How to insulate windows for the winter

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Winter is on the doorstep, and is it blowing from your windows? Then it’s time to start insulating them. We will tell you how to do it correctly and what material is best to use to insulate windows for the winter, and also share some secrets of how to make any house warm and comfortable even in the most severe frosts..

How to insulate windows for the winter

The task of additional insulation is relevant only for ordinary wooden windows. Windows made of plastic, metal of a profile structure or wood with double-glazed windows and modern fittings are initially sealed and preparation for winter can only be a seasonal adjustment of the pressure mechanism.

The main ways to insulate windows

Thermal insulation of wooden windows for the winter is a standard procedure that can significantly reduce heat loss in a room and provide adequate comfort in the cold season. The main task set before the master is to achieve maximum tightness of the window structure.

There are several ways to insulate windows, which can be divided into two groups:

  1. Traditional, which were used by our grandfathers. This is the most affordable and least expensive option for those on a tight budget. These include the insulation of windows with old newspapers, paper, foam rubber, cotton wool, rags, paraffin and other materials at hand.
  2. Modern methods of insulating windows for the winter involve the use of special means, for example, sealants or a sealing cord made of foam rubber. The cost of such materials will be slightly higher, but they will allow you to insulate windows as quickly and, most importantly, most effectively, to ensure their complete sealing. In addition, at the end of winter, there will be no need for complex dismantling.

Using folk methods, windows are insulated as follows: with the help of cotton wool, paper, foam rubber, textile rags or any other material, all the cracks between the frame and the window opening are closed. After that, the frames are carefully sealed with white paper, cloth or masking tape. The disadvantage of this method is that it does not imply the possibility of opening the doors and with the onset of heat it is necessary to dismantle the insulation.

How to insulate windows for the winter Just sealing the windows with tape is not the best option.

Traditional methods do not always adequately cope with the task at hand, spoil the appearance of the window, therefore it is better to prefer modern materials.

We insulate windows for the winter with our own hands

First you need to prepare all the materials necessary for insulation, namely:

  1. Chismecu.
  2. Putty knife.
  3. Paint brush.
  4. Screwdriver.
  5. Frost resistant silicone sealant.
  6. Knife.
  7. Work gloves.
  8. Paint for windows.
  9. Mounting foam.
  10. Sealing tape made of foamed rubber or polyethylene, self-adhesive.

How to insulate windows for the winter

How to insulate windows for the winter

Insulation of slopes and window sills for the winter

For those wishing to insulate wooden windows for the winter, experts recommend, first of all, to turn their attention to the window slopes and the area under the windowsill or ebb. Most often, cracks form in these places, through which it constantly flows through, and thus the room loses a significant amount of heat.

How to insulate windows for the winter

To eliminate these shortcomings, it is first necessary to clean the old slopes from the paint with a spatula and treat them with a primer. After that, you can use polyurethane foam, blowing it into all the cracks. It is better to fill the space between the slopes and the ends of the window opening with some kind of heat-insulating material, for example, polyurethane foam or jute tow. After the foam dries, the excess can be carefully cut off.

Sealing gaps between glass and sash frame

The problem area of ​​most wooden window sashes is the lack of tightness of the inter-glass space. To solve the problem, you need to use silicone sealant, which is used to coat the groove between the glass and the sash.

How to insulate windows for the winter

First, carefully remove the glazing beads with a screwdriver, then remove the glass from the frame. We thoroughly clean the glass seats from paint, dust and dirt. Then we apply silicone sealant in a continuous strip without any interruptions along the entire perimeter. We return the glass to its place and fix it with glazing beads. Often glazing beads break during dismantling; in this case, you need to keep new ones in reserve. The remains of the sealant can be carefully removed with a knife, and the glazing beads can be painted with paint..

How to insulate windows for the winter Instead of a sealant, you can use a putty, even replace the glazing beads with it, if the glass is previously fixed with special clips around the perimeter

Insulation of window sashes

We proceed to sealing the space between the halves of the shutters. We do this in two stages:

  1. In a special groove, which is in the wooden frame, we lay a foam rubber seal with dimensions of 1×2 or 2×2 cm around the entire perimeter. You do not need to glue it so that with the onset of summer it can be easily removed and thus does not interfere with the natural slot ventilation of the room.
  2. Then, between the frame sashes, it is necessary to glue a sealing cord around the perimeter. Then we tighten the sashes with bolts again..

How to insulate windows for the winter 1. Foam for sealing cracks under the windowsill. 2. Seals made of foam rubber around the sash and between the two pieces of the piece frame. 3. Silicone sealant. 4. Foam insulation

If the sash is too tight to the frame and there is not enough space to accommodate the sealant, you can remove the extra layer of wood, and only then install the seal, or cut off part of the sealing tape with a clerical knife to reduce its thickness.

How to insulate windows for the winter 1. Foam for sealing cracks under the windowsill. 2. Foam rubber seals. 3. Silicone sealant. 4. Foam insulation

At the end of all the work carried out earlier, the lock is adjusted to correctly press the sash rebate. The considered insulation technology will allow your windows to survive the cold winter without any problems.

Secrets of proper window insulation for the winter

To increase the efficiency of the above methods of window insulation, it is advisable to inspect and insulate the window opening not only inside the room, but also outside. Moreover, it is better to entrust such work to professionals..

If there are too large gaps in the window frames, more serious measures will be needed, for example, complete restoration of windows, replacement of their fittings, hinges, glass and other parts. However, such work should be performed long before the onset of cold weather..

How to insulate windows for the winter

The cleaner the glass of the windows, the better their thermal insulation characteristics, therefore, the glass for the winter must be thoroughly cleaned of dirt.

Glass sealing can be carried out before the onset of frost at temperatures from +5 to +40 degrees Celsius. In cold weather, you can only work with internal frames.

How to insulate windows for the winter

Thus, following our advice and using modern technologies for insulating wooden windows, you can ensure an effective and durable result..

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