Interior doors for a summer residence – how to choose

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The article discusses the features of choosing interior doors for summer cottages and other buildings, where heating and maintaining a certain microclimate throughout the year are not provided, advice on purchasing.

Interior doors to the cottage

Interior doors create comfortable living conditions, protect from drafts, reduce noise levels, but at the same time they themselves need to be properly operated. High humidity is a particularly dangerous factor affecting doors. High humidity can negatively affect not only economy class doors, but also high quality solid wood doors. In order not to waste money, even at the stage of purchase, you need to take into account the degree of protection from external influences, and make the right choice.

“Good doors are expensive doors”, this expression is very close to the truth, but not everyone can afford to put interior doors in a summer house at a price of 8,000 rubles and more, so the task of choosing combines the observance of at least three important conditions:

  1. Protection of the door from the negative effects of moisture, temperature drops, scratches.
  2. Acceptable price.
  3. Suitable design.

Which door won’t lead? Let’s try to find the answer to this question..

Solid or glued wood doors

Even ten years ago, this was the only acceptable choice. Made in compliance with all technological requirements, these doors are completely made of wood, therefore they are environmentally friendly and quite reliable..

Interior doors to the cottage

Their disadvantage is the high price, the dependence of reliability on the quality of the varnish coating. Such a door in unheated rooms always picks up moisture, whether it leads it or not depends only on the quality of the assembly, the correct application of the laminated veneer lumber technology used to make the wood species.

The cheapest doors made of solid pine wood have minimal reliability for summer cottages. Doors made of hardwood and laminated lumber technology are much more reliable in extreme conditions.

MDF doors

Doors of this type are produced using different technologies and, as a result, with different quality. The most resistant to aggressive door conditions are laminated options. A protective film based on plastic does not allow moisture to pass through, withstands scratches and small impacts, such doors are well suited for rooms with high humidity and large temperature changes.

The best elements for the frame of MDF doors are moisture-resistant plywood and glued beams, such doors, at a low cost, are much more reliable than analogues, you should pay special attention to them when buying.

Interior doors to the cottage

Honeycomb door leaves are most susceptible to deformation due to high humidity. Such a door easily absorbs moisture, after which it loses its rigidity, exfoliates, or it can lead.

Economy class interior doors, which occupy the lowest price range of up to 2,000 rubles, can be installed in unheated rooms only with good ventilation, which will reduce moisture condensation to a minimum, create the same microclimatic conditions for both sides of the door and minimize the likelihood of its deformation.

When installing such doors, it is recommended to make increased gaps, allowing the door leaf not to cling to the jamb even after a slight swelling from accumulated moisture. In constantly damp rooms after several years of operation, the stratification of the structure of such a door is practically guaranteed, while their low cost allows you to easily replace a damaged door.

Plastic and metal-plastic doors

One of the best options for such premises is PVC doors. Plastic folding doors are minimal in price (up to 2000 rubles), but they do not have sufficient rigidity and practically do not isolate the room. Slightly more expensive are swing PVC doors, which, due to their classic shape and optimal inner filling, behave quite well in operation.

Interior doors to the cottage

Metal-plastic doors with a steel-reinforced frame perfectly carry the load, they are not affected by temperature extremes and high humidity, and thanks to a fairly wide choice of design solutions in various colors, they are suitable for almost everyone. The only drawback of such brothers is their high cost, starting from 5000 rubles.

Glass doors

Thanks to different colors and patterns, their lightness and simplicity, glass doors will decorate any doorway. The material for their manufacture can be tempered glass, triplex, bulletproof glass and plexiglass. The cost of the product directly depends on the selected source material, therefore it can vary in a very wide range from 3000 rubles and much higher.

Interior doors to the cottage

Such doors tolerate shock well and are completely insensitive to temperature extremes and high humidity..

Comparative table of parameters and minimum prices for the considered types of doors:

Door type Moisture resistance Shock resistance Price, rub.
Solid wood average average from 5500
Laminated MDF increased average from 3000
Cellular MDF minimal minimal from 1500
Pvc optimal average from 2000
Metal-plastic maximum maximum from 5000
Glass maximum average from 7000

As can be seen from the foregoing, the choice of doors suitable for operation in the country is rather ambiguous. Interior doors from a manufacturer that observes all the features of manufacturing technology and does not save on materials used are of good quality and relatively low price. You can find good options for a summer residence among the so-called Belarusian, Kirov, Ulyanovsk, Moscow and Yaroslavl doors, as well as from other responsible manufacturers. But at the same time, one should not forget the truth that it is not enough to buy a good door, it still needs to be correctly mounted. It is important to accurately select the minimum gaps between the door and the door, take into account the possible “breathing” of the house from temperature changes, correctly embed hinges and locks, rigidly fix the box.

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