How to properly care for wooden windows

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Painting windows

It is necessary to paint the surface of the windows so that they serve as long as possible. At the same time, wooden windows are recommended to be painted both from the outside and from the inside. For windows used in mild climates, oil paint can be used, in other cases, varnishes are used.

How to properly care for wooden windows

The color of paint for windows is selected depending on the degree of exposure to sunlight. In this case, the areas on which the maximum impact is exerted (the sunny side), it is recommended to cover with paints of light shades. Such paints better reflect the sun’s rays, as a result, the frame is reliably protected from overheating and, as a result, from early “drying out.” In rooms with high humidity, the paint should initially be applied to the outside, and only then to the inside. Otherwise, excess moisture contained in the window frames will not have time to evaporate and will lead to rotting of the wood under the paint layer..

During operation, it is recommended to renew the paint on wooden windows, since due to the penetration of moisture from the outside, rotting and destruction of individual elements of wooden windows is possible. If you want the wood to retain its properties for a long time and remain intact, it is necessary to periodically remove the peeling paint with a knife or spatula. After that, the window surface must be carefully sanded, primed and covered with a new layer of paint..

In the event that in some places the wood turns gray under the influence of moisture and has lost its appearance, then its surface must be sanded with a grinder or sandpaper, otherwise the paint in the damaged areas will quickly peel off.

How to properly care for wooden windows

Before painting the windows, it is necessary to protect against paint splashing on the glass. This can be done with a molar tape or a safety shield. You can also apply soap suds to the glass surface for protection. After it dries, you can start painting.

It should be noted that when pasting a window with a newspaper, proper protection is not created, since during the painting process, paint, as a rule, flows under the surface of the newspaper.


To ensure good heat and sound insulation of the room, it is necessary to seal the window sills. It should be recalled that if there is a fireplace or stove in the room, there is often a lack of fresh air. In this regard, in this situation, it is advisable to take care of the free flow of air. In such situations, the sealing of the porches is unacceptable..

How to properly care for wooden windows

Sealing the joints between the box and the wall also improves thermal insulation. It should be noted that this joint is also insulated to prevent moisture from entering from the outside.

Glass replacement

If the glasses are damaged, you can replace them yourself. The first thing to do is remove the metal plates or nails that hold the glass, and the putty. After that, using a glass cutter, a new glass is cut out according to its original dimensions. It should be noted that the size of the glass should be approximately 2 mm less than the size of the window opening.

It is recommended to use a ruler when cutting glass. In this case, during work, it is necessary to press it tightly against the glass. At the same time, the glass cutter is pressed against the ruler, otherwise, during operation, it will fluctuate greatly, which will lead to its rapid wear.

How to properly care for wooden windows

During work, the diamond cutter is held so that the index and thumb are at the hammer. When cutting, lightly press the glass cutter. In this case, it is recommended to keep the glass cutter at a slight inclination. In the event that everything is done correctly, after cutting, a thin, colorless, even line remains on the glass.

When cut, the diamond should make a smooth sound with a slight crackle. This suggests that the glass is cut to a depth of tenths of a millimeter..

Incorrect cutting leaves a wide scratch and white dust on the glass surface. Such a mark can remain under strong pressure on the tool during operation. The pressing force should gradually increase as the diamond “dulls”. At the moment when about 5 mm remains to the edge of the glass, it is recommended to release the pressure on the tool. Otherwise, the cutting edge of the diamond may be damaged on the edge of the glass or on the object on which the glass is located..

When working with a diamond glass cutter, do not cut several times along the same line. It is not recommended to store the glass cutter without a case, cut wet or dirty glass.

You can also use a roller glass cutter to cut glass. When working, it is recommended to keep it perpendicular to the glass surface. The roller glass cutter is held with two fingers (middle and thumb), pressing down from above with the index.

When cut, the roller glass cutter leaves a mark on the glass surface in the form of a white line. It is necessary to break the glass on the edge of the table on which the work is done. Or any stable flat surface. When breaking, it is recommended to put some kind of cloth on it.

After making the cut, the glass is pushed to the edge of the table and broken. In this case, hold the glass with one hand, pressing it against the table, with the other press on the opposite face. In the event that the glass does not lend itself to breaking, it is tapped along the notch line on the underside of the glass. After that, a crack should form.

Large long pieces break in this way. Unlike them, small ones break with a glass cutter, while the glass must be held with slots or pliers. In the case when the work is carried out with a sharp instrument, the glass must only be raised from two sides opposite to the cut line. After that, the glass breaks with ease.

