How to decorate windows – designer tips

Of course, most of us perceive windows as a source of natural light. However, they are also an important part of the architecture of the house and play an important role in interior decoration..

Window decoration

In this case, the role of windows changes depending on the time of day. If during the day they bring light into the room, then in the evening the aesthetic function becomes the dominant function..

Window decoration will largely determine their aesthetic parameters and how much light will enter the room. The design mainly involves the following elements.

Curtains and curtains

A curtain is a fabric that covers a window opening. Of all the ways to decorate a window, it is curtains that are the oldest. At first, they were assigned an exclusively protective function. However, the Romans saw them as a wonderful decorative element. In the Middle Ages, curtains experienced a rebirth. They became lush and very bright. The mechanism for controlling the curtains can be of two types: the curtains can be lifted up, or retracted to the side.

Curtains for windows

The price range for curtains is amazingly wide. You can buy models for a hundred dollars or several thousand. The curtain canvas can be additionally decorated with braid or other elements. The curtain is fixed with a curtain.


This is an Italian invention. This technology is based on lamellas made from a variety of materials. Both precious metal and ordinary fabric can be used to make lamellas. In offices we see aluminum blinds, in hotels – wooden, in apartments – plastic.


Caring for fabric blinds is very difficult. A huge amount of dust accumulates on them, which is very problematic to wash. It is much easier to care for plastic or aluminum blinds. The most budget models of blinds cost about $ 50, while the price of elite blinds is around 3 thousand.

Hybrid system

Roller shutters

It combines the properties of blinds and curtains. Roller shutters are an example of a hybrid system..


Glass tinting is the most advanced way of both decoration and protection. Tinting protects from unnecessary glances and decorates the window. The most basic sunscreen window film costs about $ 200.

Glass tinting

As you can see, there are many ways to design a window. The choice must be made in accordance with the purpose of the room and your taste.

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