How to protect your windows from hacking

Recently, the sad statistics of burglaries has been growing every day. If the windows do not have a special mechanism for protection, then it is not difficult for experienced burglars to enter someone else’s apartment and clean it to the skin. But if the window structure is equipped with a reliable security system, then this will make the task much more difficult for criminals..

How to protect your windows from hacking

In this case, it will be almost impossible for them to get into the apartment silently. The psychological factor will also play a role, because this annoying surprise will incredibly puzzle the intruders. They may even refuse to continue hacking and go in search of an easier “job”.

The conclusion is this: in order to protect your home from burglary, you must certainly install anti-burglar fittings on the structures of windows and balcony doors. In Europe, such a “trick” is very popular, therefore, residents of European countries can no longer imagine their apartment without burglar-proof systems. And rightly so!

The most popular anti-burglar systems manufacturers

The most famous company that produces protective fittings for metal-plastic windows is the German company SIEGENIA-AUBI. It is she who has long established herself in the world market as an excellent manufacturer of burglar-proof devices for windows. We also note that all products of this company are very high quality and reliable and are suitable for all types of windows and doors. The mushroom trunnion, for example, is made of special strong and durable steel. It is the main element that is able not only to firmly lock a window or door, but also to protect them from burglars.!

How to protect your windows from hacking

A common set of hardware, called “Basic Protection”, has three of these pins, as well as a steep burglar-proof striker. All these elements are designed to protect the window from burglary, to make it virtually impossible..

How to protect your windows from hacking

Are there other factors that can protect against hacking? Of course there is! First, you can reinforce the glass unit. This technology, let’s say right away, is more expensive, and its implementation will be within the power of only narrowly focused firms that are engaged in the manufacture of double-glazed windows.

Several ways to protect the window structure

Many people use triplex technology or film armor coatings. This is a very popular solution to the problem today. Both of the proposed methods are capable of retaining broken glass fragments in a soft polymer environment. A reliable method of protecting windows using armored film has become widespread. To use film armor coatings, you do not need to dismantle the old window, they can be applied to already installed glass.

How to protect your windows from hacking

Another factor plays a very important role: if you apply a film coating inside your apartment or house, then in the event of a strong impact on the glass from the outside, the film surface will not let the fragments scatter around the room, but will hold them tight.

If you use such film armor coatings, then your windows can be characterized in a completely different way. Firstly, they will become shockproof, shatterproof, explosion-proof, protected from solar and ultraviolet radiation, heat-saving, as well as aesthetic, confidential (you will absolutely not be seen from the street). They will also have excellent sound insulation.!

The protection class of a double-glazed window is what you should always consider when choosing it. Nowadays, experts distinguish three classes of double-glazed windows:

  1. Protection class “A” – shock-resistant glass unit. Able to withstand a blow of small destructive force (thrown stone or stick). In such a glass unit, a through hole is not formed.
  2. Protection class “B” – glass unit, resistant to penetration. Withstands medium impact. A through hole cannot be formed through which you can crawl.
  3. The “B” class protection is actually a bulletproof protective glass (like on a military helicopter). Such a glass unit is able to withstand very powerful blows of incredible destructive force, for example, to protect against bullets from firearms, without forming through holes.

How to protect your windows from hacking

Well, if, in addition to excellent protection, you also want to purchase something for yourself with noise and sound insulation, energy saving, then it would be best and most likely to put armored glass!

Before buying such things, decide for yourself what you need more: the reliability and security of your own home or the constant stay in anxiety that you can be easily robbed.

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