How to choose a tiling master

Despite the fact that our site of tips told in detail how to lay tiles with your own hands, many homeowners prefer to contact the professionals. Therefore, we decided to find out how to choose a tiler so that the work was carried out quickly and efficiently..

How to choose a tiling master

The first thing you should do is choose the tiles themselves! It is very important. Not every tiler is a versatile person, ready to work with all types of this finishing material. The most difficult to install are the following types of tiles:

  • Large format panels. If such slabs are large enough, there should be two masters! One person cannot cope with the installation of a panel larger than 120×60 centimeters on a wall.
  • Mosaic.
  • Tiles with different patterns, which should eventually turn into a single panel, a beautiful image.
  • Metlakh tiles.
  • Handmade tiles.
  • Embossed tiles, with a 3D effect.
  • Chevron.

If you want to decorate the walls with large porcelain stoneware panels or decorate the bathroom with mosaics, you need a specialized master.

Important! The more expensive the tile, the more difficult its installation, the more the work of the master will also cost! Therefore, think about whether it might be worth saving, choose a standard tile, the installation of which any specialist can handle at a regular price.

How to choose a tiling master

When you have decided on the type of tile, think over the layout. This is where designers usually start when creating a visualization of the future interior of a room. This part is especially important if the tile with a pattern.

Advice!Be sure to check the caliber of the tiles, review the entire batch. The caliber is indicated on the package, but there may be deviations. Even a small difference in the size and thickness of the tiles, literally in a millimeter, can lead to problems during the installation process. The master will have to tinker with such a batch, an alignment system will be needed. Our site has already written about this method of laying.

How to choose a tiling master

So, the tile is selected and purchased, the layout is invented. Now it’s time to move on to finding a tiler. There are many options here:

  • Recommendations of friends. The most common case, quite reliable. If one of your friends or relatives has recently made repairs and was satisfied with the tiler, ask for his contacts. Check with your friends what kind of tiles they laid, perhaps the master will not take your option.
  • Write a request, an announcement on a social network or on a construction forum, asking other users to share the contacts of the tilers. Most likely, you will be given a choice, perhaps the masters themselves will respond, offering their services.
  • Contact a construction company. Yes, this is a more expensive option, but on the other hand, you will have a contract for the performance of work and you can demand compensation in case of poor-quality installation of tiles.
  • Ask the store where you purchased the tiles. Perhaps sales consultants have contacts of masters, because many projects go through them.
  • Use the services of a tile salon that offers a “buy plus installation” option. Most often, such salons specialize in fashionable formats, the prices are quite high here, but their tilers are perfectly familiar with their material..
  • Contact the designer. Yes, if a professional is engaged in your repair, there is a project, then the designer himself can find craftsmen to perform all the work. With a high degree of probability, he already has specialists with whom he worked on previous projects and was satisfied.
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How to choose a tiling master

We strongly advise you to actually get acquainted with the results of the wizard. If your friends recommend it to you, go visit them! On the spot, evaluate the quality of tile laying, the uniformity of the joints, grouting, the evenness of the outer and inner corners, transitions. We understand that you are not a professional, but, of course, you will notice an obvious marriage, even if the owners themselves were satisfied with the result.

If it is not possible to evaluate the work of the tiler on the spot, ask for a portfolio with photographs of the repairs made by his hands. Real professionals should have pictures of the process itself.

Important! If the tiler’s portfolio contains only beautiful pictures with finished repairs, this is probably a fake! The installation process should be shown, pictures before, during and after work in the same room.

How to choose a tiling master

Having chosen a tiler, it’s time to invite him to your place to inspect the object. In the process of personal communication, you will have the opportunity to once again evaluate the professionalism of the master and make sure of the correct choice.

Moments that should alert you:

  • The tiler did not take measurements, didn’t make sure that the walls and floor were prepared for tiling. A professional must make sure for himself that all surfaces are aligned, there are no height differences. If the room has not yet been prepared for installation, you will have to agree with the master to do everything himself. An additional waste of money, yes, perhaps the tiler will say that plaster is not his specialty, other performers are needed.
  • The tiler immediately stated that the tiles you bought were of poor quality. There is a risk that he just never worked with such a tile. For example, rustic tiles and materials that imitate handicraft can be mistaken for a waste, because uneven edges are acceptable here. Look for a specialist for just such a tile – we repeat, but this is really a very important point.
  • The tiler doesn’t have all the tools he needs. This is unprofessional! Craftsmen are required to have not just one tile cutter, but at least two for tiles of different sizes. And a wet cutter for making 45-degree cuts. And a diamond tool to cut a hole for a socket, switch, fan in the bathroom.
  • The tiler advises buying more glue and purchasing more packaging of the material. Meanwhile, you have already done all the calculations and consulted with the managers in the tile store or salon. Perhaps the tiler just wants to play it safe in case the material gets spoiled. Or I’m used to laying tiles on a too thick layer of glue, which is also unprofessional.
  • The tiler did not specify the type of glue. For porcelain stoneware, a completely different composition is needed, and transparent glass tiles cannot be laid on a gray base! If he does not know about it, there is no need to talk about professionalism..
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How to choose a tiling master

To be on the safe side, you can agree with the foreman to do a small amount of work. For example, ask to lay tiles only on the kitchen backsplash. And only after evaluating the results of the work, entrust the tiler with the repair in the entire bathroom.

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