How to install swing doors with your own hands

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Swing doors are different in design and the list of materials used. They really kind of swing open. A block of such doors is made up of a door frame, which is fixed in the doorway of the wall, as well as one or several canvases that are hung on the frame.

Swing doors

Swing door design

Interior swing doors according to the outline of the contour can be rectangular or arched. According to the inner filling, swing doors can be made of an array of solid material, or they can be paneled, panel-type and stuffed with different fillers of greater or lesser density. Swing doors according to the number of canvases can be four-floor, double-leaf, one-and-a-half or single-floor.

In addition, there are left and right doors: depending on the side into which the door opens. It also depends on this parameter on which side the door hinges will be located. Right-sidedness or left-sidedness of the door is easy to recognize: if you stand on the side of the door into which they swing open, then at the right door the hinges (awnings) will be on the right. The left is on the left. There are also swing doors. They are able to open into both separate rooms.

The structure of the door leaf, which is made of solid wood, can consist of both different species and from a single piece. If the door is made of different types of wood, then the pieces of wood must be carefully selected in accordance with the technical and operational properties in the process of making the door leaf. The assembled canvases are typically faced with veneer, which is made of valuable wood species. Veneer is also treated with enamels and nitro varnishes.

Door installation

The door leaf can be filled with slats, wooden blocks, or be decorated with small-hollow or solid cores of plywood, veneer, spiral shavings, polyurethane, hardboard or insulating fiberboard.

Most often, paneled doors are used in a residential interior. They can be either blind or equipped with glazing panels. In addition, glass panels can be reinforced, patterned or transparent. Oscillating canvases are an exception. For safety reasons, they should only be fitted with clear glass.

Mesonite doors are made of pressed wood. For such wood, the fractions should be finely dispersed. Mesonite doors are quite strong and durable. The front surface is finished with valuable wood veneer.

More recently, plastic doors have appeared in the interior. They are distinguished by their lightness, unlimited color range and modern design. The rebate of the door leaf of the plastic door is rounded. Consequently, the door is devoid of traditional edges. The plastic door has additional advantages: the ability to open in both directions and the visible absence of door hinges. Such doors are either painted or finished with a stretch of 2-3 layers of plastic.

Elite doors are made only to order. However, cheaper versions can be purchased in stores. When buying a door, it should be noted that the size of the doorway should slightly exceed the size of the door. Therefore, a gap of 2-2.5 cm should remain between the wall and the box during installation.This gap can subsequently be cemented or filled with heat and sound insulating material.

Door installation

When installing the door frame, use a plumb line and square. First, the door is emphasized – a bar that is inside the box. It will prevent the door from turning after it is closed. After that, the slots for the door hinges are cut in. Now you can hang the door and install the platbands. Lastly, work is carried out on the decorative framing of the box and plastering the uneven edges of the wall around the opening.

Most of this work can be avoided by purchasing pre-assembled doors from the factory. These doors are equipped with a ready-to-install door stop and a finished door frame. You will also find a locking bar and hinges in the kit. Door platbands are already cut at an angle of 45 degrees.

The doors are installed in place after the plaster is made or after the plaster wall has dried. However, the door must be installed before laying the floor covering and installing the skirting boards. Before starting work, you should decide in which direction the door will open. The door frame is installed depending on this solution. It is best if the door opens towards the exit from the house or apartment. Even balconies and loggias should be considered such exits..

Door installation

Before installing the door frame, you need to assemble the side and top trims. After that, you can install the box in the doorway. In order to install the frame, three pieces of the door frame should be placed on the floor. Then the door stop is installed. The top and side straps are connected with nails. In this case, the nails should be round in cross section..

The left and top harnesses are installed in the same way. A 5 x 2.5 cm strip is nailed between the two side straps at the bottom of the door frame so that they remain parallel during the entire installation time of the door. Now you need to install the assembled door frame in the doorway and carefully place it in the center. It is necessary to make sure that all elements remain strictly rectangular. The perpendicularity of the elements and the verticality of the installation are also checked. Check the horizontalness of the upper harness using a level, square or plumb line. If necessary, seal to align the door frame in the required locations.

In order to properly install and fix the door frame, it is necessary to put pieces of plywood under it in the places where it will come into contact with the wall. Now check the verticality of the side elements again. Attach the box with 6.5cm nails without a cap to the reinforcement bars (if the wall is made of wood). If the wall is stone, then screws should be used instead of nails. Remove the nailed bar and re-check the horizontal top harness. Correct its position if required.

The height of the standard door is 1981 mm. The width of such a door can be different. It depends on the standards of the country of origin.

