How to choose and install a door closer yourself

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In order for the door to close automatically, it is necessary to install a special closing device on it. The simplest such mechanism is a spring. The door closer makes closing the door quiet and soft. Its basis is the same spring, but placed in a metal capsule with oil. The door closing speed is regulated by special valves.

How to choose and install a door closer yourself

Device and principle of operation

The door closer mechanism is very simple: when the door is opened, a force is applied to compress the spring through the piston, the output shaft and the link arm. At this time, the oil is poured through the check valve into the part that is released by the piston when it moves. When the door starts to close, it releases the spring, returning the oil to its original place..

How to choose and install a door closer yourself 1 – cylinder cover; 2 – a sealing ring; 3 – ball; 4 – valve; 5 – filter; 6 – piston; 7 – spring; 8 – closer body; 9 – reducer shaft washer; 10 – finishing screw; 11 – closing screw; 12 – delay screw; 13 – a sealing ring; 14 – check valve; 15 – gear shaft of the gearbox; 16 – needle bearing; 17 – gearbox shaft cover; 18 – an adjusting washer; 19 – adjusting screw; 20 – washer

The hydraulic channels, equipped with adjusting screws that change the channel cross-section, are responsible for the oil flow and allow you to change the door closing speed and damping force.

Some models are equipped with an additional valve that adjusts the delay between 70 and 90 degrees when the door is closed or creates a latch at the last 7-15 degrees.

Floor springs, with a special shape of the pivot axes that use damping when the door moves, create the necessary damping.

Selection and installation of a closer

When buying a door closer, it is necessary not only to choose its brand, but also to determine the most suitable model, as well as take into account every feature of the door structure in order to carry out the installation. If the door closer has been installed correctly, then a door opened at 90 ° will close smoothly and evenly..

How to choose and install a door closer yourself

Some models of Russian, as well as imported door closers have two options for closing speed – slow, at the last twenty degrees, or latching. Which option is most suitable is up to you.

It is important to remember that the door closer must be adjusted 2-3 times a year..

The quality of the door closer depends on the quality of the hinge of the door and the hinges: if the door was installed skewed or the hinges are already covered with rust, the door closer will not be able to work normally. Also, do not put powerful door closers on light doors – this will make opening difficult..

How to choose and install a door closer yourself

The door closer is installed in the upper part of either the door frame or the sash, depending on how the door opens – from- or to itself.

The closer can have both sliding and link arms. Doors that open in both directions are equipped with a floor spring that is built into the floor.

Operating rules

If you want the closer to serve as long as possible, then you should follow several basic rules of operation:

  • you cannot help the doors to close faster or slower;
  • you cannot put objects under the door that will prevent it from closing;
  • care should be taken to ensure that children do not use the doors for their play.

Otherwise, the closer will soon become unusable, its gears will break, the piston will wear out, and the oil seals will deteriorate. Repair in this case will not help, the only way out is to replace the closer.

It is not uncommon for the door to remain open for a long time, for example, when the room is being ventilated. In such cases, the door is usually propped up with something, which negatively affects the door closer mechanism..

For such situations, there is a door closer with a hold-open function, which is equipped with a door lock lever. Moreover, the position in which you want to fix the door is adjustable, and you can easily choose the most optimal option.

How to choose and install a door closer yourself

Usually the door will not open more than 80 degrees. At the same time, the door is in the corner and cannot open more than 100 degrees. You will need to tighten the latch by opening the door 90-95 degrees. The door will now close normally, provided it is open less than 90 degrees. If the door is opened wider, it will be locked and will remain open until you pull it towards you, removing the lock. This will also prevent the door from hitting the wall..

Manufacturers and price range

Today on the Russian market there are many companies engaged in the production of door closers. The most popular closers are from the following companies: TS, Abloy, Geze, Palladium, Dorma, Diplomat. These firms have long been established in the domestic market and their products are always in great demand..

The price of a door closer is determined by its capacity. On average, the cost of a door closer ranges from two to three thousand rubles. But the range of prices is quite large, and you can buy a closer for a thousand rubles, or for several tens of thousands, if it is a super-powerful and “advanced” model. It all depends only on you and your capabilities.


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