How to install windows to do without an air conditioner

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How to choose windows to save on air conditioning in summer? How to protect the house from heat and ultraviolet radiation? Will multifunctional glass units help to solve this? These questions, as well as alternative ways of saving housing from the heat and what plastic windows do not accept, will be considered in this article..

How to install windows to do without an air conditioner

Why does the “weather in the house” depend on the glass unit?

Glass is the most vulnerable part of the window. Standard double-glazed windows with the formula 4M1-16-4M1 are 24 mm construction, consisting of two 4 mm M1 glasses and a 16 mm distance frame. Plain glass to the touch is cool in summer and cold in winter, often subject to condensation or even freezing in poorly heated rooms.

Based on the consumer’s need for a more comfortable window, manufacturers are mastering new technologies to improve the quality characteristics of glass units. The first trend was energy-saving glass, which retains up to 40% of heat indoors in winter. The success of such insulating glass units on the market has inspired manufacturers to improve existing and introduce new technologies. So, after a series of experiments and experiments, the consumer was presented with qualitatively new glass units in terms of characteristics, called multifunctional.

How to install windows to do without an air conditioner

Let’s see if multifunctional double-glazed windows will help to escape the heat or is it just an advertising move of window companies

Manufacturers claim that these insulating glass units are able to conserve heat in winter and save from the heat in summer. Their peculiarity is that each glass performs its own function, in contrast to energy-saving ones, where only one glass “worked” – the inner one. In the novelty, the outer glass has taken on the role of an active reflector of the sun’s rays thanks to the deposition of silver oxide. Outwardly, such a double-glazed unit can be distinguished from ordinary ones only by the presence of a slight mirror effect. Another feature of multifunctional double-glazed windows is the possibility of tinting by spraying the outer glass in different colors and with different degrees of light transmission..

As an advantage, manufacturers point to savings on heating and air conditioning, and some even guarantee the ability to do without a split system. Is this so and is it worth believing in advertising brochures?

The first wave of promotions offering to install a multifunctional double-glazed unit at the price of a regular one, gave its results. A large number of consumers learned about the new product, and the lucky ones, who were satisfied with the generous gift, who received the miracle glass for the promotion, were happy to tell their friends about them. Indeed, the novelty has pleased the majority of consumers. In summer, interior items do not heat up and do not fade, while the natural lighting of the room remains at the proper level. However, in apartments located on high floors and on the sunny side, additional means of protection against heat will come in handy, for example, the tinting spray mentioned above..

How to install windows to do without an air conditioner

How are things going in winter? The greatest heat loss occurs through the glass. In multifunctional double-glazed windows, the glass is warm to the touch in winter, unlike ordinary ones. The room is more protected from frost, which is especially important for houses with autonomous heating, as it allows you to save on it.

Do not forget that the warmth or coolness in the house depends not only on the windows, but to a greater extent on the material of the walls of the building. In brick houses, as a rule, it is warmer in winter and cooler in summer, so you can really save on air conditioning by installing multifunctional double-glazed windows. What can not be said about panel houses, where the walls themselves heat up in the heat. Therefore, it is unlikely that it will be possible to completely abandon air conditioners thanks to multifunctional double-glazed windows, but it is quite possible to cut costs in half..

The cost of multifunctional double-glazed windows, depending on the region of residence, ranges from 1300 to 1800 rubles per 1 square meter. In comparison with ordinary double-glazed windows, it is about twice as expensive, and 300-400 rubles more expensive than energy-saving ones.

Technical characteristics and research results

According to manufacturers’ data and research results, the outer glass of a multifunctional glass unit reflects up to 57% of solar energy, and the inner one saves up to 78% of the heat of the room. Of the declared qualities, it should be noted also increased noise insulation. These properties are provided by multilayer sputtering of the outer glass. The central and most important layer is silver oxide and reflects solar energy. The upper and lower layer of oxides and nitrides affects the specularity or tint, protects against mechanical and chemical damage.

How to install windows to do without an air conditioner

Technical characteristics in comparison with conventional double-glazed windows differ significantly. For example, the coefficient of heat transfer resistance for simple double-glazed windows is 0.32 m2° С / W, and for multifunctional ones it is already 0.60. Along with this, light transmission is reduced by only 3%, and solar energy penetrates less by 30%. The percentage of heat loss in winter is significantly reduced – by as much as 42%.

How to escape the heat if the windows are already installed

If there is a great desire to install a miracle of glass at home, and the plastic windows are already standing, the easiest way is to replace the double-glazed windows. To do this, just contact the window company and the issue will be resolved. Experts will carry out measurements, the plant will manufacture products, and installers will replace the double-glazed windows. The question remains: “What to do with the old ones?” Some companies offer the replacement of double-glazed windows for a special promotion, which implies a discount of about 25-30%, provided that specialists take away the old glass. It turns out to be very profitable.

Alternative methods include the installation of blinds, curtain curtains, exterior tinting films. However, their disadvantages are obvious in terms of natural room lighting..

How to install windows to do without an air conditioner

What plastic windows do not accept or how not to harm

Not many people know that modern double-glazed windows have a special design, which implies the presence of an internal chamber, indicated by a distance frame and filled with liquefied gas – argon. This allows you to reduce the amount of condensation and significantly reduce heat loss. In standard 4 mm double-glazed windows, M1 glass is very vulnerable and an important nuance in operation is the unhindered passage of a certain percentage of ultraviolet rays and solar energy through the glass. That is why sun-protection foil curtains, which have been very common since the days of wooden windows, pose a great danger to plastic windows. Of course, they are convenient in that they significantly reduce the penetration of sunlight and give a feeling of coolness and comfort. But since the foil curtains reflect 90% of the solar energy, and concentrate it precisely in the area of ​​the center of the glass unit, their use can lead to the reaction of argon inside the chamber and the destruction of the glasses, simply to a gas explosion. Of course, this is a rare occurrence, but manufacturers warn about this possibility and do not recommend the use of foil curtains with modern double-glazed windows..

Conclusion, recommendations

Summing up, it should be noted that in living conditions in private houses, or high-rise buildings on a low floor, or in apartments of a brick house located not on the sunny side, multifunctional double-glazed windows are quite capable of providing coolness and comfort in the warm season, and even allow you to do without air conditioning. In addition, it is not difficult to replace double-glazed windows in already installed windows. If the room is exposed to direct sunlight for most of the daylight hours, you cannot do without additional protective equipment.

Can be used as options:

  1. Exterior glass tinted.
  2. Blinds: vertical, horizontal, roller blinds.
  3. Sunscreen curtains, fabric curtains.

How to install windows to do without an air conditioner

Of the advantages of multifunctional double-glazed windows in the summer, we can note:

  1. High degree of light transmission with simultaneously low UV penetration.
  2. Protection against burnout of interior items.
  3. Providing a mirror effect to the outside, which guarantees an atmosphere of privacy inside.
  4. Tinted exterior glass for greater comfort.

The downside of multifunctional double-glazed windows is only the cost, which is twice the standard.

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