How to choose interior doors

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In the process of apartment renovation, we focus on finishing the floor, walls, ceiling, buying furniture, but the choice of interior doors is no less important – after all, our feeling of coziness and comfort in our own home depends on their quality and compliance with the general style..

How to choose interior doors

Today, manufacturers of interior doors offer a variety of options to meet the most non-standard requirements, and the right choice turns out to be quite difficult.

We propose to understand some of the aspects that you should pay attention to when buying. Before ordering interior doors, it is necessary to formulate the basic requirements.


The budget that you are willing to spend on this purchase. As a rule, a set of doors from the same manufacturer and in the same style for the entire room is immediately purchased. Otherwise, you may encounter the problem of mismatching shades or models, since it is quite difficult to find the same interior doors from different manufacturers, or over time the manufacturer may withdraw a certain model from production. Do not forget that the door kit includes not only the door leaf, but also the frame, threshold, platbands, fittings – the total cost of the entire kit can double compared to the seemingly low price of the door!


You need to calculate the dimensions in advance – not only the purchase budget depends on this, but also the model of the purchased door. If, for example, the opening width is less than 110 centimeters, a single-leaf door will suit you. In the case of a wider doorway, you will have to choose – buy a double or sliding door, or reduce its size to standard. It is necessary to remove three parameters – the height of the doorway, the width and thickness of the wall, according to these dimensions in the store they will make a preliminary calculation of the cost.

Opening options

Additional accessories for doors

If you purchase interior doors with a complex pattern, and they will be located on the same line, this nuance is of fundamental importance, otherwise you will decide on the opening side during the installation process.


Additional accessories. Consider in advance the need to install mezzanines and other additional doors in order to order them in the same style as the doors.


Manufacturing material and door design. This is one of the most important parameters in determining price, quality and design..

Modern interior doors

Modern interior doors are made of various materials – wood, chipboard, fiberboard or MDF. The design may also vary – solid wood, veneer or masonite. Each of them has its own disadvantages and advantages..


Wooden interior doors are the most expensive, but at the same time they are of the highest quality, durable and can decorate an apartment for many years. As a rule, they are made from solid wood. Elite doors are made of deciduous trees – beech, maple, ash, birch or oak, pine and other conifers, due to their softness and instability to moisture, have a number of installation restrictions and therefore are somewhat cheaper.

Wooden interior doors

The quality of wooden doors directly depends on the production technology – the conditions for drying wood. Therefore, we advise you to buy products from serious manufacturers who value their reputation in the door market. Despite the fact that the certification of interior doors is not provided, reputable manufacturers mark their products, putting on them a kind of their own quality mark.


MDF is a less expensive material, while not inferior in practicality and durability to wooden doors. It is versatile and not afraid of moisture, so MDF interior doors can be installed in any room – from bathroom to office. The price of such a door depends on the exterior finish, it can be natural or artificial veneer, laminate. The veneer material does not affect the quality of the door, but only determines its appearance.

Particleboard or fiberboard

The cheapest wood-like materials from which interior doors can be made, they are not afraid of moisture, but they are heavier than wood and less durable, as a rule, they differ in thickness and operational properties.

Masonite doors

Doors with a hollow structure – masonite – are also inexpensive. They are usually sold in the store only primed, and can be colored according to your desire and taste. Such doors require a very careful attitude towards themselves, since the top layer is very easy to damage, they have poor sound insulation, however, they have the main advantage – low weight.

Aluminum and plastic

The new generation includes doors made of aluminum and plastic, they are gaining more and more popularity. Plastic interior doors are indispensable in basements, saunas, baths – they are easy to clean, resistant to moisture and have high strength. Aluminum doors, despite their high cost, also conquer their niche due to their high strength, lightness, modern design..


One of the most popular design elements today is door glazing. Glass inserts are usually used in kitchen or hallway doors to provide additional lighting.

Glazing of doors

Frosted glass with a variety of relief patterns is especially popular..

What to look for

We also advise you to pay attention to a number of rules that you should know when buying a good interior door:

  1. Buy the entire door set – leaf, frame, platbands – from one material.
  2. Pay attention to the quality of the fittings – a sticking latch in the door or weak hinges will ruin any door.
  3. Conduct a visual inspection – the surface should be smooth, the color should be uniform, the paint should not collect in the corners, and there should be no dust in the varnish surface.
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