After cutting, the glass is inserted into the window opening. In this case, on the folds of the sashes, it is necessary to lay rollers from putty, previously crushed in the palms. In this case, the glass must be installed carefully. In this case, the putty should be slightly squeezed out along the perimeter of the window (by about 1 mm). After that, the glass must be re-fixed with ordinary thin or glass nails, glazing beads, hairpins or triangular plates. Pins and nails must be driven parallel to the glass. Do not press nails or hairpins strongly against the glass, as it may crack or crack.

How to properly care for wooden windows

In the event that wire pins are used to secure the glass, proceed as follows. Pre-roll the wire into a circle (diameter up to 20 cm). After that, the end of the wire (1.5 – 2 cm) is attached to the glass and bend it with a thumb at an angle of 90 degrees.

After that, the bent hairpin is placed close to the glass and the chisel slides into it. At the same time, it must completely hide under the putty, that is, it must be hammered in so that 2-3 millimeters remain on the surface. After that, the wire is either cut or broken off..

In the case when pins without hats are used to fix the glass or small nails are pressed with the fingers of the left hand, and blows are applied with a chisel with the right.

After fixing the glass, the folds of the bindings must be covered. You can make your own putty smoothing tool. For example, you can use an old knife and cut it obliquely, or saw it off with a file. The folds are coated in the following order. Putty is taken in the left hand, in the right knife. The first piece of putty is cut with a knife and pressed firmly into the fold. After that, the putty is smoothed and leveled by moving a knife along the fold.

After use, the putty has a smooth and even surface. In the event that small pieces of it protrude, they can be cut and reused. On all sides of the window, the putty should ideally have the same width. The ends of the nails or studs must be under the putty or they will rust. This will leave brown spots on the surface of the putty..

How to properly care for wooden windows

It should be noted that glass can be inserted using a double or single putty. The first method is the most practical. A single putty can be used to arrange temporary premises. In such cases, as a rule, folds in bindings are not always installed in the same plane. As a result, the glass does not adhere very tightly to the window leaf, while condensation forms in the gaps between the rebate and the glass. As a result, the windows begin to get wet and collapse, and the putty falls off. The use of a double putty ensures better sealing.

When using double putty, follow these steps. First, the first layer of semi-liquid putty is applied to the folds using a spatula or a knife. After that, glass is inserted, and part of the putty is squeezed out. As a result, an intermediate layer of putty remains on the surface of the stele, which contributes to better sealing. Finally, the glass is fixed and another layer of putty is applied. The procedure was described above.

Also, the glass can be fixed with glazing beads (dry or using putty). In this case, the glazing beads are fixed with nails or screws. The distance between them is recommended to choose no more than 300 millimeters. In this case, nails and screws must be 3–4 millimeters away from the glass surface, otherwise the glass may crack.

In the dry method, the glass is inserted and fixed with glazing beads. When using putty, putty is first applied to the surface of the window opening, after which glass is inserted and fixed with glazing beads.

When installing large-sized glass yourself, it is recommended to get expert advice. Large-sized glass and massive double-glazed windows in most cases are wedged at the corners with bars having a length of about 6 cm (made of elastic wood). In this case, the possibility of free deformation at temperature drops is ensured. At the same time, if wedges made of wood with insufficient elasticity are used, the required reliability will not be ensured, since with thermal expansion of the glasses they will deform.

Refreshing the putty

Repair (renewal) of the putty is required when it starts to fall off, as a result of the influence of external influences or the action of time. If not renewed, moisture can penetrate into the wood, leading to its destruction..

How to properly care for wooden windows

During repairs, the old putty is completely removed from the window surface and a fresh layer is applied. Additionally, after application, the putty can be painted.

Improving the insulating qualities of windows

It is not necessary to completely replace single-glazed windows to improve thermal insulation properties. For this, you can use a special film. It is glued to the window sashes. After that, the film is stretched using a regular hair dryer..

When exposed to heat, the film is stretched, and small waves and folds are stretched. Together with the glass, the film creates an air cushion. It is recommended to install the film in dry and cold weather, as this will reduce the risk of condensation on the surface of the window.

How to properly care for wooden windows

After gluing, the film should fit snugly around the entire perimeter of the window. When even a small gap is formed, all efforts will be nullified.

It should be noted that with proper and high-quality installation, the thermal insulation properties of the window will increase by about 45%.

Also, single glazing can be replaced with double-glazed windows. In this case, the shape and size of the rebate must correspond to the glass unit being installed. You should also check the strength characteristics of the hinges. Otherwise, they will not be able to withstand the load of double-glazed windows..

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