Protecting your home from noise by strengthening windows

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Windows with wooden single frames have become a rarity in our time. Many of us have long preferred PVC windows, hoping with their help to protect our home from noise and other external adverse factors. However, plastic windows do not always meet the expectations of homeowners. How to strengthen the protection of your houses and apartments?

Getting rid of gaps

After installing PVC windows, gaps (gaps) often remain in the openings, which cause extraneous noise and cold air to enter the room. In such cases, additional soundproofing of windows can be done independently. This task can be solved using polyurethane foam. After inserting the tube into the hollow spaces left after installation, fill them with foam as thoroughly as possible. You need to choose high-quality foam, you should not save on it. After hardening, the excess should be cut off with a sharp knife, and then the seams should be sealed with putty, both from the inside and from the outside..

Protecting your home from noise by strengthening windows

Adjusting the gaps

It is necessary to pay attention to the fittings and the quality of their installation. First of all, we check if the window closes tightly. You can investigate this with a piece of paper: you need to insert it between the opening and the sash of the window, close it, and then try to pull out the sheet. If the paper does not grip tightly and comes out easily enough, the knots need to be adjusted. To do this, loosen the bolts, plant the sash deeper, tighten the fasteners and check the tightness again with a piece of paper. Ideally, the flaps should clamp the paper with an even force around the entire perimeter..

Protecting your home from noise by strengthening windows

Slopes will help enhance sound insulation

Plastic slopes are parts that perform not only decorative functions, but also enhance the sealing of windows. But in many respects, noise insulation depends on the quality of installation of these elements. It is necessary to check if there are any gaps and cracks at the joints between the slopes and the window frames, if necessary, putty them. The putty should not be water-based, but synthetic.

Protecting your home from noise by strengthening windows

We replace rubber seals

Rubber seals play an important role in insulating windows from noise and environmental influences. With them, problems can arise both during the long-term operation of windows, and immediately after installation. Deficiencies can be identified by the presence of drafts, smudges and dirt on the inner parts of the windows. The problems that have arisen are “treated” by replacing old seals with new ones. When buying them, you should pay attention to the quality of the seals and their compliance with the size.

Protecting your home from noise by strengthening windows

The old rubber and glue must be completely removed from the surface of the frame, and then degreased with alcohol. After cleaning, you can wash the frame with a suitable detergent, then dry thoroughly. New gaskets should only be glued to perfectly clean surfaces, and always in places that exactly correspond to the position of the old gaskets. The glue is usually offered complete with seals; if it is not available, you can use “Moment”. The glue must be applied carefully, in a thin layer, because its excess can harm.

We restore double-glazed windows

If the windows have served for a long time, then gaps may form between the glass units and the sashes. They can be covered with silicone sealants (they must be of high quality, preferably from a reputable manufacturer). The procedure can be carried out using a medical syringe without a needle, which, when filled with sealant, turns into a handy gun for sealing cracks. Having carefully examined the double-glazed windows, in this way we get rid of all the cracks. After restoration, old windows will serve for a long time and will significantly improve their insulating properties..

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