completely smooth surface to resembling wood. Now the market offers two types of lamination: one-sided and two-sided. The first type is especially suitable for glazing apartments in multi-storey buildings. By choosing a custom color for your windows, you will not disturb the view of the whole house. If you decide to choose windows with lamination, think carefully about the choice of color, you cannot change it if you get bored (a complete replacement of the structure will be required).

Window as an element of the interior

Replacement of glazing beads

Another less expensive and easier way to decorate your frames is by replacing glazing beads. This is a small cross-sectional strip made of foamed polyvinyl chloride (PVC), which “holds” the glass unit. The lamination process is not a finished structure, but its constituent elements separately. At the same time, you can order a white window, and a glazing bead of a different color, for example, in the color of the room decoration or furniture. If you get tired of the “colored frame”, it will not be difficult to change it to white or another color. To do this, you only need to contact a window construction company. It should only be remembered that PVC profiles can be of various widths and brands, and the glazing bead can be non-interchangeable. Therefore, if you want to update your window in this way, contact well-known companies with their own production and extensive experience in the market..

If we started talking about glazing beads, we can touch on the topic of the insulating glass units themselves. The window can be changed both by using a decorative layout and by applying a special film. All these operations with double-glazed windows are performed in the workshop of the window company.

We select a decorative layout

The decorative layout is available in different widths, colors and with different crosses. For small glass units, a profile of 8 and 18 mm is usually used. Decorative layout is widely used in glazing of private houses.

There are a lot of layout options, and there is no point in considering all of them. But I would like to talk about the types of crosses. Currently, a wide variety of them have appeared on the window market..

Window as an element of the interior

In addition to the layout located inside the glass unit, you can install a false binding, which is attached to the outside of the glass surface. Its peculiarity lies in the fastening to a glass unit already installed in the sash. The main functional difference between these layouts is the service life. The cover, installed directly in the glass unit, is not exposed to the effects of the external environment and, therefore, will retain its original appearance longer.

Window as an element of the interior

We use decorative films

We have already mentioned the use of special decorative films. They can be both decorative and functional. Immediately, we note that all films are glued inside the glass unit using special equipment, which guarantees its safety in its original form.

Films can be divided into several groups. The first are protective impact-resistant coatings. Since they do not affect the appearance of the window in any way, we will not consider them in this article. We are interested in decorative films: mirror, tinting, matte and so on. Now on the window market there is a wide range of such coatings: various colors and degrees of light transmission..

Window as an element of the interior

We change the window sills

Many owners of apartments and houses have recently begun to install a sill board, wider than necessary for normal air exchange and thermoregulation. Meeting the wishes of the consumer, the companies began to offer the installation of decorative grilles that are mounted in the window sill. Now on the market for PVC structures there is a huge range of such products that will satisfy the desires of even the most fastidious buyer..

Window as an element of the interior

We have already talked about the widespread use of laminated windows. They began to offer window sills in the color of the window. Some colors have become standard, for example, mahogany, golden oak, marble, light oak, and the price for them does not differ much from the price in white. Window sills of other colors can cost 3-4 times more than usual ones. In addition, you can be offered a choice of matte or glossy surface..

Installing a colored window sill is one of the simplest and most effective solutions in decorating a window space. Moreover, it is not necessary to order a laminated window: it can be white, and the color of the window sill matches the color of your furniture or the decoration of the room.

Window as an element of the interior

In addition, you can install plastic slopes in the same color as the window sill. I would also like to remind you that with an average budget it is better to choose the standard colors listed above..

Continuing the previous idea, you can suggest using a window sill as a countertop in the kitchen or work area. To ensure the required rigidity of the window sill, we recommend using special brackets. They come in various widths and are sold in hardware stores and markets.

Window as an element of the interior

Thus, if you are planning to change old frames in the near future, we hope that our advice will help you to correctly approach the issue of choosing a window from a design point of view. If plastic windows are already installed in your house, try adapting them to the interior of the room..

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