Preparing the apartment for the installation of windows

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The process of replacing old windows in an apartment with new ones is fraught with a number of unpleasant moments:

  1. Window blocks are quite cumbersome, and they are delivered to the customer’s apartment in advance, so you need to prepare for the neighborhood with them for several days.
  2. There are a lot of small objects in the room, the presence of which in everyday life does not bother us, but installers will surely fall under the arms and legs.
  3. We habitually decorate the windows in the room with curtains and curtains, but their presence does not contribute to the productive work of replacing the window..
  4. During the cold season, replacing windows can lead to the death of indoor plants..
  5. An abundance of construction dust and elementary dirt can hopelessly ruin upholstered furniture.

Preparing the apartment for the installation of windows

Looking at such an impressive list of impending troubles, the conclusion suggests itself about the need for timely preparation for replacing windows.

Caring for our smaller brothers

Houseplants, birds, hamsters and fish are very sensitive to sudden changes in temperature, especially in winter. In addition, their place of permanent habitation may be in the way of installers, so it is worth worrying in advance about moving it to another room. It’s not that troublesome.

Freeing up window space

There are no windows without curtains, they look painfully lonely without festive decoration of flounces, flowing veils and artistic folds. But all this beauty, even before the arrival of the workers, must be removed from the window in order to free up the necessary space to create operational space, and the curtains will be more intact and will not be soaked through with cement dust..

Warehouse in the middle of the apartment

It is the warehouse that the owner needs to equip to accommodate new window blocks, and also do not forget about the free space for dismantled ones. You need to provide easy access to it and some room for maneuver.

Preparing the apartment for the installation of windows

For these purposes, a free area on the staircase, if any, or part of a room of a suitable size is suitable. The corridors, and they are mostly narrow in our apartments, should not be used for such purposes. Here and not far from injury!

Problems with furniture and fixtures

The room is prepared with great care before the arrival of the assembly team:

  • it is advisable to take excess furniture and small things to another room;
  • if possible, move bulky interior items to the side, freeing up passages and room for maneuver when moving the window block;
  • close the furniture with plastic wrap, which reliably closes against dust. This is especially true of upholstered furniture, the upholstery of which absorbs dust like a sponge;
  • it is better to dismantle a bulky lamp in the center of the ceiling in advance, otherwise you will have to say goodbye to it forever. The same fate can befall the lamps installed next to the window opening..

Preparing the apartment for the installation of windows

Sockets, extension cords, wires

A modern apartment simply abounds with these attributes, but you need to try and remove all kinds of wires from under your feet, which in everyday life are hidden under a carpet or behind pieces of furniture. However, to connect to the mains power tools required for installation, you must provide free access to the outlet closest to the window..

And the most important

Do not forget to remove from the floor in advance the flooring, rug, carpet – in short, everything that makes you feel comfortable in a modern apartment. Workers come to the house to change windows, and they have no time to take care of the safety of the family property.

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