How to choose an interior door

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Choosing good interior doors is not as easy as it seems at first glance. There are many different models of various designs and colors in stores. After reading this article, you will learn a little more about interior doors, which will allow you to navigate in the variety of models presented and choose the best option for yourself..

How to choose an interior door

Doors from MDF, primed for painting

MDF doors are lightweight, because of this they are less susceptible to sagging. They are resistant to moisture. An important argument when choosing these doors is their low cost, and inexperienced buyers “bite” at it. But, acquiring such doors, it is too early to rejoice at the money saved. The main costs of the buyer have yet to be incurred.

How to choose an interior door

First, painting. To paint the door leaves and give them the proper look, you need an experienced “painter” with good painting equipment. It is unacceptable to paint such doors with a brush. And good quality paints and varnishes are not cheap. You need to paint with a spray gun or a medium-pile roller – it depends on the type of paintwork. The number of layers also depends on the type of paint. Secondly, for hinging, fitting and installing doors, you will also need the help of a qualified master..

Laminated MDF doors

These doors do not need to be painted. This is perhaps the only plus. Otherwise, this type of interior doors is fully consistent with the previous characteristics. The new laminated doors have an attractive appearance, but the wood-like finish is easy to scratch.

How to choose an interior door

Scratches cannot be repaired. Factory doors are beautiful but unfortunately short-lived. Indeed, often door manufacturers are only interested in the profitability of the business, so they use cheap materials and strive to simplify the production process.

Veneered doors

Veneered doors consist of two sheets of fiberboard, between them there is a honeycomb filling of pressed cardboard. There is another option for filling – wooden slats: such doors are also called “reinforced”. Outside, the canvases are covered with a thin veneer sheet – 0.8 mm and opened with varnish. Veneer is used in different types of wood: oak, ash, alder, etc. When buying veneered doors, you need to pay attention to quality: it is better to buy good MDF doors than cheap veneered ones.

It is worth mentioning the door frames that are used in the factory doors. As a rule, the width of the boxes is standard – 8 cm, they are thin, and difficult to install. Most often, the walls in houses are wider than 8 cm, you need to order extras (door frame extenders). The installation of boxes with accessories is not provided by their manufacturer. To correct the situation, you will need the help of a wizard. It is better to immediately order a door frame of the required size in a carpentry workshop.

How to choose an interior door

In truth, the sale of doors should be accompanied by a “door installation” service. Any doors, even cheap ones with cardboard filling, must be properly installed. When the doors are installed correctly, they do not sag, close smoothly, do not creak, do not rub. All hinges must be firmly cut into the grooves. With the doors closed, the gap between the frame and the door leaf should be the same. Doors should close softly and silently, without friction of the canvas on the frame. When it comes to choosing between factory-made doors and custom-made doors, there are several important points to note. The shops sell doors of serial production and standard sizes. What to do when the dimensions of doorways in the house are not standard and you want to have custom-designed doors? You need to order the manufacture of doors in a carpentry workshop. Then the customer will choose the material, color, shape, size, and accessories himself. It is desirable that production and installation be the work of one master..

Solid wood doors

Doors made of solid wood have a beautiful natural texture and their own special pattern. Good doors feel solid and heavy in your hands. If made conscientiously, they will last for many years. Sometimes minor troubles happen: a scratch on the door or from direct sunlight changes the color of the tinting. Solid wood doors can always be restored. Doors made of solid wood (oak, ash, yew, walnut) are heavy and durable, look richer and cost more. This is due to the price of the material and the peculiarities of its processing..

Let’s consider some of the properties of various wood species, and how they appear in the finished product. Coniferous wood contains resin, over time the resin can show through, destroying the paintwork. A material such as alder is well processed and polished, it has a homogeneous texture, thanks to which it is possible to imitate valuable wood species, but alder products are more susceptible to deformation when the microclimate of the room changes sharply. Oak and ash are harder to process and waste is high. But for the consumer, this choice of material is the most successful. Hardwood product looks decent and does not lose its appearance for many years.

How to choose an interior door

Solid wood doors are sensitive to changes in the indoor climate, especially in the first year after installation. Therefore, it is necessary to avoid sudden changes in temperature and humidity..

The doors are different in the way they are opened. The most common are sliding and swing doors. Swing doors can be double doors, when two canvases are installed in one box, one and a half – when one door is larger than the other. Depending on the design, panel doors and paneled doors are distinguished. Paneled doors can be either solid or with glass. Glasses and panels are attached to the canvas using a molding or floating glazing bead. Doors with floating glazing look richer.

The choice depends on the personal preferences of the customer.

How to choose an interior door

In any case, it is worth considering some design features. For example, the popular doors “with a quarter” (with rebate) rattle when closed. This is due to the fact that when the door is closed, the porch of the doors hits the box, making a loud sound, despite the seal. And doors with a straight rebate, in the presence of a seal, close silently.


Quality doors need good hardware: hinges, locks, handles, latches. It is difficult for an inexperienced buyer to navigate in the variety of all kinds of accessories. You can’t choose high-quality hinges or door handles just in appearance. It is desirable to buy fittings with a master. There are subtleties: for example, brass hinges are very attractive to look at, but over time they wear out and sag. Plus, brass hinges are also expensive. The coating of cheap steel hinges is unstable; such hinges quickly lose their appearance. It is better to choose expensive steel hinges, with a multi-layer coating.

A little about the installation: it is advisable to install the doors after all the painting, plastering work is completed, after the wallpaper has been glued, before nailing the baseboards.

The accuracy of the loop manufacturing is also important, poor-quality loops “pull” after installation. If you have to choose an economical option for accessories, it is better to pay attention to the gray handles, because the cheapest yellow plating “gold” loses its appearance most quickly. This rule does not apply to expensive high quality fittings..

Truly high-quality interior doors, made by a good, knowledgeable craftsman, can last for decades. This is an important element of the interior, because it is the doors that form the first impression of the style and taste of the owner of the house..

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