How to choose a window design

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A new metal-plastic window, first of all, should be distinguished by ease of use. And for this, you should choose the right design. To choose a window design, you need to know what types they are, what features and operating advantages each of them has.

Opening method

Windows are divided by the way of opening into tilt, swing, swing-out, blind and sliding.

Deaf construction

The blind design of the window does not provide for opening the sashes. It is the least expensive and most reliable. However, such a window design itself is rarely used. A blind window, if it is not installed on the first floor, is not accessible from the street. It cannot be washed from the outside in any way, except perhaps by removing the glass unit. This is very inconvenient, therefore, windows of this design are installed either on the first floors of the building so that it can be washed from the street, or next to the doors that open, for example, in standard balcony blocks.

How to choose a window design

Folding design

The design of the hinged-sash window allows the window to be opened for ventilation, but prevents its full opening. This design is rarely used, since such a window, like a blind one, does not have access from the outside. Usually the installation of such windows is a necessary measure. They can only be installed where the window cannot be fully opened. It happens that, due to the peculiarities of the layout of the room, there is not enough space for the full opening of the window, but it must still be opened for ventilation. The fittings of modern metal-plastic windows allow you to create a sash with any type of opening, also only hinged.

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How to choose a window design

Swivel design

The revolving design of the opening sash is traditional. It is very convenient, as it provides access not only to its outer side, but also to adjacent sashes. It is easy to look after such a window. The only drawback of windows of such designs is that space is needed to open the sashes. For this reason, the installation of such windows is inconvenient in narrow rooms, corridors or on balconies, where open sashes will block the room..

How to choose a window design

Swing-out design

This type is the most common. It combines the advantages of a hinged and pivoting window structure. Rather sophisticated fittings, which provide two ways of opening in one design, have now become common and are used everywhere. Such a window can be opened completely in good warm weather, and in winter, use the tilt-opening method for ventilation. For spacious rooms this is the best option..

How to choose a window design

Sliding design

This type of opening has been used for metal-plastic windows relatively recently. If there is a narrow room with large windows, which it is advisable to periodically open completely – here you need to install a sliding structure. Such windows are often installed on balconies and loggias. There is little space in these rooms, and windows with pivoting sashes take up space and further reduce the small volume. But when open, sliding windows do not take up additional space at all. As for the tightness, thanks to modern fittings, they close as tightly as the windows of traditional designs.

How to choose a window design

High window construction (window with transom)

Window sashes are different in size. If you plan to install a very high window, you need to understand that, with a traditional window design, the opening sashes will also be very high and heavy. They will not only be inconvenient to open, they will create an additional load on the hinges, which can disable the window ahead of time. In order to avoid this, windows with transoms are made. At the same time, the window sashes become much smaller in height, they are easy to open.

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How to choose a window design

Transoms are also different. A traditional transom is a blank upper part of the window. Now, more and more often they began to make opening transoms, which can be used instead of the vents we all know..

Long window construction

When installing a long window, it is necessary to decide how many opening sashes it needs to be installed and what size they will be. The main disadvantage of long windows is that access to them from the outside is difficult. Of course, if the window is on the ground floor, it can be accessed from the outside. Such a window can be washed simply by going out into the yard or street. In this case, the number of opening leaves is not critical..

If a long window is high, it is desirable that the opening sash is located every two blind openings of the window. In this case, it is necessary that the width of blind openings is not very large, since this can create difficulties when washing windows. It is best that, having opened the sash of the window, you can easily reach the end of the blind opening from the outside with your hand. In a tricuspid window, it is more convenient to make 2 side sashes opening, and not one in the middle.

How to choose a window design

Each opening sash adds value to the entire window structure. But for convenience, you can sacrifice something. In any case, it is better to pay a little more once and get a convenient and easy-to-clean window than to save a little and suffer every year or even risk your life.

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Choosing the design of the windows must be carefully and thoroughly. After all, new windows will serve for more than one year. Therefore, it is necessary to think over everything to the smallest detail, so that later for many years you will not regret your mistake. If in doubt, it is better to contact specialists who will help with the choice of window structures..

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