Learning to choose the right metal-plastic windows

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Having decided to purchase plastic windows, you just need to know what to look for in the first place when buying.

Learning to choose the right metal-plastic windows

Such knowledge in the future will save you from many problems associated with cheap and low-quality products of one-day firms, which here and there are trying to promote their goods to the detriment of the quality of the latter. The correct selection of metal-plastic windows can be reduced to 7 important points, each of which deserves special attention.

Profile type

The profile for the manufacture of plastic windows can be domestic and imported. Of course, many people prefer imported ones. Sometimes, to reduce the cost of production, a profile can also be made from recycled materials. Although this will save a certain amount of money, such an “economic” approach will still affect the quality of products quite significantly. Therefore, it would not be superfluous to check with the sales consultants whether recyclable materials were used in the manufacture of a specific profile.

Years of inspections by imported German technologies make it possible to assert with full confidence that the plastic profile is able to withstand not only dynamic loads, but also temperature drops from -50 to +50.

Pay attention to the cut

Pay attention to the cut that the sales consultants are required to provide to you. The thickness of the reinforcing profile must be at least 1.5 mm, and the material from which it must be made is galvanized steel. This is very important because, firstly, it affects those dynamic loads (for example, strong gusts of wind) to which the window is exposed during operation. And secondly, it is the most important condition for anti-corrosion resistance. For example, a profile made of black metal will begin to rust over time, which in turn will lead to the appearance of red smudges on the drain holes of your plastic window.

Number of air chambers

The ideal option would be to have at least three air chambers inside your plastic window. They should be not only in the frame itself, but also in the window sash..

Glass unit

It is the main component of your window. Therefore, it is fair to attribute four more basic requirements to it.

Glass unit

Based on our geographic location, cold winters dictate their conditions to us. The number of air chambers should not be less than two. Single-chamber double-glazed windows and our cold winters are incompatible things!

It is for the above reason that the thickness of the glass unit must be at least 32 mm.

The brand of the glass itself. Bor plant, M1 polished. Of course, you have the right to use other brands of glass, for example, the English imported Pinkelton glass. However, you won’t notice much difference in quality, but the price differs quite significantly. There are also many glasses and other brands, but they may not withstand dynamic loads or, they may give certain distortion..

Heat reflective coating. With the use of modern technologies, heat losses are reduced to almost zero. This effect can be achieved using a special heat-reflecting film (TOP). Of course, its use is not necessary, but among all the services that the company of your choice provides. The application of a heat-reflecting film must be a prerequisite.



The best hardware is German hardware! And this is not just a slogan, these are years of reliable and trouble-free operation of these accessories..

Installation of a metal-plastic window

This operation in the process of replacing windows is worth it separately. This happens mainly due to the fact that the system itself for the calculation of installation for some companies is very seriously complicated. For example, the installation of one new window can be approximately 10 to 20% of its cost. And only a few firms include in this cost the dismantling of your old window, components and lifting of the product itself.

Exhibition level

A worthy manufacturer of metal-plastic windows must have a valid window layout available for its future client, as well as sections of the profiles it offers from which the final product will be made. After all, it is through the profile cut that you can determine how high-quality the window will be and how honest the manufacturing company is to you.


This is a prerequisite not only for installation, but also for the production of metal-plastic windows..

Compliance with all of the above points will allow you to calmly and confidently look into the future from your windows!

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