“Pitfalls” when buying plastic windows

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“A turnkey plastic window with slopes is not expensive. Installation as a gift … “. Sound familiar? But after all, the price of each product has a limit, the transition of which invariably entails a deterioration in its quality. Let’s try to figure it out.


Firstly, no one will do the installation for you for free, and its cost is already included in the price of the window. Installation consumables also cost money, albeit small. Slopes with “free” installation, as a rule, are made of hollow plastic panels, and not of the best quality. With normal installation, a sandwich panel 10 mm thick with a filling of extruded polystyrene foam or plaster is used as a slope.


No matter how convinced you that the quality of Chinese or Turkish fittings is no worse than German or Austrian ones, this is not true. In the best case, the sash will not open well over time and will sag. At worst, cracks will appear. And it’s not a fact that you can eliminate them by adjusting. Most quality fittings have a micro-ventilation function, which is so necessary to ensure the flow of air and the proper operation of the ventilation system. The installation of cheap micro-ventilation systems in the future brings a lot of problems in the winter..


A normal window profile has an outer wall thickness of 3 mm and sufficiently strong inner partitions. Reducing the thickness of the outer walls to 2.5 mm and inner partitions to the thickness of the paper sheet led to the appearance of economy class profiles. As a result, the profile geometry is violated (“helical”). Because of this, the sash may not fit snugly enough to the frame and impost. Freezing is possible in winter. The reduction in thickness fully applies to the window sill.


The ideal galvanized window reinforcement is 1.5 mm thick. Unfortunately, recently, everywhere, again in the struggle for cost reduction, reinforcement with a thickness of 1.2 mm is used. But this is not so bad either. Some manufacturers manage to reinforce windows with a U-shaped guide profile for drywall with a thickness of 0.45 mm. PVC profile with such a reinforcement as a barometer reacts to any temperature fluctuations.


The difference in the cost of the rubber seal is quite noticeable. It is quite difficult to determine immediately what quality seal you have been supplied with. Do not be surprised if soon it loses its elasticity, and in winter its places of contact will be covered with frost. In addition to the rubber seal, a pre-compressed sealing tape (PSUL) is used in plastic windows. It is installed during installation along the perimeter of the window, as well as between the lower part of the frame and the base profile. If it is absent, get ready for a draft from under the windowsill.

Glass unit

A separate article can be devoted to this invention of mankind. If the insulating glass unit is manufactured at the factory, then you can consider yourself lucky. Glasses are glued to spacers in self-made double-glazed windows with adhesive tape. In the factory – butyl tape, the shelf life of which is almost unlimited. One can only guess about the quantity and presence of silica gel, a substance that absorbs moisture, poured into spacers. As a result, we get a possible depressurization and fogging of the glass. The correct installation of a double-glazed window in the window sash will determine how often it will have to be adjusted.

In the above, only a small part of those “pitfalls” that may lie in wait for you when buying cheap plastic windows are touched upon. The choice is yours.

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