How to choose a shower cabin

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A shower cabin can significantly save space in a small bathroom, or it can become a real decoration of a home spa. This article will tell you how to make the best choice for your budget and what to look for when buying..

How to choose a shower cabin

Water consumption when using a shower stall can be reduced by several times (compared to a bath), and when buying compact options, the space savings will be very impressive.

What kind of shower cabin is better to choose and how not to get confused in a huge range of manufacturers, models and “special effects”? How do you know which options are right for you and not overpay for trendy design? Let’s try to figure it out and describe step by step the process of selecting the right shower stall.

Types of shower cabins, their features

The first thing to decide with is the size and type of shower stall. Several basic options are presented in plumbing stores:

  1. Open (shower corner). It consists of two or three walls; the wall of the room is used as a load-bearing support. The main condition is the availability of high-quality ceramic tiles with well-processed seams. Basically, such models are presented in the budget segment, but there are also designer products..
  2. Shower cabin. It is a fully enclosed structure with a deep or low base. It can be either a simple shape (rectangular, square, triangular angular), or in the form of a polyhedron or a sector of a circle.
  3. Shower box. Combines shower and bath. Combined cabins can be of two types: with a built-in, fully enclosed bathtub or with an attached version (the bathtub is built in on one side).

How to choose a shower cabin

Important! When choosing the type of shower cabin, keep in mind that it is undesirable to dismantle open options. The pallet and doors are rigidly fixed to the floor and walls, in contrast to closed structures, which are a single piece.

Choosing a pallet: material, shape, depth

In the question of how to choose the right shower stall, the type of pallet plays a significant role. The main characteristics – height, depth and width – are better to choose, focusing on the most “dimensional” user. It is imperative to take into account the enclosing elements that will be fixed along the edge of the pallet..

Important! If the shower will be the only opportunity to take water procedures, it is better to choose the maximum possible depth. A tray with a height of 30-35 cm can be used as a small bathroom (for example, for bathing small children and pets, washing bulky items).

Shape and dimensions

The minimum convenient size is 80×80 cm in the form of a square or part of a circle. Showers with straight structures are cheaper. Rounded models require the installation of curved doors, which is more expensive. Nevertheless, for small-sized rooms, radial shapes will be optimal, saving space..

How to choose a shower cabin

Important! When making preliminary measurements, be sure to take into account the distances to walls and nearby objects in the bathroom..

Manufacturing material

The pallet must be strong and reliable – if the bather’s weight is evenly distributed in the bathtub, then in the shower cabin the entire weight of a person falls on one point. This feature must be taken into account when selecting material:

  1. Cast iron. It is very durable, but due to its thickness it takes a long time to warm up. Before taking a shower, you need to keep hot water on for a few minutes, which significantly increases its consumption.
  2. Steel. In second place in terms of reliability, in first place in terms of noise. It is necessary to pay attention to the coating – poor-quality enamel can deteriorate from constant moisture.
  3. Acrylic. An important point is the thickness of the material. With a large weight of a person, a thin pallet can bend and quickly fail. The pluses include heating speed, easy cleaning and the ability to sand out scratches.
  4. Ceramics. A beautiful and resistant material with high fragility. Good in design renovation, but requires careful handling. Not suitable if there are small children or people with reduced mobility in the house.
  5. Artificial marble. Very durable, easy to care for, resistant to aggressive environments, does not make noise under the pressure of water. The only drawback is the rather high cost.

How to choose a shower cabin

Important! The material, optimal in terms of cost and quality, is acrylic. It is better if it is not in pure form, but with additives that increase strength. For example, the German company Villeroy&Boch manufactures pallets from quartz (acrylic combined with quartz sand).

Swing or sliding doors

Which shower cabins are the most reliable – with hinged or sliding doors? Both systems have their pros and cons:

  1. Swing (one or more doors). The most problematic place of such models is the hinges. If the budget allows, it is better to give preference to solid metal hinges, rather than pressed powder. The option is more suitable for a large bathroom.
  2. Sliding. The principle of the device resembles the system used in wardrobes: doors on rollers move along the upper and lower guides. For airtight closing, the sashes are equipped with magnets and rubber seals. “Sore” places – rollers (can break off from the guides) and the material of the guides (it is better to choose steel or aluminum).

How to choose a shower cabin

Important! The bulk of the cost of a sliding cab comes from the guides. In the event of a breakdown, their replacement is practically equal to the cost of a new shower stall. It is better to purchase systems from trusted manufacturers with their own service centers.

Manufacturers. Who should you trust

By default, European firms are considered to produce the highest quality products. In fact, most brands are only designed in Italy or Germany; assembly takes place at factories in China. If possible, give preference to the original assembly.

The price range for shower cabins is very wide, each manufacturer produces both budget lines and elite-level products.

How to choose a shower cabin

If you’re deciding which shower stall to choose, customer reviews can play a crucial role. Let’s list the brands that have proven themselves in the market:

  1. Germany – Hansgrohe, Hueppe, Hyber, Hoesch.
  2. Italy – Jacuzzi, Cerutti, Albatros.
  3. South Korea – Niagara.
  4. China – Appolo, Aqualux, Fituche.
  5. Russia – Bandhours, Doctor Jet, Radomir, Aquatika.

To begin with, it is worth deciding on the budget that you can allocate for the purchase of new plumbing. Then – with the necessary functions and shower model. Only after that is it worth studying the offers of various manufacturers..

Additional options

The simplest version of the shower cabin is equipped with a watering can or a multi-directional shower. There are also more expensive multifunctional models on sale, supplemented by one or more options:

  1. Charcot shower, cascade shower and other modifications.
  2. Hydromassage.
  3. Turkish bath or Finnish sauna.
  4. Aromatherapy, ozonation.
  5. Backlight, radio, telephone.
  6. Steam generator.

How to choose a shower cabin

Important! The more complex the “filling” of the shower cabin, the higher its cost. Think carefully how often you will use the accompanying option.

In order not to overshadow the joy of the purchase, check the availability of product certificates and check the duration of the factory warranty. It is better to entrust the installation of technically complex models to masters, simpler options (shower enclosure) can be installed independently.

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