How to choose an interior door

Recommendation points

Door structure type

So, what you need to pay attention to when choosing the very ideal interior door?


This is often the main and decisive factor. Have you already decided on the amount you are ready to spend on one door? It should be borne in mind that the final cost of the product is the sum of several price tags, and it includes the cost of the door leaf, door frame, platbands and a set of accessories. The door, as a through hole, should look aesthetically pleasing on both sides, which means that for a single-leaf door you will need five casing sticks, and for a double-leaf door already six.

If you prefer doors with an unusual design, be prepared for the fact that the cost of fasteners will be higher than that of ordinary swing doors.

Door structure type

Door color

First you need to find out which doors you need, single or double doors. And now you can safely choose among the main three types of door structures: the usual swing, space-saving sliding doors and doors of the “accordion” type. Door leaf designs are conventionally divided into panel board and paneled.

Door color

When choosing a color, it is imperative to take into account that the color of door structures, both from veneer and from solid wood, will probably turn out to be different, even if these products are from the same batch, because in nature there are no stamps and monotony.

If you are installing double-leaf doors, then in most stores you will be prompted to come to the warehouse and independently match the door leaves to each other in color.


How to choose an interior door

Among the materials from which interior doors are made, one can name veneer, solid wood, fiberboard and chipboard (materials based on wood components), PVC, fiberglass and even metal. The most durable and high-quality, of course, are the doors made of solid wood. Hard varieties of hardwoods and mahogany, for example, beech, oak, maple, etc. are especially honored. Products made from these materials will look respectable, pleasing to the eye and will serve you flawlessly for many years. Doors made of low-value wood species, such as pine or spruce, are not advisable to be installed in rooms with a high level of humidity (bathroom, sauna), they are easily damaged and deformed from moisture.


Certification of interior doors is optional and is done at the discretion of the manufacturers. It is enough for manufacturers to comply with the requirements of GOST. But a sanitary and epidemiological conclusion on the door must be present, and it must contain information about the absence of harmful substances, about compliance with SanPin on environmental pollution and the availability of recommendations for installation.

Complex of additional services

Take your time and carefully study the installation documents, terms of payment and delivery, terms of liability of the parties. Be sure to check the warranty terms and all related conditions, study the warranty document. We usually order delivery and installation in the same place as the goods. Check the delivered goods, the integrity of the packaging, and if any damage is found, then return the goods without signing any documents. Re-delivery of the purchase is already free of charge. When installing the door, make sure that the structure and fastenings are sufficiently secure. If at this stage you are confused by the quality of the work, then, without signing, again, any papers, fill out a claim to the store with the requirement to eliminate the shortcomings.

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