Plastic Window: What’s Important?

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There are few people who would dispute the claim that the mass consumer always prefers a quality product. More convenient and practical. A product that solves some of the consumer’s problems. After all, we all know the statement: it is not a product that is sold, but the acquired benefits are sold. This fully applies to plastic windows..


But if we make a choice in favor of plastic windows instead of wooden ones, then we are definitely purchasing something. Something that didn’t exist before. This is exactly what is the main thing when choosing plastic windows. Let’s take a closer look at the acquired benefits for which the consumer has been voting with their money for many years. Indeed, it is not for the sake of fashion that people do it..

Thermal insulation

Russia is a country with a temperate climate and this factor plays an important role in our country. Let’s start with the fact that the thermal insulation of plastic windows is an order of magnitude higher than wooden windows. And this is achieved due to a better seal between the parts of plastic windows. But let’s see what we need to acquire? The main heat leakage in rooms occurs through window openings: through glass, sash and connections of a plastic window with a window opening.

Thus, the decisive role here is played by:

  • The ratio of the glazing area to the entire window area
  • Window frame cross-section thickness
  • High-quality abutment of the window to the window opening and window elements to each other
  • Glass unit type (one or two chambers, with or without energy-saving glasses)
  • Of course, from all of the above, special attention should be paid to the type of glass unit. Single-chamber double-glazed windows are not recommended for installation in residential buildings, therefore, first of all, pay attention to the two-chamber double-glazed window. Also, pay attention to whether low-emission glass is used in the manufacture of a glass unit. Such glass with a coating of silver atoms is able to store more heat. It has the ability to transmit short wavelengths of the sun and not to transmit back long wavelengths from heating devices. Filling the inner space of the glass unit with inert gas also helps to reduce heat loss. For this purpose, gases are used argon or krypton..
    The window profile itself also affects the thermal insulation properties of a plastic window. The decisive role here is played by the number of chambers and the thickness of the window profile. In mass production, three-chamber profiles with a thickness of 58-70mm are usually used..
    Window fittings also affect the thermal insulation qualities. It is clear that the better it is, the more reliably your window will close. The adjoining of the window to the opening is influenced by the complete and high-quality implementation of window mounting technologies. Fulfillment of all installation rules will not give you grounds in the future to feel an uncomfortable microclimate in your apartment. This is already a question of the competence and conscientiousness of your chosen company – the window seller. After all, the installation is usually bought together with a plastic window..

    Noise isolation

    Another important detail that must be approached no less carefully. Modern cities and metropolitan areas are in themselves a source of constant noise. And before choosing a window, you need to evaluate how important sound insulation is for you for each individual plastic window. You must admit that it is one thing when the windows overlook a busy freeway with freight traffic, and another thing when the window looks out onto a quiet, tree-lined courtyard. But every improvement in noise insulation will increase the cost of a PVC window. Compared to an ordinary wooden window, a plastic window has undeniable advantages and reduces the noise level from 30 to 40 decibels. This is influenced, as in the previous paragraph, by the high-quality installation of the window (there should be no “non-foamed” areas between the window and the opening) and the presence of good fittings that will tightly close all the sashes of your window. It is noteworthy that when there is a lot of noise outside the window, the window sometimes enters into resonance and begins to “hum”. To eliminate this drawback, double-glazed windows with different glass thicknesses are used. Also, to further reduce noise, you can use triplex or glass sheets glued together instead of a solid sheet. Filling the air space inside the glass unit with inert gases is another way to reduce the noise coming from outside. These are the factors you need to pay attention to when choosing a plastic window.


    The apartment must maintain a comfortable microclimate with its inherent temperature and humidity, along with other indicators of the microclimate. Therefore, you must also carefully approach this issue. After all, if natural ventilation is disturbed in the room as a result of the installation of windows, the humidity inside the room will inevitably increase. Of course, you can ventilate the room by opening the window sashes, but this will disrupt the temperature regime and facilitate the penetration of additional dust from the outside. The most successful solution to this issue is the use of ventilated window profiles, which have been used in Europe for a long time. They allow fresh air to enter the room without breaking dust and noise insulation..

    But besides this, the following methods have been used and have long been tested:

  • The use of special supply valves, which are installed in the outer walls outside the window opening
  • Ventilation using various devices embedded in the body of the window profile
  • Security

    If your windows are on the first floors or on the last, you should pay attention to the anti-burglary properties of a plastic window. They are the larger, the greater the thickness of the glass unit and the window profile. In addition, sometimes it makes sense to install anti-burglar fittings that are attached to the window and fix the window sashes. In the most dangerous cases, glued glass – triplex is used for glass of plastic windows. Can be mounted with a protective film. Also, to ensure safety, the quality of the installation of the plastic window in the opening is very important. The entire load during a burglary attempt must fall on the outer walls.

    The main characteristics of windows, important from the consumer point of view, are described quite enough for you to make the only correct choice of your plastic windows.

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