Non-standard solutions in opening windows and doors

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In this article, you will learn about new products in the window industry – accessories for non-standard window and door designs. We will tell you about the technical feasibility of its application, the advantages and disadvantages, as well as the approximate cost of the installation.

Non-standard solutions in opening windows and doors

Everyone is accustomed to the fact that plastic windows and doors have three types of opening: swing-out, swing-out and swing-out. In some cases, it is impossible to use a standard sash opening due to lack of free space. Often the windows are at a sufficient height, and you can reach the handle only from a stepladder. For example, window openings in gyms and technical rooms are at a distance of 2-3 m from the floor.

To solve such problems, non-standard accessories for PVC windows are used, such as HAUTAU. Its range includes parallel-sliding, tilt-sliding with a tilt function and center-hung fittings, as well as mechanisms for opening transom windows using remote control. The fittings can be used in windows made of various materials: plastic, wood and aluminum. Other manufacturers (Siegenia, GU, GEZE) followed the HAUTAU example.

Parallel sliding PVC structures

Sometimes even curtains interfere with opening the window: this applies to apartments with narrow window sills. In such a situation, it is possible to install PVC windows with parallel-sliding sashes. The essence of this opening is to move the opening part towards the blind. Moreover, this hardware can withstand a weight of up to 300 kg, so it can be used for large sashes, for example, for French windows..

Parallel sliding PVC structures

The opening technology in such structures is as follows: the handle is turned 180 degrees (in the tilting state), then the sash is pulled towards itself and moved towards the blind part of the window. Therefore, two opening options can be used: tilt and slide..

Parallel sliding PVC structures

If you want to order a French window using HAUTAU, but the width of the opening is large, it would be wise to choose an electrically controlled fitting. The constant manual opening / closing of a very heavy sash will require sufficient physical effort.

The main advantages of parallel-sliding fittings include:

  • application in large sash (stained glass with a door, French windows);
  • the use of a special threshold in structures does not interfere with the movement of people with disabilities (in wheelchairs and baby carriages);
  • economical use of space;
  • high degree of vestibule when closed;
  • windows equipped with parallel-sliding fittings have a higher degree of burglary protection than designs with conventional tilt-and-turn mechanisms.

However, in addition to the advantages, such accessories also have disadvantages:

  • the large sash weight can complicate the operation process;
  • the technical characteristics of the fittings establish the minimum dimensions of the window structure. The opening part must be at least blind in width, the minimum size is 720 mm. Thus, parallel-sliding fittings can only be used when assembling windows and doors, the width of which starts from 1450 mm;
  • high price of accessories. The cost of a window with the installation of such a mechanism increases by 30-40% depending on the size of the structure.

Mechanisms for opening high positioned transoms

Designed for windows that are out of reach. In the recent past, the main seller of these fittings was the HAUTAU company, which specializes in the development of modern fittings for windows made of various materials. Now many manufacturers are already producing analogs with various modifications: some are suitable not only for rectangular windows, but also for arched and trapezoidal ones, others have a different opening angle of the transom..

Remote opening of the transom

There are two types of opening of such structures: manual and electric. The first is a budget option: a window with such fittings will cost on average 7000-8000 rubles. more expensive than with a conventional transom. The essence of the opening is in the installation at the optimal height of the handle-lever, which is connected to the transom through the rod located in the decorative guide.

Remote opening of the transom

The second opening option is with an electric drive. In this case, you will need the electric drive itself, a switch and a remote control. Usually, this type of fittings is ordered by large manufacturers with large workshops, shopping centers, etc. Therefore, the price of such windows depends on the quantity and is negotiable..

The main advantages of the fittings:

  • the ability to install in window structures that are at an inaccessible height;
  • relatively low cost of manually operated fittings.

The main disadvantage of such mechanisms, as well as any other transoms, is the limitation of the opening degree. Such windows only allow ventilation of the premises, but cannot provide high air circulation..

Fittings for center hung windows

This is a solution for private home owners. In cottages, attics and attics are often present. When glazing them, round window structures are often used. Special HAUTAU TORNADO fittings allow the sash to rotate 180 degrees about the axis in the middle of the window. The mechanism is used for windows of various shapes (both rectangular and round) made of wood and plastic, the axis can also be located both vertically and horizontally. Also, windows with such fittings are installed in rooms with high humidity, which require intensive ventilation..

Fittings for center hung windows

The cost of this hardware varies within 24,000 rubles, so such windows are in little demand. To calculate the structure, the cost of the profile, the markup for the manufacture of arches, and the assembly of a non-standard structure must be added to the price of the fittings. If you calculate the cost of a structure with a diameter of 2000 mm in a similar way, in a PVC profile it will cost about 68,000 rubles, in a tree the price can reach 160,000 rubles. It is not surprising that center-hung windows are exclusive, and fittings for them are bought in Germany for a specific order..

This hardware is perhaps ideal for windows in rooms that require intensive air circulation:

  • saves space;
  • it is convenient to wash the glass unit both inside and outside, without leaving the room;
  • allows you not to remove items on the windowsill when the sash is fully opened.

We talked about the disadvantage above: the high cost led to low demand. If we talk about a company where you can order such accessories, it is better to contact the representative offices of HAUTAU, GU, Roto, and there they will tell you the addresses of companies capable of making your order.

Any exclusive version of fittings leads to an increase in the production time of structures: from two weeks to two months. The warranty for such windows remains the same as in the case of using conventional tilt-and-turn hardware..

The window market is developing like all other industries and offers innovative solutions to potential customers. Firms for the manufacture of translucent structures will implement almost any idea in the glazing of your houses and apartments.

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