Interior decoration of a house from a bar: materials and rules

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Wooden houses from a bar are one of the most specific objects in terms of interior decoration and laying of communications. He will tell you how to choose the right type of coatings and finishing materials, show you the strengths of different types of finishes, give explanations on installation.

Interior decoration of a wooden house from a bar

The specifics of interior decoration of a house from a bar

It is believed that the most authentic log home interior must include the natural look of natural wood. However, there are three counterarguments to this:

  1. Really high surface quality is achieved only when using first grade sawn timber, which is on average 50–70% more expensive than conventional construction timber. Additionally, you will have to spend money on high-quality paintwork materials.
  2. Wooden walls may be out of place in some rooms and living areas, for example, in the kitchen, or in the bathroom.
  3. In rooms decorated with wood, only furniture of the appropriate appearance looks good, and it is somewhat more expensive than ordinary cabinetry.

A house from a bar from the inside

Additional interior decoration of a wooden house is not only a whim due to aesthetic wishes, there are also purely technical aspects. Firstly, with a sufficiently thick layer of finishing material or the formation of a false wall, the laying of wiring or other communications is greatly facilitated. Also, additional wall decoration is a good way to improve noise and heat insulation of premises, to reduce airflow, with its help you can hide warping and cracking of wood over time.

Methods for interior decoration of a house from a bar

So, what methods of interior decoration of a house from a bar are generally possible? The natural appearance and texture of wood is achieved by simple painting: opaque monotonous, stain, varnish, tinting compounds. Previously, the wall must be sanded in order to remove possible planing defects, nap and burrs, to level the chamfers.

Grinding timber inside the house

After that, the timber is impregnated. Fire-retardant composition for interior work dries completely within 5-7 days, then the tree is sanded again to knock off the film and raised pile. The impregnation reduces the consumption of paintwork materials, stabilizes the color of the wood and clogs the pores, preventing moisture from migrating deep into the wood mass.

Assortment of paints and varnishes for timber

Another type of finish is clapboard, MDF panels or indoor siding. Usually this method is used to create visual accent or zoning. As a rule, with the help of hinged sheathing, openings, dirt-resistant panels are formed, stationary places for installing furniture and other functional areas are equipped.

The cladding is mounted mainly in a vertical orientation, creating an opposite visual row with the base material. For fastening, a system of horizontal slats is used, to which the finishing panels are attached with clamps or with polymer glue.

Decorating a wooden house with clapboard

All other types of finishes require rough sheathing made of gypsum board, LSU, plywood or particle boards. Such a superstructure is needed to compensate for the seasonal fluctuations of the timber frame, which never subside. Therefore, the cladding is arranged on a subsystem made of a galvanized profile, which is attached to a wooden wall on straight perforated suspensions, which ensure the resistance of the system to deformations and shrinkage vibrations. Almost all types of coatings can be made on the prepared rough surface using the standard technology: stone and tile cladding, wallpaper, painting, siding sticker.

Plasterboard wall cladding made of timber

Of the specific types of coatings, two can be distinguished. The first one is to spray cork chips on the wooden walls. As a result, a rather interesting appearance is obtained, fogging of the walls disappears, and noise absorption improves. The second option is to plaster the walls on a polymer reinforcing mesh or shingles. It is important to adhere to the recommended technology: do not exceed the permissible thickness of the coating, prepare the base with high quality, use plaster with reinforcing fibers.

Plastering a house from a bar on shingles

Fundamental differences between finishing a house from a bar from a stone

To be sure of the success of this or that type of coating, you need to understand how the mechanics of the behavior of a wooden house differ from brick and frame ones. Massif wood is an extremely unstable material, it tends to expand and contract with changes in humidity and temperature. Therefore, the finishing system must normally perceive mechanical vibrations of the base..

Another feature of a log house is the ability to pass water vapor and cold air. The presence of any coating does not smooth out these shortcomings to the full, therefore, the blockhouse must be well drilled and, ideally, sealed with liquid seams. To exclude the formation of condensation under the curtain wall, a deaf vapor barrier with a double-sided air gap should be used.

