Laminate resistance classes: making the right choice

The correct choice of the laminate class determines how long your flooring will last, how long it will not need replacement and repair. Our tips site will tell you what classes of laminate exist today, how they differ, which one should stop when choosing a floor for different rooms.

Laminate resistance classes: making the right choice

Previously, the main criterion for determining the class of the laminate was its wear resistance. It was determined thanks to the Taber test on a special device with a grinding wheel. Today, all brands that are members of the European Association of Manufacturers of Laminate Flooring (EPLF) are tested on 18 parameters. Including impact resistance, ability to withstand mechanical stress, resistance to moisture and ultraviolet light, noise insulation, resistance to household pollution and so on.

In addition, now you can hardly find the division of laminate into “household” and “commercial”. The first was designated by the number 2, the second by 3. Accordingly, the household laminate was divided into classes 21, 22 and 23. Now you will not find laminate of classes 21 and 22 on sale. 23 still comes across, which means that the manufacturer is using the old classification system. But the laminate of the 23rd class is not in demand, since, for example, in the corridor it will last no more than three years. Therefore, we will focus on the laminate classes starting with the number 3.

Laminate resistance classes: making the right choice

31 grade laminate flooring

The most inexpensive and least resistant of all “commercial”, the thickness is 6-8 millimeters. Manufacturers promise that in an office environment, such a laminate will last at least 3 years. If the flooring of the 31st class is used in a bedroom, a room with low traffic, then the service life will increase to 10 or even 15 years, which is quite satisfactory for homeowners who decided to save.

However, it is not worth using class 31 laminate flooring in the kitchen, in the hallway, in the corridor, in rooms where sofas are regularly moved and work chairs with wheels are used! After 3 years, as promised by the manufacturer, the coating will have to be changed, it will not withstand such a load. In addition, class 31 laminate is categorically unsuitable for rooms with reduced humidity..

We state that for a bedroom, for a living room with a carpet, such a laminate will be a good and economical choice. For other premises – no.

Laminate resistance classes: making the right choice

32 grade laminate flooring

It is already a moisture-resistant floor covering, safer and more durable. According to manufacturers, in an office environment, class 32 laminate will last at least 3–6 years. In the conditions of an apartment or house, such a floor will last much longer. Class 32 laminate with a thickness of 7-10 millimeters will be an excellent choice for bedrooms, living rooms and children.

Should I use class 32 laminate in the kitchen, hallway and hallway? Quite possible. However, the service life will be comparable to the office, declared by the manufacturer..

Laminate resistance classes: making the right choice

33 class laminate

Its thickness reaches 12 millimeters. Even in public premises, the coating serves at least 7-10 years, and at home it can be used for 20 years without losing its attractive appearance. Class 33 laminate even in the kitchen, home office and hallway shows excellent performance without causing complaints from the owners.

Class 33 laminate is non-slip, scratch and chip resistant, safe for health. The covering is mounted on locks and, if necessary, one of the boards can always be changed.

Laminate resistance classes: making the right choice

34 class laminate

Not widely used in homes. And in general, it appeared on the Russian market not so long ago. Manufacturers assure that the life of this thickest and most resistant laminate at home is not limited at all, a lifetime warranty. However, the price is of such high quality that it scares off most homeowners..

In addition, there is no need to use grade 34 laminate at home. It will be just an overpayment, because the operating conditions are not so harsh as to choose such a floor covering. Class 34 laminate will withstand stress in car dealerships and dance clubs.

Laminate resistance classes: making the right choice

If you want an almost permanent flooring and there is no need to save money, you can choose a class 34 laminate. But in the overwhelming majority of cases, a 32-grade laminate will be enough for all living rooms. And only in the kitchen, corridor and hallway it is worth using high-strength laminate of 33 class. The portal has already written about the remaining criteria for choosing a laminate..

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