Factory doors are supplied with hinges already attached to the door frame. To hang the door, it is necessary to separate the fastened parts of the hinges and install them in previously prepared places. In the process of performing this operation, it is necessary to disassemble the hinges, remove the axles, and then screw the corresponding parts of the hinges into the recesses that are cut in the door. In order to install the door in the door frame on the hinges, it is necessary to put lining under it. After that, parts of the hinges are installed and the axes are inserted into place. If necessary, you can adjust the stopper bar. Therefore, a smoother closing and opening of the door will be provided..

Door installation

To complete the installation, you need to nail the trims around the door frame. To do this, install the upper element of the platbands above the door, then check this element for horizontalness and nail it down with nails 4 cm long. The nails should be oval in cross section. The first nail should be driven in 7.5 cm from the corner. After that, the next nail is driven in at the same distance from the other corner. Between the corners, the nails should be spaced 15 cm apart. The side elements are nailed to the frame. The correct joining of their ends is checked. The ends, of course, should be chamfered at a 45 degree angle. The ends should fit carefully to the top of the trim. The side elements are nailed starting from the top. The same operations are repeated for the other side of the door. After that, it remains only to equip the door handles in the corresponding holes.

Installation of a door in the frame of a wall made of beams has some peculiarities. So, if a passage is to be provided in the frame of the partition, then at least one vertical bar must be removed from the frame. In place of this bar, it is necessary to mount a rigid supporting structure, which is called a door frame. Consequently, the doorway will be bounded by a pair of vertical bars. These bars must be nailed from the inside. The box is bounded from above by a short cross member. The crossbar is nailed between the reinforcement bars. It is also called the top harness. short beams, which are reinforced between the ceiling beam and the top rail, serve as a support for dry plaster, which will be nailed over the door.

It is recommended to start the installation of the box by mounting two ordinary beams that are far enough apart from each other. After that, it is necessary to equip all parts of the box and door: a 6 mm thick seal around the perimeter, two reinforcing beams 5 cm wide and a door assembly. Reinforcement bars should be applied to the outside of each outer opening bar. Press the outer bar with your foot. Nail the second bar to it with nails 10 cm long (the nails should have a round cross-section). Drive nails every 40 cm.

In order to install the upper harness, it is necessary to cut off a bar with a section of 10 x 5 cm. The length of this bar should be equal to the distance between the reinforcing bars. Put the block in place with a gap of 6 mm. This gap will also serve as a seal over the door. To the vertical beams, nail the bar with nails with a circular cross-section 10 cm long. Drive the nails from above and below at the ends of the timber.

Box installation

Then install the backups. To do this, cut the bars of a length that is equal to the distance between the top trim and the ceiling bar. Nail the props with 10cm round nails to the reinforcement bars. To complete the manufacture of the doorway after arranging the wall in place, it is necessary to cut off that part of the floor beam that is located between the inner sides of the auxiliary reinforcing beams. The door frame during installation must be in accordance with the exact dimensions of the door leaf.

As a rule, the door is purchased as a set. Therefore, accurate calculations can be made in advance.

Sometimes it is required to shorten the door leaf. After all, after purchasing a door block or during repairs, it turns out that the door leaf is too high. If the door was recently purchased or was made to order, then it is better to entrust the work of fitting the door to specialists. This primarily applies to plastic doors. If the door is made in the form of a solid array, then the work can be successfully done independently.

The door leaf is shortened with a hacksaw equipped with fine teeth. You can also use a hand-held power saw. However, in the latter case, attach the board to the back of the door leaf. This way you get a sip that is smooth and free of burrs..

The lower part of the strapping of a light (with filling) door leaf is made of solid wood or solid timber, taking into account the possibility of shortening. If this section of bars is not enough, then it is permissible to cut the canvas to the required size. The opened cavity is subsequently closed with a bar, which is inserted into the glue. In the process of shortening a paneled door, do not forget about the proportions of the sections of such a door. Indeed, by overly shortening the door from below, you can disrupt the harmony of not only the canvas, but also the interior as a whole..

Changing the landing height of the door leaf

Most often, such a need arises after laying carpet flooring. If the gap between the upper part of the door leaf and the rebate is sufficient, then a washer can be located between the bosses (awnings) of the split hinge. However, rubbing surfaces must be thoroughly oiled..

If the gap of the upper vestibule is too small, then the upper quarter of the door frame can be planed. It is more convenient than cutting the door leaf. Indeed, after trimming, the height of the canvas will remain irreversible. The top quarter of the box must be carefully sanded to allow the door to close freely.

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