How to mount a stretch ceiling with your own hands

More recently, stretch ceilings were considered one of the components of expensive repairs. But already now they can be found more and more often in the apartments of people of average income. One of the advantages of a modern stretch ceiling is the ability to install it yourself, without the help of professional workers. This article will try to give an idea of ​​how this is done..

How to mount a stretch ceiling with your own hands

In fact, the installation of a false ceiling is not such a difficult task as it might seem at first glance. To do this, you need to have experience in finishing work and some inventory.

After the purchase, the stretch fabric should lie warm for several hours, without being pressed or squeezed by anything. Sometimes from long storage on the canvas, “creases” can form. They will not spoil the final appearance, but it will be possible to get rid of them completely in about six months, when the stretch ceiling takes its final shape.

It should also be remembered that the larger the ceiling area, the more it will be prone to sagging..

Installation preparation consists of several stages:

  • it is necessary to take accurate measurements from the ceiling;
  • install the mounting profile;
  • install stands for lamps.

The installation of a suspended ceiling itself consists of two more stages:

  • stretching and fixing the stretch ceiling film;
  • installation of spotlights in racks.

Preparation stages

Taking measurements from the working surface will require a lot of pedantry and painstaking work. The entire subsequent installation process will depend on the correct implementation of this stage..

How to mount a stretch ceiling with your own hands

On a sheet of paper, it is necessary to schematically apply all the dimensions of the ceiling (the length of all sides, as well as the length of all possible diagonals drawn from one corner to another). The measurement accuracy should not deviate by more or less than 0.5 cm. The measurements themselves are taken at the level of the mounting profile installation. The diagram should also indicate the location of windows, doors, pipes and other communications. This will help you select the best placement for the weld seams..

Fixing profiles carried out one to one, end-to-end over the area of ​​the entire ceiling. Leveling must also be done before mounting. The length of the attached profile must be 2 cm less than the length of the side of the ceiling.

How to mount a stretch ceiling with your own hands

If the ceiling in the room is not particularly high, the profile can be attached end-to-end to it. However, don’t forget about lamps. Their height should not exceed the distance between the profile and the ceiling.

When attaching profiles, there may be a problem with their corner joining. It must be carried out in the same way as for joining skirting boards, cutting off the angle at an angle of 45 degrees, but taking into account one nuance. First, you need to retreat from the edge of the profile 0.5 cm and only then cut upwards at an angle of 45 degrees.

The profile itself is attached to the wall strictly according to the building level. The range of steps for fixing the profile for concrete, brick and plasterboard walls up to 8 cm. For metal and tiles – up to 12 cm.

How to mount a stretch ceiling with your own hands

Before installing lamps it is necessary to accurately determine their location. Then, in these places, the lamp stands are attached. They are supplied with electricity.

Equally important, the next step is to project onto the floor using a plumb line or laser points that correspond to the centers of the luminaires. They will definitely be needed later, when the film is stretched and covers the racks..

Installation steps

Before stretching, you should remember some of the features of the suspended ceiling.

  • not afraid of heating up to 100 degrees;
  • waterproof;
  • stains from dirty hands are practically not removed;
  • you cannot use lamps and incandescent lamps whose power exceeds 60 W;
  • the unfolding of the web should be slow with uniform heating;
  • the lacquered canvas must be “glossy”, i.e. heat evenly with a hot air gun or gas generator.

“Glossy” is considered complete when the canvas begins to shine and tremble in a stream of hot air.

Installation of a stretch ceiling is carried out from the angle that was previously determined. First, you need to fix 15-20 cm of the canvas on each side of the corner using the fastening locks.

How to mount a stretch ceiling with your own hands

The foil is then gently heated and gradually pulled over the fastening profiles. The area of ​​the already heated surface of the canvas increases up to 10%, which gives a perfectly flat ceiling during cooling and contraction.

It is necessary to monitor the change in the elasticity of the web and its possible overheating.

The heated web is fastened from the middle of each side. A wedge (harpoon) or a lock (latch) is used for work. As soon as half of one side of the ceiling is fixed, you need to go to the opposite side and re-fix the same part of the canvas. In this way, the entire canvas will be alternately stretched and fixed..

If “creases” are found on the surface, they need to be warmed up well. Some will disappear immediately, others will disappear after time.

After the last centimeters of the ceiling foil have been mounted, it is necessary to subject the entire foil to final heating for 15–20 minutes, then thoroughly ventilate the room.

Now is the time to resort to the help of the marks on the floor made earlier. By illuminating with a laser or measuring with a plumb line, we probe the already stretched surface of the new ceiling and determine the exact center of the lamp box, mark it with a marker. Now you should take the rings of the lamps and grease them with glue (cyanoacrylate). As soon as possible, the rings should be glued directly over the film so that the dots marked with a marker are exactly in the middle..

How to mount a stretch ceiling with your own hands

After the glue dries, using a sharp knife, the film is cut out inside the rings. Through this hole, the height of the lamp is adjusted and the bulbs are screwed in..

On this, the installation of the stretch ceiling can be considered complete. It’s time to enjoy the work done and the new ceiling.

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