MAPEI presents its flagship products: Kerapoxy Design and Ultralite S1, S2

MAPEI is the world’s leading manufacturer of construction chemicals.

The Italian company MAPEI, based on 80 years of research and development, produces a wide range of construction chemicals, in particular for the installation of all board formats, including:

  • Kerapoxy Design decorative epoxy grout for tile joints.

The acid-resistant epoxy composition has a wide range of shades, including transparent, will help in the embodiment of any design. Due to its highly plastic consistency, the material can be easily laid on various substrates without shrinkage and cracks. Kerapoxy Design tile grout is excellent for glass and marble mosaics, creating a translucent effect that enhances the decorative characteristics of the tile or mosaic. For color depth, can be mixed with metallized MapeGlitter for a beautiful pearlescent finish.

  • one-component Ultralite grade tile adhesives (S1, S2).

The unique invention of MAPEI is used for laying all types of slabs, especially for large format and thin porcelain stoneware. Super elastic, versatile, lightweight cementitious adhesives with excellent performance, zero vertical slip and extended open time. Due to their low density, for the same volume, bags of Ultralite adhesives (15 kg) weigh less than traditional cementitious tile adhesives (25 kg). They have a low viscosity, which makes it easier and faster to apply the material, as well as economical in consumption.

From March 12 to March 15, MAPEI will take part in the largest exhibition of design, construction and interior solutions Batimat Russia 2019 at Crocus Expo. Within the framework of the exhibition, the Union “Young Professionals (WorldSkills Russia)” will hold training events and competitions in 5 competencies of the building block: “Industrial Design”, “Plumbing and Heating”, “Brickwork”, “Painting and Decorative Works”, “Tiling” … MAPEI, the undisputed leader in the production and development of innovative materials for laying tiles and natural stone, will sponsor a competition in the Tiling competence.

We invite you to visit MAPEI booth # 8-432 in pavilion # 2 “Ceramics, plumbing, bathrooms”, hall # 8. Link to the interactive version of the invitation card:

MAPEI in Russia

Having started its work in 1997 in Russia, MAPEI has three production sites, which provide a large-scale geographical coverage from the Baltic Sea in the north and the Caspian Sea in the south, from the European borders to the Ural Mountains. The first plant in Stupino, Moscow region was opened in 2007. Its production capacity is 100,000 tons per year. The second plant with a production capacity of 30,000 tons per year, located in Aramil, Sverdlovsk region, appeared in 2013.The third plant, located in the village of Kikerino, Leningrad region, was put into operation in 2017. Its production capacity is 50,000 tons per year. year. Today CJSC MAPEI employs about 200 employees throughout Russia and in the CIS countries.

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