Portal glazing systems: varieties and features

A portal is a translucent structure that completely covers a door or window opening. Now such glazing options are increasingly found in Russian private houses. Our advice site will find out what portal systems are, what advantages and features they have.

Gantry glazing systems

Today manufacturers offer three types of portals:

  1. Parallel Sliding (PSK). The leaves slide along the guides, to the sides. There are premium class portals in which the sash is extended automatically when the handle is turned. In simpler systems, for a start, the sash needs to be moved forward, pulled out of the opening. The sashes are not combined with each other, this allows the portal to be used together with a blind block. For PSK systems, the sash width does not exceed 2 meters, but in combination with blind blocks, they can close any opening, regardless of size. Standard height – 2.4 meters.
  2. Folding systems (FS). Actually, these are accordion doors, about which the portal wrote in detail. But in this case, the structure is glass based on the frame. The sash width is from 0.5 to 0.9 meters, they are connected to each other with hinges. The glazing area will be smaller than in the case of PSK systems, because the frame parts are much larger. But the portal can be fully opened.
  3. Lift-and-slide systems (HS). They are similar in design to parallel-sliding ones, but the sash is not pushed forward, but slightly upward to roll it sideways. Such structures are reliable, they have a good load-bearing capacity, you can install three-chamber double-glazed windows. And this is important in the Russian climate..

Parallel sliding windows PSK

FS folding window system

Sliding system HS

The advantages of portal systems are obvious:

  • Unobstructed view for a beautiful view.
  • Maximum effective natural light throughout the day.
  • Sliding mechanism saves a lot of space.
  • It is possible to open the portal only for airing.
  • Specialized fittings together with seals ensure the tightness of the unit. As a result, the portal turns out to be more airtight than a conventional swing door..
  • Privacy can be ensured by choosing special glass. In addition, the owners can always hang curtains on the portal..

In private houses, portals are traditionally used to arrange the entrance group, practically connecting the room with the street. This entrance to the house can be the second, for example, from the kitchen, from the backyard. In addition, portal systems are often used for glazing a veranda, a terrace, a capital freestanding gazebo.

Gantry glazing systems

In apartments, portal systems are less common, but they help, for example, visually combine the loggia and the living room, zone the space in the studio.

For a private house, it is advisable to choose a portal system with a street side opening blocker. This will ensure the safety of the owners even when the portal is open for ventilation. High-quality fittings should ensure smooth running and ease of opening, no matter how much the sash weighs.

Of course, it is better to entrust the installation of the portal system to professionals. There are a lot of details, the fittings need to be adjusted on site so that the opening-closing mechanism works perfectly, smoothly and without effort on the part of the owners.

Gantry glazing systems

Some homeowners question the practicality and functionality of portal systems. They are sure that in cold climates such a glazing option and arrangement of the entrance group should not be used. Practice shows that this is a wrong conclusion. Modern portal systems provide heat preservation in the house, and in conjunction with floor convectors, they turn out to be a good choice for a private house..

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