Caulking and sealing cracks in timber

The third and most important nuance is that finishing cannot be carried out immediately after the assembly of the log house. Depending on the number of storeys, type and quality of materials, time is required for shrinkage and permanent deformation. For laminated veneer lumber, this period is up to six months, for solid timber – about 10-15 months, and a house made of rounded logs can sit down for several years. It should be remembered that after the first and second caulking, the log house should also settle to almost its original size..

Features of the choice of finishes in a house from a bar

When choosing a finish, it is worth paying attention not only to the technical side, but also to the practicality of the various coatings. We offer several proven recommendations for the arrangement of various premises.

Bathroom.In the bathroom, the humidity is much higher and there are strict hygiene requirements. The best finishing method is plastic lining, or laying the tiles on a plasterboard base. In both cases, the frame is assembled according to the principle of a nested box and is not rigidly attached to any part of the supporting structure. When installing the lining, it is imperative to waterproof the walls with a dense polyethylene film.

Bathroom in a wooden house

Kitchen.The point of laying tiles is only on the apron of the cooking zone, the rest of the surfaces can have a natural log house appearance. The ceiling is recommended to be made of plastic panels with glossy lamination or other materials from which sticky dust deposits can be easily removed.

Kitchen in a house made of timber

Hallway.It is recommended to simply align the walls, so that later, without additional problems, you can install the wardrobe and the entrance group of furniture. If the house has a separate dressing room, this recommendation can be disregarded..

Hallway in a wooden house

Living room.Fabric false ceilings are recommended for all living areas. They will eliminate the need for careful adjustment of wooden skirting boards, and gaps will not form in the joints. At the same time, the stretched fabric perfectly perceives seasonal deformations of the log house.

Imitation of timber in the interior of a wooden house

The walls in the living room usually have the most authentic look for a wooden house, especially with a fireplace and appropriate furniture. But at the same time, the natural appearance of surfaces is not formed at all by a building bar, but by its imitation. From the inside, the room is sheathed with wooden siding, the appearance of which in all respects surpasses even the first class lumber.

Bedroom.In a place for sleeping and secluded relaxation, it makes no sense to adhere to the general concept of a wooden house. If the look of wooden walls for any reason brings discomfort – feel free to use the type of finish that you like.

Bedroom in a wooden house

Children.Noise cancellation requirements in children’s rooms are the most stringent. Therefore, initially it is necessary to take into account the presence of double-sided sound insulation on the partitions and be sure to sheathe the outer walls with insulated false walls. For finishing, hypoallergenic materials approved by environmental standards for use in children’s rooms should be used.

Nursery in a house made of timber

Electrical and communications

There are no difficulties with horizontal laying of heating and water supply pipes in a wooden house. They are placed as close to the floor as possible, if desired, hidden under a false box, trimmed with wood-like panels. It is only important to properly equip the places of passage through the walls, as a rule, for this, cells are cut out during the assembly of the log house, then the cavities are filled with sound-insulating material.

Heating pipes in a log house under the floor

The situation with wiring is much more complicated. The weak point is easily hidden in the channel skirting board, however, power networks are not allowed to be hidden inside flammable materials. One of the options is to lay the wiring openly using wires without general insulation, twisted into a braid and stretched over ceramic plugs. This solution is quite interesting from an aesthetic point of view and is completely safe..

Open retro wiring in a wooden house

Hidden wiring in a log house is also possible, but its planning is carried out even at the stage of assembling the house. In each timber, it is necessary to drill coaxial vertical channels into which, after laying the final crown, steel pipes will be inserted, inside which the cable is passed. Trunk wiring is carried out inside the floors, while the cable must be dressed in a non-combustible rigid sheath.

Hidden electrical wiring in a house from a bar

Do not be fooled by the experience of foreign builders laying cables inside frame and wooden walls without any additional protection. Abroad, there are other parameters of the mains voltage, special types of cables are used that are not available for the domestic market, in addition, the switchboard is necessarily equipped with fire protection devices.

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