If the plastic windows are fogged up. Getting rid of condensation

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Plastic windows are good for everyone, however, with the onset of cold weather, people face a frequent problem – the appearance of condensation on the frame of the PVC profile, glass. There are several reasons for the appearance of condensation, as well as ways to eliminate this problem..


The most common reason for the fogging of a plastic window is the difference in temperature in the room, inside the glass unit and outside. The high humidity air that fills the room reaches a temperature (“dew point”) at which water vapor converts to condensation. For dew to fall out faster, you need to lower the atmospheric pressure, lower the temperature, and increase the relative humidity. We cannot change the pressure indicators at home, but it is quite possible to influence the humidity and temperature.

About ways to eliminate window “disease”


To get rid of condensation on plastic windows, you need to raise the temperature in the room. The heated air will cool for a long time on the surface of the glass unit, without reaching the “dew point”. Thus, you will achieve the elimination of fogging of a plastic window..


When installing slopes, installers do not insulate them, using plastic only for decorative purposes. They also do not care about the finishing of the concrete walls that frame the window opening. As a result, cold outside air penetrates through the cracks and cools the warm air on the surface of the plastic window. Insulate walls and slopes inside the premises. If this is not possible, all work is carried out outside.


Condensation will appear on the surface of the plastic window and due to poor-quality installation. Too large ventilation holes in the metal-plastic profile, as well as the lack of the necessary thermal insulation in the window block, lead to the appearance of moisture.


To eliminate the shortcomings, you will have to call the wizards and reinstall the window. It is not possible to correct the situation on your own.

Thermal curtains

The reason for the fogging of the window can be a wide window sill. It is a kind of barrier for warm air: window radiators do not let it through to the window surface. What to do in this case? It is recommended to purchase a special thermal curtain, which will heat the air near the window during cold weather..

Cheap profile

Poor-quality, cheap profiles of plastic structures contribute to condensation. This reason is one of the most common.

Glass unit thickness

Since the temperature difference in the room and outside the window significantly affects the formation of condensation, a thick plastic window must be installed. The number of double-glazed windows in a plastic window determines the insulating capacity.


For northern latitudes, the best choice would be a plastic structure with 3 glasses and 2 double-glazed windows or 4 glasses and 3 double-glazed windows.

Air humidity

Another criterion, which was mentioned earlier, is the relative humidity of the air. Indoor humidity readings are affected by:

  • extractor hood (The hood is responsible for air circulation in the room. If air exchange is impaired or practically absent, the relative humidity rises to such an extent that diseases occur and furniture and things quickly deteriorate);
  • the location of living rooms (Dampness can be observed in apartments located on the lowest or highest floors. In the first case, the basement affects, and in the second case, the technical floor or the roof of the house);
  • the age of the premises (in new houses for 2 years, there is an active evaporation of moisture from the surface of the walls).

If the humidity in your home is high due to improper air circulation, adjust the hood to work. Problems due to the special arrangement of living rooms – insulate the walls as much as possible. As for new buildings, only daily airing of rooms will help..

Little trick

If you do not know how many glasses are in a plastic window, use a little folk trick. An open fire (match, lighter) should be brought to the surface of the window and the number of reflections from the glass should be counted. How many reflections – so many glasses.

The number of double-glazed windows will always be one unit less than the number of glass panes. So, if you counted 4 glass, then you have a plastic window with 3 double-glazed windows, etc..

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