Painting wooden windows

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Wood is a natural building material that is destroyed due to the influence of many external factors, such as high humidity, sudden temperature changes, just dirt, as well as various bacteria, fungi and insects. Therefore, painting wooden windows is necessary not only to improve the appearance, but also to protect the material itself..

The initial stage of painting is preparation. To prevent dust from settling on the paintwork when painting windows, the room must be clean and things must be covered with polyethylene film. It is advisable to remove old paint from all areas. For this, it is better to use a building hair dryer. Then the paint can be easily removed with a spatula or knife, but overheating of the material must not be allowed..

Painting wooden windows

The next stage of preparation is minor repairs to the window frame. All elements of the fittings must be working, and the wood itself, which has irregularities or defects, is treated with putty or polymer glue mixed with wood chips. Then the wooden structure is sanded with sandpaper or a sander. The result of this stage is a smooth, even and clean canvas of window frames. Sometimes, for painting window frames, glass is removed from the structures and glazing beads are changed. Of course, after this, the place of the recess under the glass should also be ideally cleaned of traces of old putty or coating..

In order for wooden windows to last longer, priming and preventive protection are usually carried out before painting. When wood has a low resistance to fungi, then wooden windows must be impregnated with antifungal compounds, primed to ensure more reliable adhesion of the wood surface with paint or varnish. The impregnation helps to protect wood from fungi, mold, blue stain. Humidity fluctuations become less, and this reduces frame deformation.

Impregnation of wooden frames can be vacuum, pressure, pouring or dipping. But at home, surface impregnation is used, which is applied with a brush..

The most modern and relevant are water-based paints, thanks to their many advantages. Wooden windows covered with such means do not change color for a long time, they are resistant to ultraviolet rays and weather changes. Water-based acrylic paints are environmentally friendly, have high decorative properties, are explosive and fireproof. Their elasticity is much higher and they dry out much faster than alkyd ones..

Painting wooden windows

When choosing a color, everyone relies on their own taste. The main thing to remember is that usually various mixtures of enamels with gray oil paints or titanium white, as well as alkyd, zinc paints are used for painting wooden windows. But PVC facade paints are completely unsuitable..

Painting of window sashes

Before painting the window sashes, which is one of the laborious steps, it is recommended to wash them with detergent, then clean water and dry thoroughly. Masking tape is glued to the edges of the glass so as not to stain it with paint, which should be removed without allowing the paint to dry completely. In order for the result to be excellent, it is better to use brushes made of synthetic fibers, 3 to 5 cm wide.It is advisable to finish coloring of any element in the direction of the fibers.

Painting wooden windows

The new window frame is usually painted before installation. Corners, edges, ends must also be painted in good faith. Particular attention is paid to painting the ends, because moisture is easily absorbed into a wooden surface with a cross cut, therefore they are most susceptible to damage. If fasteners and nail heads remain on the old frame, then it is necessary to get rid of the rust by treating it with a special primer. Lagging paint, of course, needs to be removed by filling the unevenness and sanding it with sandpaper. If there are cracks or crevices, they should be sealed with silicone sealant. It is safe and convenient to paint window sashes on a horizontal surface, while the accessories and handles are best removed.

Painting window slopes

Internal slopes are recommended to be painted in two layers. The first is applied with diluted primer paint. The second should be thicker so that the surface turns out like a glossy durable film. External slopes are painted with one layer of emulsion paint or oil paint containing drying oil. More often white paints are used in painting window slopes..

Painting wooden windows

Painting window sills

Before painting the window sills, you should carefully remove the cracks, usually using NC, PF and XV putties for this. For the painting of the window sills, oil paints are used on drying oil or enamels PF-223 and PF-113, as well as alkyd oil paints diluted with varnishes 4C, 5C, 6C.

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